Most SD Democrat Statewide Candidates gave up before races started, and are phoning it in

Pre-General election campaign finance reports were due yesterday for political races in South Dakota. And let me emphasize that in many cases, it was a sad, sad state of affairs.  Because for people who are supposedly running campaigns for statewide office, in many instances, their efforts barely rose to the level of what one would expect for even a county office.

Tom Cool – Democrat Candidate for South Dakota State Auditor – $7.9K raised, including a $2k loan. $2.6k spent, $5.2k cash on hand.

Putting forth the kind of effort that falls short in many small county commission races, Tom’s efforts in this race were definitely uncool.  Somehow, I don’t think ‘the blue wave’ is going to carry him across the starting line, much less the finish line.

Woody Houser – Democrat Candidate for School & Lands – $0 Raised, $0 spent, and nothing in the bank.

Enough said. No wonder voting via xbox is a concept in some Democrat circles. Apparently, some Democrats can’t be bothered to get off the couch.

Aaron Matson – Democrat candidate for State Treasurer – $11.6k raised, $7.8k spent, $3.8k cash on hand. 

Matson, the Democrat’s candidate for State Treasurer does not just claim to be a Democrat Party employee, he’s also a Lutheran Pastor. Obviously, his prayers were not answered.

Randy Seiler – Dem Candidate for Attorney General – $146k Raised, $15k loan, $145k spent, $61.9k Cash on hand.

Democrats seem to have put all of their eggs into the Attorney General’s basket, because they certainly aren’t spending it elsewhere in the down-ticket contests.  Although Seiler is ending the two weeks before the election with less than half of what his opponent has on hand ($62K versus $155k)

Alexa Frederick, Dem for Secretary of State, and Wayne Frederick, Dem for PUC.

Apparently this husband and wife duo must have put them in the same envelope, as neither are posted yet. We’ll update when we see them.

So far, the tally is 1 actual effort at fundraising, and 3 non-efforts. That does not bode well for the hopes of the Democrat ticket.

14 Replies to “Most SD Democrat Statewide Candidates gave up before races started, and are phoning it in”

  1. Brian

    I do not know why these candidates are even bothering. I have heard nothing of them—no message, no name ID, no fundraising= no chance

        1. Troy Jones

          The part most true is he is becoming surrounded more and more by less people. I’ll take your word for it he is now alone.

  2. Anonymous

    If you are Matson or Cool why wouldn’t you take the money you have raised and give it to Seiler or Sutton? That’s another $10k.

    They are the only chance.

  3. Mitch

    These candidates not only have a lack of funds, they don’t seem to be doing much by way going to many events. It seems some of the republicans, Fiegen, Brunner and Haeder are working hard to hit as many events as possible. Interesting to see what the GOP constitutional candidates have raised, as I see most aren’t posted yet. Come on SOS get it done!

    1. a friend of education

      I’ve seen a fair number of Rich Sattgast yard signs but just one, literally one, for Tom Cool. It had a penguin.

  4. Mitch

    Looks like Haeder did pretty good. He invested a good chunck of his own change. And I’m sure Barnett did well he already had lots of cash.

  5. anon

    How about a post reviewing the income for big-dog legislative candidates?

    Which legislators have the most friends or command the greatest respect?


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