National Committeeman and Committeewoman

Reading through the Argus article today, I found myself interested in the National Committeeman and Committeewoman races at the convention.

Republican Party delegates today re-elected incumbent national committeeman Dana Randall, rejecting a challenge from tea party activist Allen Unruh.

In this race, I do not understand the “Tea Party” vs. “Establishment” argument. How different are Unruh and Randall on the issues? Four years ago Randall defeated longtime incumbent Ron Schmidt (of Rapid City) as the insurgent grassroots candidate. He won on the strength of diverse relationships and a wave of a younger generation taking over the party apparatus. I don’t know if Randall calls himself a Tea Partier, but the guy is a rock solid conservative.

I just heard this enticing bit of info as well. Tea Party superstar himself, Stace Nelson, voted for Randall.

I’m told what helped Randall win in the end was his strong support across the entire state. Randall also essentially split Minnehaha County. In order for Unruh to present a strong challenge to Randall, he needed to win Minnehaha big, and he didn’t.


I wasn’t even aware there was a race until late last week. Clearly Sandye Kading’s hard work and willingness to travel the state guaranteed her win. Politics is about relationships, and Kading evidently has built them. I’m told her opponent Paula Van Sharrel struggled to find supporters to nominate her outside of her own county. But it does speak well of her that she received the entire block of her county’s votes.

The outcome clearly indicates that hard work and planning pays off. She sounds as if she will be a strong voice for South Dakota and judging by what close friends who know her say, she will be a great committeewoman.

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  1. Anonymous

    Randall is a good committeeman. Unruh is crazy!!!

    The delegates new it. Kading is a good choice. Why didn’t anyone from SF run for committeewoman?

    1. Anonymous

      As far as I’m concerned we can finally stick the fork in the Unru’s. They need to go away before they divide the party any further.

  2. No TEA 4 Allen

    Allen had the votes to win until he made the following mistakes:

    1. He co-opted the TEA Party movement for his own political self interests which leads to #2.

    2. He ran to kiss the governor’s ring to get publicity and suck up to establishment Republicans after the governor worked so hard to help defeat numerous conservative legislators across the state.

    3. Last Thursday, in a packed convention platform committee, he voted twice to table an amendment to the SDGOP platform brought by rep Nelson, which added stronger language about illegal immigration to the platform. Later he claimed he was asleep before each vote.

    4. On Saturday, before the election, Allen got up and spoke on rep Nelson’s amendment to the platform regarding illegal immigration by deriding LEGAL refugees from Croatia! Many thought he was speaking against the amendment. Most agreed that his comments actually earned the amendment some “Nay” votes because of his idiotic attack on legal immigrants.

    1. Anonymous

      I was not aware of those things you listed. I supported Dana last time, thought he has done a good job, he is very conservative, planned on voting for him again, talked favorable to others about him, and voted for him.

  3. anonymous

    Anybody who thinks Unruh is out for anyone other than himself should look up the IRS form 990’s for the National Abstinence Clearinghouse for the many years it was FEDERALLY funded and see the salary Leslie Unruh paid herself with taxpayer money.


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