More presidential endorsements coming?

With John Thune?s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney, I?ve heard several people speculating about whether Congresswoman Noem or Governor Daugaard may also get involved and endorse in the primary season.

In Noem?s case, she stated back in September that she doesn?t plan to make a public endorsement.

?Rep. Kristi Noem said Thursday she probably won’t make an endorsement in the Republican presidential primary.?

When it comes to Dennis Daugaard, the talk is that he has been approached by his friend, current Lt. Governor of Virginia and Mitt Romney supporter Bill Bolling who encouraged Daugaard to support Mitt Romney. We know that Governor Daugaard met with Romney prior to Romney?s speech at the Sioux Falls Chamber dinner in October. But Jonathon Ellis with the Argus had a good interview with Daugaard stating he wasn’t inclined to do so.

Certainly, when it comes time to make a vote, I will spend the time to make an intelligent and informed vote as everybody has to do. At this stage, I know my opinion or my endorsement won?t carry much weight.

I don?t know if endorsements mean much, but I like that John Thune has taken an active approach to the presidential primary and appreciate that he is getting involved and working to help nominate the person he feels is best suited to impact the future of our country.

Primaries and conventions are closest to the people. Because fewer people are involved, each of us has a greater opportunity to have a bigger influence.

Also worth noting: State Senator Dan Lederman has endorsed Newt Gingrich.

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  1. insomniac

    I agree that Thune is advocating for who he wants as president and that should be commended. I disagree with his choice but I am free to endorse my own preference with my vote in the summer and I can work hard for my candidate as well.

    I have to take issue with Noem however because she just ran a primary where people chose her. A lot of people publicly supported her in a primary so she should know first hand how important primary support is. Maybe she is not selecting someone because she doesn’t have a preference or because she doesn’t want to support Michelle Bachmann either way I think people should advocate for their positions and preferences. Supporting someone in a primary shows you have guts and conviction. It means you won’t settle.

    I’ll give Daugaard a pass since he isn’t on the federal level but I still like to see people who understand the importance of support in a primary support candidates in primaries.

    Good for Lederman for standing up for his positions and all he does for the GOP! Lederman provides a great service with the RJC.

    My choice is Gingrich.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a double edged sword for Noem. She picks Romney and the TP will get stirred up because it isn’t Bachmann or Santorum.

    Deep down we all know she doesn’t like Bachmann… MEOW!!!

  3. Ronald

    Lederman has made himself into a punch line. Endorsing a Presidential nominee shows his massively inflated sense of himself. He is nothing but an attention monger. Also, he should be up front with people that his little Rushmore PAC is going to be his Congressional campaign fund.

    1. Anonymous

      We all know Lederman is running for Congress. As soon as Noem announces she’s leaving the seat Dusty, Shantel, Lederman and probably 1-2 more serious candidates will be coming forward.

    2. anon

      In all fairness to Lederman he runs the local Republican Jewish Coalition in the Sioux City/Omaha/Sioux Falls/Great Plains. He’s had Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain and maybe others at his events so it isn’t like he’s just winging it here. He’s probably spent more time with them than Noem has and he’s also very active in issues important to foriegn policy and middle east relations.

  4. veldy

    An endorsement from any level doesn’t really mean squat.
    Noem has absolutely nothing to gain, as one of 435 representing a state that will surely go GOP. I’m sure Stephanie endorsing a candidate did her no good whatsoever.
    For a state senator, an endorsement may mean that some low level staffer will take or return a phone call if their choice attains the office. A Governor would have that by virtue of the position they hold.
    As for Thune, an endorsement may allow him a little sway if a Romney administration becomes a reality, although would most likely have that sway anyhow because of where he’s at in the Senate hierarchy.

  5. Duh

    I endorse PeeWee Herman. . . . . nothing happened. Let’s try that again. I endorse Pee Wee Herman. . . . . . . nothing still. . . . . I ENDORSE PEE WEE HERMAN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Hmmmmm.

    Lederman’s endorsement, as Ronald said, is very inflated. Right Said Fred’s one hit wonder song comes to mind: “I’m too Sexy….” Really.

    1. Hudson Hawk

      I bet Lederman could raise $500,000 for a primary without too much work and a lot of it would come from his friends out of state. In a crowded primary that’s a pile of money. I wouldnt’ underestimate him. He’s always been successful.

  6. Rumor Mill

    Lederman is a total joke. He can raise as much money from out-of-state RCJ supporters as he wants. People in South Dakota know better. They snigger every time he hires a cameraman or a media firm for his time in the SD legislature.

    1. Anonymous

      Do you mean RCJ or RJC? Rapid City Journal or Republican Jewish Coalition?

      Lederman does take a camera crew with him. I have personally seen it.

  7. Bruce Whalen

    It doesn’t seem like much at first glance but endorsements must mean something. There is a lot of indecision among GOP voters, so say pundits and polls. If you think good about an elected official that might lead to allowing that official to sway your vote. This election is the most important in my life time and I assume most Republicans think the same. That means looking for a little help with decision-making goes a little further. Of course we can offer our best arm chair guess at what is in it for the endorser. What’s in it for me is beating Obama and electing that candidate whom will get things done even to cost of personal prestige and a candidate that doesn’t worry about the next four years before completing the first four. I sent money to Gingrich but will send more to the GOP Nominee. Had I heard that Jason Glodt endorsed someone other than Gingrich, I would seriously take that candidate into consideration and possibly consider changing my mind. As is I am comfortable with Gingrich.


    Noem reminds me of the person who expects people to come out and endorse her but she isn’t the kind of person who will do much endorsing or supporting for anyone else. (I’m not talking nationally either)

    Maybe I’m wrong but she seems pretty self centered. Daugaard I have the opposite impression.

  9. caheidelberger

    In other words, there is no news other than “Bill Clay’s” purported gossip that we have no way of knowing is true or is coming from anyone that we know is of importance. Call me when something is actually happening.

    1. Anonymous

      The people who are refrenced know if this is true or not Corey. I’ve heard the same stuff about Daugaard and the VA LG. I bet Daugaard isn’t a Romney person though.


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