‘myamazingnews.com’ is not so amazing in their reporting of the Tapio/Interfaith Rally incident.

A website named “myamazingnews.com” recently offered it’s take on the Neal Tapio/Interfaith Rally incident.

Unfortunately, this one didn’t happen:

U.S. Lawmakers Gather To Honor Islam, Infidel Senator Shuts Them Down With 1 Question

Cowardly U.S. lawmakers recently gathered at a capitol building to honor Islam as a peaceful religion during an interfaith meeting. However, before they could finish the event, one senator shut down their shameless liberal propaganda with one brilliant question.


On January 10, lawmakers gathered at the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre to hold an “interfaith” meeting, which included Islam. Appallingly, these political elitists stood in support of Muslims, whose Quran repeatedly calls for the slaughter, persecution, and enslavement of religious minorities. Unfortunately for these ignorant legislators, their reverence for Islam was abruptly halted when one knowledgeable senator stood in the gap for Islam’s 270 million non-Muslims casualties.

Former state director for President Donald Trump and recently elected Senator Neal Tapio stood up and interrupted the praise of Islam, shouting, “If you don’t have the freedom to leave a religion, is there a freedom of religion?” according to the Argus Leader. The lone Republican lawmaker refused to be silenced, calling out both the liberal hypocrisy of honoring the oppressive religion and the Muslim attendees’ blatant lies concerning Islam’s violent commands.

Although several lawmakers attempted to drown out Tapio’s truthful exposition by belting out an impromptu rendition of “America the Beautiful,” the indignant senator refused to back down.

This story originated here.

Somehow, the participants in the Interfaith rally now all were all rewritten to be “Cowardly U.S. lawmakers” in the story. Despite the fact that none of the people in the rally besides Tapio were actually lawmakers.

My Amazing News just doesn’t seem that amazing in light of that.

22 Replies to “‘myamazingnews.com’ is not so amazing in their reporting of the Tapio/Interfaith Rally incident.”

  1. Ike

    We MUST stop this Muslim Menace in its tracks! It won’t be long now until those brown people institute Sharia and force us all to starve our 13 kids and chain them to their beds! Wake up, America!

    1. Anonymous

      If you think that there aren’t some (I repeat, some, not all) in the Muslim community that are attempting to institute Sharia law within our country than you are one tremendously uninformed individual. Check out Dearborn, Michigan.

      1. KM

        Check out Louder with Crowder’s video shot in Dearborn. He asks Muslim bakers if they’d be willing to bake and decorate a cake for….you guessed it, a gay wedding. Over 5 million views.

      2. Ike

        I also see some (I repeat, some, not all) Christians attempting to institute biblical law within our country. Perhaps it’s all hogwash and we should just keep God(s) out of criminal proceedings.

  2. KM

    What a great question, was there an answer?

    There should be a billboard with this question on it. Indianapolis has a great one honoring Muhammad…”The Perfect Man”. How is it possible to ignore the facts and trends? I guess history does repeat itself, much of the German population ignored Hitler’s extermination of the Jews. What is it 30% supported him?

      1. KM

        Ike – Leave me alone. You are an internet bully.

        My oldest said teachers have taught students they should tell bullies to stop. I have a voice and I’m telling you again… “No” means “No”. What would you do if you knew my name or where we live? Would you retaliate against me and my family because you have expressed hatred for mine and other’s opinions, morals and world views…that is a rhetorical question.

        1. Ike

          Bullying requires a power imbalance, so at worst, I’m just an ass. Last I checked, I’m a lonely liberal on a conservative political blog. I’m just here as a weird dead corner in your echo chamber.

          You don’t need to feel special – Sibby, Dugger, Springer, et. al., spout equal nonsense to you… “target-rich” environment, innit. :-p

  3. Troy Jones

    Comment sections are an opportunity to hear all sides. I wish there were more liberals speaking out here.

    Ike, in my mind you are usually wrong and welcome to express your wrongness. 😉

    1. KM

      I absolutely agree, but there is an option to leave a reply without directly responding to someone. I’m responding directly to your comment, Troy, attempting to engage with you. I’m being purposefully harassed by Ike. This is one of very few forums where accounts are not allowed to be blocked and flagged. If that was an option, I’d block Ike. When someone is flagged for inappropriate language or harassment, that request is respected by monitors. I have asked several times for this harassment to stop and it has not, a bully continues when told to stop. No. Means. No.

      I have every right to be here just as Ike does. But I certainly don’t have to be directly harassed with inappropriate language and name-calling.

      1. KM

        You know what I find hilarious, I’m interesting enough for you too to follow around;) I bet you only come hear to read my comments and for me to help get you an A in your journalism courses.

  4. Troy Jones


    Sure. Offer me a beer. Its what all my friends do right before they ask me bring my pickup and haul their trash to the dump or pick up their new washer because they don’t want to pay the delivery charge. Of course, I always agree because I like beer.

    1. KM

      I thought maybe you would say something like…watch the language and name-calling or make a general comment instead of directly to someone who has requested for it to stop several times. Guess it’s not that important how the comment section is monitored or how commentors are treated. Is the post that told me to STFU still there? Last I checked it was.

      I’m all for civil discourse and calling out others who are asking to be challenged, but that’s clearly not what Ike brings to the table; just hate and harassment.

      1. Tara Volesky

        KM, consider the source, there are a handful of males that are threatened by critical thinkers and intelligent women such as yourself. They become very disrespectful and rude when they know you have the facts to back you up.

  5. Pat Powers Post author

    KM, my apologies. I try to monitor, but I can’t be everywhere at once.

    I do ask that everyone attempt to be civil, and keep it on topic. Insults are not on topic.

  6. KM

    Another technique my oldest says teachers have pointed out: bullies find people who sympathize with them and that connection eventually leads to someone being ganged up on. That’s what we see happening now.

  7. KM

    Thanks, Tara. Facts are ignored and people are attacked in an attempt to shut down the conversation. Freedom of religion does’t exist if one must be killed for leaving the faith. Muslims who have left Islamic religion, have told us this. One came to SF for a speaking event which led to, well we know what happened. When Muslims come to the USA they’re free to choose to practice any faith or none at all, but return to a Muslim country, talk of liberty and freedom and they’re to be killed. Though honor-killings are said to of happened here and cases of FGM are currently moving through MI courts

    Muhammad, not Jesus, forced children to marry and perform other despicable acts. Muhammad beat women, children and anyone who questioned him or the Koran.
    Is it fact Muhammad took on a 9yr old bride? Yes, according to many writings and scholars, one in particular is the online Muslim community Ummah. I’m seeing some red-flags here, just as I see in Scientology and the person who founded that “religion”.

    Also, the post says – Despite the fact that none of the people in the rally besides Tapio were actually lawmakers. – how was Senator Jensen able to engage? Was Tapio the only one in attendance at the event and after there was time for open discussion? It was a choice to go, I think. Why weren’t Democrats in attendance?They’re the loudest champions and have pledged allegiance to “diversity”. Sorry, I mean their voter base.

    I’m relieved and reassured, because of Tapio and others, there’s a conversation with hard, honest questions taking place. Many people across the country have credible concerns and we need to keep asking questions. Why people are not allowed to have civil discourse and support assimilation without being called racists, is ignorant.

    I’m signing out for awhile, like I did when Porter was allowed to puke his hate instead of engage with those of us who are being forced to sit down and shut-up. Press-on Senators!

    Sorry J School students, your teacher now has to assign a new case study assignment;)

  8. Tara Volesky

    Don’t leave KM…….This brotherhood just wants to silence you. Just for the record, Lora Hubbel was in Pierre but the media brotherhood keep her off the record. Her comments were not published. Media outlets are now controlled by their advertisers.

  9. Anonymous

    Your last statement in the post wasn’t exactly accurate. There were several other legislators there, at least in the picture.


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