Mountain out of a mole hill….

The Democrats are down and out. They are having such a hard time winning seats across South Dakota, I bet they could barely elect a Democrat to their own Party’s Chairmanship if the vote was held today.

Sometimes when a party is as far out of power as the Democrats are, they start grasping at straws and flinging mud hoping that something will stick.

Right now they are focused on Kristi Noem’s attendance on the Agricultural Committee or how many words she’s spoken on the record. blah blah blah.

Kristi is right about the Democrats not wanting to talk about the issues. And why would they? Varilek doesn’t even want to talk about how much he loves Barack Obama these days. I wouldn’t either. I’d have taken that Obama bumper sticker off of my car too if I wanted to run as a Democrat in this state.

Dems keep shoveling manure, and KELO keeps reporting on it like it’s news…

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  1. Anonymous

    Noem sounds like an idiot in the interview. She doesn’t ever say anything to refute Varilek.

    “I didn’t go to Washington to talk,” Noem said. “I went to get stuff done for the people of South Dakota. I’m not sitting and waiting to make my next speech.”

    “I haven’t taken the time to go back and look at the previous members that have served in the South Dakota seat to see how much they’ve spoken in committee,” Noem said. “But Matt Varilek’s solution is for another member of Congress to talk more? I mean, trust me, there’s plenty of talk going on.”

    “My fingerprints are all over this Farm Bill and they’ll continue to be because that’s how we’re going to get the best bill that’s good for South Dakota,” Noem said.

    My opinion after reading the KELO story is that Varilek isn’t the answer but neither is Noem. Varilek is wrong on the issues and Noem is an reading off a script. I want a congressperson not a puppet.

    1. Anonymous

      It sounds to me that Noem is addressing Varilek’s criticism. “I didn’t go to Washington to talk . . . I went to get stuff done . . . Haven’t taken the time . . .”

      Varilek’s accusations are not even relevant. Talking a lot does not correlate to accomplishment. Example, Frank Kloucek in the SD Legislature. Nice guy, talks a lot, doesn’t get much accomplished.

      Kristi, keep working hard for us.

  2. Anonymous

    Derelict, I mean Varilek, guess I should not have said that, he’s not old. VARILEK, he sould stick to issues, but he can’t and still be successful in attacking Noem because her stands on them are what most South Dakotans want and like.


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