Mulally makes ‘announcement’ of having an abortion in postcard.

This is actually the second time I’ve seen a South Dakota legislative candidate announce they had an abortion.

Last election it was Democrat candidate Ellee Spawn talking about having no regrets over having an abortion. This election, Tina Mulally has actually sent out a postcard talking about how she survived her abortion.  I’m not sure it’s any less cringeworthy.

I’m not sure how this announcement shows her in the eyes of the voters as being more competent and qualified than her opponent, Terri Haverly, who is also pro-life, or convinces voters they should choose her.

It strikes me as going past information about her position, into the realm of personal information I did not want, nor need.

Especially on the front of a postcard.

Tina mailer_Page_1
Tina mailer_Page_2

(And another postcard from Bemidji Minnesota, btw).

2 Replies to “Mulally makes ‘announcement’ of having an abortion in postcard.”

  1. SDGOPer

    I’m confused, did she have an abortion and “survived”? Or did her mother try to abort her and she survived? If it’s the former, I’m more concerned about whether the baby survived. Is she saying she survived the guilt of killing her child? If you’re going to put that kind of info on a postcard and mail it to people you’re asking to vote for you I’d suggest being a little more clear.

  2. Anonymous

    I also read it that she survived from being aborted by her mother…..I agree it could have been clearer.