Much in common

SD Dems tweet

Their official titles now all begin with the prefix “former?”

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  1. 73*

    Another McGovern Day Dinner. Daschle and Herseth in the same room. I bet that hasn’t happened since 2004 when one was on the way out and the other was on the way in.

    Now they are both out.

    1. Winston

      Don’t forget former Senator Jim Abdnor, former Representative Clint Roberts, former Governor Frank Farrar, former Governor Walter Dale Miller, former Senator Joseph Bottum, and the former Republican representative who had to resign from US House of Representatives do to a conviction.

      1. Anonymous

        You didn’t see any of those you named become lobbyist when they became ‘former’. And those who served in DC all came back to South Dakota.

  2. Anonymous

    What does Sen. Majority Leader Dave Knudson have in common with them? He paid $250 bucks to the SDDP to hear all of them speak!! Saw him there, looked glad to be there.

  3. Anonymous

    I maintain that if Romney wins the presidency and Noem is the Senate nominee in 2014 SHS will win.

    Thune is a great Senator, Rounds was a solid Governor, Daugaard is doing a fine job himself but Noem is less than stellar and mostly talk. She would not win in a neutral climate.

  4. Jon Banks

    I don’t think Dave is the Senate Majority Leader anymore and I heard his kid is running in District 12 for House as a Dem.

  5. Winston

    This is not Massachusetts! The fact that Democrats can win statewide
    to begin with … is just further proof of how National Republican policies continue to fail South Dakotans, whether it be in 1956, 1978, 2004, or 2014 when Sandlin will defeat Noem for the US Senate. Not to mention the political career of Tim Johnson, whose time in Washington (28 years)
    can only be match by one other South Dakotan, Republican Senator Mundt, who served for 34 years in Washington. Your “former” argument is petty at best. Its like a Massachusetts blog making fun of “former” Republican leaders.

    1. 73*

      I’m just going to guess that “petty” was the point and I don’t often consider myself to be astute.

      By the way WINSTON, I have a hard time believing anything you say. You showed up on these blogs about the time Jeff Barth started running for Congress and have been tooting his and the Dem horn a lot around the blogging community.

      1. 73*

        WINSTON, in the mean time try to come up with one example other than Jeff Barth who could win statewide in ’12.

        If you were to say SHS in ’14 against Noem for Senate I would believe you. If you say Brendan Johnson could win for House in ’14 against anyone but Noem (or Rounds) I would believe you.

        But in ’12 Varilek has 0% chance, Barth has -50% chance. For PUC McGovern-Rowen has a 5% chance.

        So what Dem can win statewide?

    2. springer

      Well, Mundt and Johnson both have another thing in common. Both should have retired long before they did because of unfortunate health issues. But each of them had competent family/staff who ran their offices for them; but the fact is that we didn’t elect family/staff.

  6. Doug Wiken

    And then there is former insurance salesman Marion Michael Rounds and now current insurance salesman Marion Michael Rounds.

    The post was funny even if targets were Democrats.


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