Myth vs Fact – EPA & farm dust

Kristi Noem

Congresswoman Noem is pushing back against the recent critique by SD newspaper editorial boards regarding her dust up with the EPA and their attempts to regulate dust. In an attempt to counter with the facts, she has released a “Myth vs Fact” analysis.

MYTH:  The EPA doesn?t regulate dust.  This is a ?phantom issue.?

FACT:  EPA already regulates dust including farm dust.  As part of a regularly scheduled 5-year review of NAAQS for particulate matter, EPA is reviewing its standard for ?coarse? particulate matter. Coarse particulate matter includes particles between 2.5 to 10 micrometers in diameter, and is commonly known as ?PM10,? or dust.


26 Replies to “Myth vs Fact – EPA & farm dust”

  1. anonymous

    Kristi is correct in that the EPA has certain existing regulations on dust. What she leaves out is that her legislation addresses regulations that don’t exist.

    You guys should quit trying to cover her tail on this. It is a loser. You should drop it and hope people just forget about it.

    1. Anonymous

      Deadwood Dissident . . . dead wood, not alive or producing, worthless, useless or burdensome person or thing.

  2. SDMike

    So the two previous posters believe everything the government says – have you heard of Lemmings!!!!! For an organization that says thet are not going to regulate dust – they sure are putting up a fight about the issues and that is what concerns me.

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc?-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  3. Troy Jones

    Let’s see.

    Would you believe the people on this issue who promised Obamacare wouldn’t be used to fund abortions, gave guns to gun runners for the Mexican drug cartels, and promised the “Stimulus” would go primarily to infrastructure projects?

    KN is on the right track. The farmers do not need a bureaucrat monitoring their combines and discs for dust.

  4. deadwood dissident

    Mr. Jones: if it was one combine instead of a fleet of combines being operated by migrant labor, i would agree. If it was for abortions performed in the third trimester, i would agree. i will agree with you that Fast and Furious is/was an abortion. If the collapse of the US economy had led to martial law, i would agree.


  5. Anonymous

    Myth: Rep. Noem’s bill is about farm dust.

    Fact: Rep. Noem’s bill is about banning the regulation of industrial pollution by rubber manufacturers, mining companies, and others, and throwing open the door for polluters to spew whatever pollution they want without any recourse. Farmers are the sympathetic dupes being pushed out in front so to obscure the fact that Big Polluters are behind this bill to degrade air quality nationwide.

    1. caheidelberger

      That’s why Pete Lien was there to testify for the bill. He’s no farmer. He sees that Anon is exactly right: lift these regs, and all rural industries can spew all sorts of harmful particulate matter.

    2. Anonymous

      Funny, all I hear in the news is how the Dems are criticizing Noem for her dust bill, how the EPA has no plans to regulate it . . . not that it will hamper EPA’s regs on business. You’re inventing things out of thin air!

  6. Anonymous

    I wonder who actually drafted this bill. Did lobbyists for non-farm-related organizations participate in the drafting? I call for Brendan Johnson to initiate a full-scale investigation on this.

  7. CaveMan

    Yes the air quality is horrendous in America today and we will all die of lung cancer.

    Yes the water is poisoned with chlorine; a toxic chemical, which will give us all heart attacks.

    Yes all the grocery store food is sprayed with chemicals causing untold birth defects and giving millions of us cancer.

    Yes the corporations are hoarding all the money causing 99% of America to become poor, starved, and destitute.

    Damn it must really suck to think like a Liberal.

    1. Job Creator

      I talked to a liberal today. I can tell you CaveMan, that given that conversation I would find liberal thinking infinitely superior to being non-thinkers or even anti-thinkers – so many of whom dwell here.

  8. Anonymous

    Noem your wasting your time on this.Do something for South Dakota .Hoe about introducing a bill to take care of all veterans who have served, to receive health care like what you have, instead of letting veterans wing it alone.

    1. Anonymous

      If the EPA has no plans to regulate dust on the farms, which we know that they had proposed just that, why are they and the Dems fighting Noem’s bill? Why are they wasting their time and Congress’s time to kill her bill if they have no intention to regulate farm dust? Hmmm!!

    2. Anonymous

      I think KN’s dust bill is very relevant to our farmers, the #1 contributor of our state’s economy. There are many others looking out for the veterans, but she is the only one pushing this safe guard for the farmers of America.

  9. Duh

    You friggin pinheads would bitch if Kristi threw you a life jacket. There is all kinds of speculation on what this bill is for. First, read it. Second, I can’t think of the economic harm that it would cost the farmers of this state if they had to deal with the black suits from DC every time they went in the field.

    Anon 5:09. Still problems with the Vets? Although I see your plight, I cannot figure why this is still a problem with the past efforts of SHS, “where’s Waldo” Johnson and your annoited one…

  10. Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the rule, ?Do not speak unless you can improve the silence??

    direct from George Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Anonymous

          Why do we see so many half truths or out right misstatements. Some of these writers are so hi and powerful they think it is OK to not tell the truth or make misstatements.

          A good reason why people think politics are so foul..

          1. Anonymous

            makes no difference because it is both D and R people… The AZ creep Kyl said that was ok for a member of congress/senate to make statements like.

            Politicians for the most part are good at nothing except following the direction of the people in power. Corp contributions and other big $$$ spenders.