Mounce 2nd Amendment Card in D 30

Richard Mounce was nice enough to send me a piece he’s put out in District 30. Gun Card Back 00 Mounce Gun Card Front PRINTGun Card Front 04Nice looking piece of mail. Which is a good reminder – Good photography makes for good mail!

Keep those poctcards coming!

6 Replies to “Mounce 2nd Amendment Card in D 30”

  1. Anonymous

    Mounce attacked Russell at the forum in Edgemont–that is how liberal and stupid this guy is. No wonder Stan Adelstein gave him $1000. We don’t see any of his liberal supporters explained on this blog, though.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    I don’t think attacking Lance is a good move. He’s an institution down there at this point, and has survived attempts to oust him.

  3. Gideon Oakes

    Some thoughts from the Marilyn Oakes campaign’s chief of graphics:

    1) Yes, that is a pretty-looking mailer.

    2) It’s good timing with the ever-so-sketchy “What is Mounce Hiding?” SDGO slam piece that just came out. As a gun owner and firearm enthusiast, I want to support that group so badly, but as long as they keep putting out unjust speculation, half-truths and unabashed scare tactics, I just can’t. I also like Travis Lasseter a lot, but he should denounce that mailer and distance himself from them.

    3) Even with the first two items, I probably wouldn’t take a second look at it if it weren’t on SDWC, as I’ve received so many mailers from his campaign that I don’t think I’ll have to buy firewood this winter. I know firsthand what it costs to do a D30 mailer, and I have received easily $35k+ worth of mailers from his campaign. It’s amazing what some folks will spend in the name of fiscal conservatism…