Moron ALERT!

When someone is this reckless, they don’t deserve to be a candidate on the ballot.

A Democratic candidate for a District 10 seat in the state House of Representatives was arrested on charges of DUI and Careless Driving after running into a 7-year-old girl in north Sioux Falls one week ago.

Sioux Falls Police spokesman Sam Clemens confirmed this morning that Carmen Toft, 32, was cited after the collision at Eighth Street and North Chicago Avenue.

Toft was driving south on Chicago and stopped at the intersection?s stop sign just after 8 p.m., Clemens said. Toft reportedly told police the child, who was going east through the crosswalk on Eighth Street, ?came out of nowhere? on a bicycle as she began driving again.

The child was knocked to the ground and taken to the hospital for possible internal injuries, Clemens said. Toft was cited for careless driving and DUI, he said, but it was treated as a standard traffic offense and no SFPD case report was created.

Toft refused to take a breath test for alcohol on the scene, Clemens said. Anyone cited for DUI in the South Dakota is required to take a blood test, however.

Great way to get headlines, Ms. Toft. You are a real winner.

Too bad about hitting the 7-year-old, because Carmen has shown a real love for children through her day job.

Toft works for Planned Parenthood of South Dakota and has been active for pro-choice causes through several abortion-related campaigns in recent years, including attempts to ban the practice through ballot initiatives in 2006 and 2008.

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  1. Anonymous

    Almost as bad as when prosecutors or judges get pinched. Maybe it was just a diabetic reaction? At least the kid is ok and she has withdrawn her candidacy.

  2. lol

    Remember the cartoon pat powers did of sandy jerstad after her fender bender? Now need a cartoon of crazed Toft with booze I’m hand driving erratically chasing down a seven year old girl on a bike. The bummer stickers on Tofts car say planned parenthood employee of the year and vote for toft. The caption reads ‘this one thinks it can get away’. I pitched the idea first on the south Dakola blog site . He didn’t bite saying we shouldn’t rush to judgment.

    1. Mr. Moderate

      Yea I wonder how the little girls parents would feel about seeing a cartoon like that- you are a real douchebag.

  3. oldguy

    Drinking and driving is just plain dumb for anybody. She made a wrong choice but thank fully nobody got seriously hurt. A life changing event I’ll bet

  4. Mitchell

    Remember the commercial SHS ran against Noem, implying Noem was a dangerous driver – even showing a car about to hit a kid on a bike?

    1. Job Creator

      Yeah, and then pointing out to the press how many speeding citations she had and the failure to appear charge? The inside guys were working hard to divert attention from that one – attacking the messenger and trying to change the subject. At one point they even looked like the guys with the scoop shovels and wheelbarrows who follow the parade…

      Not many things could be worse than driving drunk and killing a person while doing that. Huge mistake and Toft may as well withdraw her name. That she worked for Planned Parenthood is a non-issue.

      That is not the case about Doug Barnett, a Republican who is sworn to uphold the law and works for the state’s highest law enforcement officer. He was just lucky enough that a kid did not “appear” in front of his vehicle.

      By the way, did anyone on this blog mention Barnett’s moronic act? I guess that in here he can enjoy immunity from being called out or criticized for his moronic act…

      1. Job Creator

        By the way, in checking back it seems that your infatuation with the size of Barth’s ample midsection trumped the DUI charge against Mr. Barnett.

        1. Arrowhead

          Dougie Barnett was reprimanded. He’s not an elected official or candidate.

          If Doug breaks the law again or kills someone Marty will pay a huge political price for keeping him on staff (He can forget about being Governor). I suspect Doug’s drinking days are behind him. He owes Marty that much.

          1. insomniac

            I thought Barth was going to be the first man to give birth… I can see why people would be infatuated with that.

          2. Job Creator

            He is in the Attorney General’s office, for crying out loud! Doesn’t it seem odd to you that some here have so much glee over Toft’s idiotic act, and not one word mentioned about Barnett’s? Doesn’t that seem odd?

            I imagine he got more than a reprimand and he will have to step up and take it like a man – which I’m sure he’s capable of doing.

            1. grudznick

              Mr. Barth’s belly is not so large as mine, it is only more pronounced and rounded. So stop making a big deal over it.

              1. SD Thinker

                Funny how you guys can make fun of Barth’s belly, but look at Gant’s!!! He looks like he is about to pop any minute. Look at Tornow, Hunt, Greenfield, am I missing any “bigger” republicans?

  5. Anonymous

    So she’s running for office and driving drunk? IDIOT! I will say this though. More pols should be careful about drinking and driving because more do it than we want to admit.

  6. Troy Jones Post author

    Three comments:

    1) I’m not sure this is necessarily disqualifying for office (probably so) but it definitely is not for employees who get a DUI. It isn’t in the private sector (Do you blame Walmart if one of their employees gets a DUI? We give second chances in America to felons who serve their time. We need to let the process work and give the same benefit of the doubt to drunk drivers).

    2) If Barnett has another, this shouldn’t reflect on Jackley unless he fails to do something more severe next time (second chance).

    3) We should not gloat over Toft. She is likely suffering enough guilt because of the potential bad thing that could have happened the kid. Moreover, in no way does the bad act of one Democrat reflect on the Democrats (unless Ben knew she was a habitual drunk driver and recruited her anyway-a assertion there is so far no evidence of).

    We all need to not throw rocks as we live in glass houses.

  7. Anonymous

    The real problem is that the South Dakota Democratic Party is ran by children for children. The “30 somethings” they have running the party and running for those limited spots for office where they can even recruit someone have had zero mentorship or training. A Democrat in South Dakota is either a foolish kid or some dinosaur from an era when the personal computer didn’t exist. The only vetting they do must be limited to asking “are you a Democrat?” if the answer is yes proceed to run and loose.

    1. Job Creator

      Why would the Democrats be the real problem? They can’t propose any legislation that has a chance of passing. They don’t have the votes to kill anything the Republicans pass. There hasn’t been a Democratic governor for forty years. It has been twenty years since they had a majority in either house. No – the Republicans have to own up to all the problems in this state. Of course, if you listen to the right Republicans, there are no problems in South Dakota.

      1. ymous

        This state is run pretty good. Good schools, no long term debt, safe towns. What is your gripe? Or would you rather live in Blue states like California, IL, NY, or other liberal tax and spend states.

        I’d really like to know what if any jobs you have “created”?

        1. Job Creator

          I like South Dakota. I was just responding to the dummy above who said the problem was the Dems – who don’t have enough power in the state to hire a dog catcher. So all good things about SD are really due to the Republican management and all bad things are due to the Republican mismanagement. There is not a lot wrong with SD, but it is far from perfect.

          1. ymous

            It is more stable and offers far more opportunities in business creation and reasonably priced secondary education. I’m still waiting to hear what is “far from perfect” and how you would correct it? Second, what “jobs” have you created?

            1. Job Creator

              I have 24 employees who work in my real estate development businesses. I have 16 employees who work in my Internet and publishing concerns. I have 19 who work in my financial services business (12 are associates and 7 are support staff). Are you looking for a job. Not sure if you’re sharp enough to work for me!

              Of course, you are a job creator too, even though you are probably an hourly employee. The demand you create for my products and services allows me to hire people and turn a profit on their efforts, while making sure they are well paid and have insurance benefits and pensions. My employees, associates, heirs and I thank you for that!

              1. Job Creator

                Oh, and as far as what I’d do to have the state become less imperfect:

                80 mph + speed limit on I-90 and I-29 in open areas.

                Implement income tax to fund education. (the way we fund education in SD is stupid. You have all these little old blue-haired ladies paying high taxes just to stay in their homes. I can afford to pay my grammies taxes, but you probably can’t, so she has to come up with the cash herself)

                Initiate state lawsuits to get rid of the Corps of Engineers and the US Forest Service. And press those lawsuits. That’s way more practical than the chickensh_t anti-choice laws the legislature has been infatuated with almost every year.

                Get rid of the tax exemptions from Ag operations. It’s time they pull their own weight.

                Speaking of that, get rid of that ridiculous ag property law. When you think about it, you will understand that it is even worse than an income tax for ag operators because the get hooked for high taxes in years of drought and bad markets.

                Turn the Governor’s Office of Economic Development into a REAL office of economic development instead of a place where the gov can appoint cronies to have a cushy job for eight years. Or 16, depending on how much power the former gov has.

                Make every law enforcement agency in SD quit busting people for simple pot possession. That is one of the stupidest, most costly laws on the books.

                Teach real reproductive education in the schools and have a place for teenagers to obtain birth control for free. This would save the state many millions of dollars each year. And more and more and more millions as the years go by. The “abstinence” idea is a failure and has been a failure since it came up.

                Work to eliminate racism. I hear all the time, people talking about having “friends” who are Indian, black, hispanic, etc. but who are racist to the core.

                Work very hard and fast to develop a business base in the Rapid City area that can absorb and replace the economic impact of Ellsworth. Because it is going to be gone sooner than we would like to see it be gone.

                Work to reduce high school dropout rate. It’s just unbelievable how many stupid kids drop out.

                Make our higher education people quit building monuments to themselves and concentrate on putting out better graduates.

                Make the GF&P respect landowners rights. No warden would be allowed on private property without the landowner’s permission or strong evidence that a crime is taking place.

                Implement the 1980s Hewlett Packard model of employee management where we would make teams of workers and those teams would be responsible for trimming 10% of the dead wood every year. That would be a condition of new hires to subject themselves to that.

                Well, that’s a start.

        2. Les

          I really didn’t want in here but, unfunded long term liabilities equal long term debt in my mind and SD, no matter how well we think she is run has that issue.
          Can you say retirement health care liability ymous? I’m still guessing that is where the desire to implement O’care comes from behind the “we really don’t want it but”.

      2. anaughtynon

        You evidently aren’t listening to real Republicans. The state is controlled by self-serving rinos, they ruin the title of Republican for those who actually are.

        Sadly, It is hard for South Dakotans to see the pretenders from the real deal.

  8. Anonymous

    Love thy neighbor, love thy self…….. Or is the political equal hate others and hate them even more if they mess up.


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