Myers to hold press conference tomorrow… Yes, we already know Collier is your Lt. Gov pick.

Sent a note to Independent candidate for Governor Mike Myers last Thursday (4 days ago):

I’m hearing out of Vermillion tonight that Caitlin Collier is your pick for Lt. Governor. Would you care to confirm or refute this?

Just got this note 20 minutes ago.

My press conference will be held in Sioux Falls at 11am at the main library downtown. We will make public information about my selection for Lt. Gov and the petition at that time. Thanks Pat!

Well, the problem with that, is that his campaign chair Tara Volesky confirmed that Caitlin Collier is his Lt. Candidate.

And there was this document that his campaign filed….

MichaelMyersCertificationofRunningMate… which says that Caitlin Collier IS his Lt. Governor Candidate.

Not to be intentionally crass, but announcing his pick after it’s been in the public domain this long this has the makings of the biggest “No sh*t, Sherlock” press conference of the year.


  • Common Ground/Common Sense

    Good for them!

  • Pat, 99% of the people don’t visit the state website to read those documents. Press conferences are the most common way to announce something like this. Your making a story out of nothing. At least Mike isn’t in the business of making crony deals with friends in secret meetings paid for by taxpayers like the current admin.

  • Well Caitlin (or whoever filled out the form) didn’t spell “Lieutenant” correctly, so that says something…