National Journal's Inaugural ranking for 2014 puts South Dakota as top race.

From Yahoo News/National Journal’s Hotline, from a different organization than other rankings, South Dakota is once again at the top of the list:

Here are The Hotline‘s inaugural 2014 Senate rankings of the seats most likely to switch parties. (We’re not including New Jersey on the list, which was held by Democrats until Gov. Chris Christie appointed GOP Sen. Jeff Chiesa on an interim basis.)

1. South Dakota (Democratic-controlled)

The most interesting part of this race is the Republican primary. Former Gov. Mike Rounds is the heavy favorite, but fiscal conservatives aren’t fans of his gubernatorial record. State Sen. Larry Rhoden is challenging Rounds for the GOP nomination. Democrats aren’t looking like they’ll be able to exploit the intraparty rift, losing out on their top recruits. For now, that leaves them with former Tom Daschle staffer Rick Weiland, who isn’t expected to put the seat in play.

Read it all here.

12 Replies to “National Journal's Inaugural ranking for 2014 puts South Dakota as top race.”

    1. Exodus

      By your standards no one is conservative. Only in Stace Nelson’s mind are Mike Rounds, Larry Rhoden and 99% of the legislature RINO’s.

      We have three good people running for US Senate right now… Rounds, Rhoden and Venner.

  1. TG

    Nice for SD to get some national attention. It’s early but it will be a very interesting ride to come. Good find!

  2. Drew Dennert

    Exodus & Anonymous
    The Senate candidates all have some Conservatism some more than others. Mike Rounds & Larry Rhoden both have somewhat of a fiscally moderate record in the Legislature and as Governor. Stace is the most fiscally Conservative and would be most likely to help reduce the deficit if elected to the Senate.

    1. Anonymous

      It doesn’t sound like Nelson “helps” anything unless it’s by his rules. That’s what I’ve been hearing anyway…

      1. Exodus


        Just because Stace lives in a fantasy world where he makes his own scorecards (where he is always most conservative), condemns everyone and votes no doesn’t make him conservative.

        Name one thing Stace has done in the legislature that has made South Dakota better? We are well managed and a great state where most things are good. If he can’t do anything here how will he do anything in DC?

        1. Drew Dennert

          He has stood for principal, fighting for what’s right on the issues, while inspiring young people like myself to get involved and make a difference.

            1. Exodus

              I’m trying to figure out where you stand on the issues. Here is an article where Nelson calls Daugaard corrupt and says his tactics are the equivalent of Chicago style politician. There is no way you agree with that. Daugaard is as honest as they come.

              He called Gosch and Rausch corrupt in the same article. There is no way you believe or agree with those statements.

              He went after Marty Jackley. If he was involved in the robo calls like Gary Dykstra says then he also went after Russ Olson and David Lust. None of these people are corrupt.

              (He says the same about many legislators in Pierre. This isn’t simply about issues. It’s about what kind of a person we want to send to DC. Stace could have had a great future in SD politics because he is a talented person but he has thin skin and a bad reputation from his actions in the legislature)

              From the Mitchell Daily Republic:

              At almost the same time Daugaard issued his statement, state Rep. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton, asked Jackley, a fellow Republican elected in 2010, to investigate Daugaard for possible wrongdoing.

              Nelson said Daugaard is angry over the defeat of Senate Bill 188 in 2011, which Nelson claims sought to end an education benefits program for National Guard members. He termed it a “disgraceful bill” that he was proud to oppose.

              “If your office deems it appropriate to do the governor’s political bidding, to go after his political opponents who are complaining about his embarrassing bill, and those that voted for it, while those doing so are being substantially compliant with our state law, then I respectfully request the same standards be applied to the governor,” Nelson wrote to Jackley.

              Nelson said the critics of the governor and other GOP politicians are acting within their legal and constitutional rights.

              “Going after them for expressing their First Amendment Constitutional rights smacks of the Chicago politics and is something I would expect in a corrupt third world country, not South Dakota,” he wrote.

  3. Anonymous

    Drew’s statement is typical of the folks who are listening to Stace Nelson and Ted Cruz. People are tired of the lies and deception of the GOP establishment class in D.C. and Pierre. The problem for the deceivers is that the internet, the score cards and now the live public tv stream from the floor of the legislature is blowing the cover off of the folks who say they oppose Obamacare, but fund it.

    I am proud of Drew. He can see through the BS of his grandfather’s party and the establishment of the GOP. That is one Dennert we need in the Legislature.

    1. Jeffersonian

      I would be all for Drew running for the legislature because he is a great guy.

      When it comes to the defunding of Obamacare that is just a bad path for Republicans. Instead of fighting Democrats Republicans are fighting each other. It’s a horrible strategy of division and it won’t make a difference anyway. We will shut the government down and lose voters. Remember Obama won reelection.

      I find it complete nonsense that anyone in Pierre is telling anyone lies. Pierre is not a corrupt area.