Neal Tapio: 13 Republicans, 6 Democrats Vote to Reject Notion that Radical Islam is the Root Cause of Global Terrorism

13 Republicans, 6 Democrats Vote to Reject Notion that Radical Islam is the Root Cause of Global Terrorism

South Dakota Congressional Candidate and Watertown State Senator, Neal Tapio  this week introduced a  concurrent resolution formally acknowledging the full implementation of Islamic Law, known as  Sharia Law, as  the root cause of the global war on terrorism and challenging South Dakota businesses, organizations and political leaders to support the resolution in a show of unified support of America’s military personnel.  After an  orchestrated effort to limit discussion Tuesday on the Senate floor, lawmakers voted to reject the resolution by a vote of 19-16. Tapio says the vote and the events that framed it illustrate both the broken nature of a legislative process fixated on avoiding tough issues, and the way process and procedure are used to provide cover for the lack of courage and leadership in facing truth about a difficult topic.

“I offered this very simple resolution on behalf of the American patriots, soldiers and their families after countless hours in personal conversation with legislators who claim to understand the threat of Islamic terrorism, but who either think it is not their responsibility to confront this issue, or are afraid to talk about this issue in public,” Tapio said.

“It is important for the people who care about the costs of the endless war on terror, and its affect on our loved ones and our communities, to understand the dysfunctional nature of the process in Pierre, and also to highlight the lack of courage of those charged with protecting the good people of South Dakota,” Tapio said.

“The war on terror is real. Last year, legislators were afraid to say they support ‘President Trump in his effort to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism.’ Legislators, along with lobbyists for Sanford and Avera hospitals, and the leadership of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and Lutheran Social Services, pushed hard to remove the term “Islamic” out of the resolution.” Tapio said.

“The question is why would these organizations be afraid to address this issue head on and call it by its name, in light of the overwhelming evidence that we see every night on the nightly news. What alternate reality are they living in?”

“If we can’t acknowledge the root cause of the war on terror, and understand those people we are fighting subscribe to a hateful and deadly ideology of the full implementation of Islam Law, then we will fail to recognize those Islamic terrorist organizations intend to infiltrate the entire world with their hateful and deadly ideology.”

“I’m disappointed and saddened to see an utter lack of recognition or resolve on the part of some of South Dakota’s Republican elected leadership,” Tapio said.

The resolution which identified Islamic laws of apostasy and the belief in capital punishment for anyone who leaves the Islamic faith as the driving doctrine behind the violent Jihadist tendencies in both Europe and North America also made a formal request that businesses, organizations and political leaders in South Dakota stand up and be counted as supporters of that message in order to facilitate a renewed dialogue. Tapio says seeing even narrow defeat of his resolution sends a troubling signal about the moral resolve of leadership to show even a basic understanding of an existential threat.

“I tried to work within this system, now it’s time to go around the system,” Tapio said. “We simply don’t have the luxury to play nice and do and say the comfortable things during these extraordinary times.”

“We can either fight to win a petty popularity contest within the GOP establishment and the lobbyists who control them in Pierre, or we can continue to fight everyday on tough issues for the people of South Dakota,” Tapio said.

“I simply choose not to be distracted by the dog and phony show of the political circus when there are real threats and challenges to be faced.”

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  1. "Very Stable Genius"

    We just need to wait and see the first poll between Dusty, Shantel, and Tapio, then we can decide if we really need to worry – not about terrorism – but about who might end-up representing us in Congress….. Does South Dakota really want a Steve King the II?…… I don’t think so…… Iowa at least gets to have six Congresspersons, but in South Dakota we only get one…..


    1. Anonymous

      He is ineffective. Thankfully we don’t rely on his legislation to protect us.

      He can’t pass 1 bill in 2 years about issues he cares about with a legislature that is 83% GOP but he will be great as 1 voice for SD in DC.

      I don’t think so.

  2. Tommy Young

    What makes Tapio an expert on Islam and root causes of terrorism? The smarter than the rest of you approach rarely ever works. Where does he stand on other issues?

    1. Ike

      Mr. Tapio is a graduate of the IWGSWGBTPACBP (InfoWars Graduateded School of Working Good on the Best Tough Problems that are All Caused by Brown People)

      He’s been very outspoken on all kinds of issues:

      -Opioid Epidemic:
      South Dakotans turn to prescription painkillers and heroin to quell their fear of being killed in a terrorist attack. Stopping the spread of Radical Islam will solve the drug issue.

      -Worker Pay:
      South Dakotans aren’t paid enough because employers can hire Radical Islamic Terrorists to take their jobs. Since they will eventually blow themselves up, employers face high costs in re-training new Radical Islamic Terrorists to take their place. Stopping the spread of Radical Islam will solve the wages issue.

      -Education Funding:
      South Dakotans spend too much on general education and not enough on Fighting Radical Islam education. If 100% of the state funding for schools went to Fighting Radical Islam education, we would solve all our other problems.

      Property Taxation:
      South Dakotans pay too much in property taxes while Radical Islamic Terrorists don’t pay a dime. We are supporting Radical Islamic Terrorists by not sending our equalization officers to Syria to properly assess what those Radical Islamic Terrorists would pay if they came here to blow up their own section of land down by Tyndall.

      South Dakotans are paying higher premiums because Radical Islamic Terrorists are blowing us up all the time. Eliminate Radical Islamic Terrorists and our healthcare will be pennies a day.

      South Dakotans are worried about the pollution caused by all the bombs and expended lead in the environment from Radical Islamic Terrrorists. Eliminate Radical Islamic Terrorists, and the arctic sea ice will return to normal historical levels.

      South Dakotans only kill or steal from one another because they rightly assume that everyone else is a Radical Islamic Terrorist, what with so many Radical Islamic Terrorists among us. Eliminating Radical Islamic Terrorists will help us to see that we don’t need to be quite so vigilante in our outlook, and we will have no more crime since only white christians remain.

      As you can clearly see, he’s got a fairly robust set of clear policy positions. I have no doubt his is the path forward for South Dakota!

      1. Anonymous

        Omg!! I was dying laughing at this.

        You forgot though to mention his position on radical Islamic terrorists with human trafficking, water rights vs land owner rights, and the decreased sales tax revenue this year. We need to know how to solve these issues too now that we know the root cause! Lol

    2. Anonymous

      Tommy, have you ever read the Koran? I haven’t either and I am sure NONE of the other responders on this topic have read it either. Tapio has read it cover to cover to make himself informed. I don’t necessarily take his word for it, but, I have heard Shahram Hadian, a former follower of Islam, talk on the dangers of radical Islam. And what he says is what Tapio is trying to warn us about.

      But if you want to stick your head in the sand, go ahead. Anyone can buy a Koran and read if you want to get to know the facts about radical Islam.

      1. Ike

        Were you sitting by him when he read it? Was any cultural value, context, or expert opinion sought? David Koresh read the Bible. Eric Rudolph read the Bible. Fred Phelps read the Bible. Do you agree with their interpretations? What makes Mr. Tapio, pressure washer salesman, an expert on the spiritual tradition and theology of Islam? He read a book? If Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi read the Bible, would you trust his findings?

        I once read Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’, but I hardly consider myself qualified to become a managing director at CERN. Mr. Tapio needs to buy once of those ordinance bunkers out by Igloo and just hide until the whole thing is over… or longer.

        1. Anonymous

          Tapio could of stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before and woke up being a religious and national security scholar.

        2. Tommy Young

          Actually I’ve studied the Koran in-depth. Enlighten me on the person who is running, what’s his background in Islam and those who misuse it? It appears to me he reads talking points.

          1. Anonymous

            Tommy, You studied it in-depth? But, did you READ the whole Koran? Shahram Hadian was raised in the religion of Islam, has read and reread the Koran. But, through your in-depth study you know more than this former Muslim, who says radical Islam is a danger. Yeah, right !!

            1. Tommy Young

              Radical Islam is very dangerous. Again Neal needs to explain his expertise and how he will work with the Muslim community to help mitigate the problem nor just point fingers. Solutions not rhetoric.

          2. Proud American

            If you have studied the Koran in-depth then you should know that there are actually two different Korans in the same book (Mecca/Medina). And you would also know since you have studied in-depth that Mohammed is the perfect Muslim and that EVERY MUSLIM is to imitate him in every aspect of his life and if they don’t they will go to hell. You should also know that a very small percentage of Islam is actually found in the Koran. You would also know about the two other books that actually form the TRUE ISLAM DOCTRINE. Neal Tapio knows exactly what he is talking about and it amazes me how many people who don’t know the FACTS about Islam but choose to make ignorant statements because they are scared to actually do some research. I could keep going on with FACTS about Islam (that are not from a news source) but then again you already know them right?

        3. Anonymous

          Ike, no I wasn’t sitting by him when he read it . . . But, I seem his Koran, full of notes and marked pages. Ike, have YOU read the Koran? I guess NOT.

          1. Ike

            Haven’t read it, no. Also, I have not been killed by radical Islamic terrorists in South Dakota. If I’m standing in my backyard, I don’t need to call Brian Karstens to ask if it’s raining.

            1. Anonymous

              So, the people who have been killed by radical Muslims in Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, and other US states don’t count. Sounds to me that if you were in your backyard and the tornado sirens went off, you would just stand there until it took your neighbors house.

              1. KM

                It’s so sad, frightening and disgusting what happened to the 18yo German girl who was raped and dismembered. Scary that police officers in Sweden are quitting in record numbers and stations are closing down. I hear Europe has begun selling “rape whistles” at every convince store, I wonder why?

                Some people just don’t care until something happens to them or a family member. I wonder if Abdirhman Ahmad Noor, a refugee resettled in Aberdeen, who shot two Aberdeen residents has been apprehended?

                1. Anonymous

                  Yes it is terrible what happened to that one girl yet even here in the US for that 1 crime committed by someone who is different from us in appearance, origin and religion say Muslim there are thousands of other crimes committed by Caucasians generational Americans yet this group focuses on that 1 crime committed by a Muslim. Fringe fear and bigotry.

                  1. Anonymous

                    Let’s see, there are 35,000 citizens living in Aberdeen compared to what, 1200 Muslim refugees. That is a ratio of about 30 to 1. So, the crime rate in Aberdeen should have increased by 3% due to the refugees. How come crime there has gone up more than 40%? It just a few years ago a young Somalian killed his girlfriend in Watertown and is now serving time in the pen. How many more are do you want?

                    1. Anonymous

                      Glad you mentioned Aberdeen. Home of the infamous Americans First Task Force which is an embarrassment to the community. Cruise thru the crime reports, magistrate court in the AAN. What do you see? drugs, domestic assault and all these other crimes but many are drug related and getting worse. How many have names that indicate they are Muslim or foreign? Hardly any. They are generally all Caucasian European descent names generally. Use your precious time and resources wisely and focus on what is in front of us. We have bigger issues to deal with and be inclusive. People who look like Muslims that may be Hindu or Sikh are getting attacked besides discriminated against aside from Muslims. Your creating problems not solving them.

                    2. KM

                      I’ve got another one, didn’t a Muslim man sexually assault a handicap woman sitting outside the group home she lived at? The refugee was caught with his hand in a place it should not have been.

                      Dang, a 40% increase in crime. Wow!

                2. Anonymous

                  Did you mean to type 18yo ITALIAN girl who was raped and dismembered in Pollenza, Italy? And are you insinuating something by mentioning the crime? Swedish police quitting in record numbers. I found that claim only on Breitbart… The rape whistles sold in European convenience stores … just hearsay. No proof.

                  Instead of wondering if Abdirham Ahmad Noor has been apprehended, you can Google his name and find out. But that would be too inconvenient for you. There would be no reason for you to write subliminal comments with the intent to incite.

  3. Troy Jones

    From above: “Tapio says the vote and the events that framed it illustrate both the broken nature of a legislative process fixated on avoiding tough issues, and the way process and procedure are used to provide cover for the lack of courage and leadership in facing truth about a difficult topic.”

    Ummmm. Its a resolution asking the federal departments of Homeland Security and Justice to “identify the root cause of the global war on terrorism.”

    Does this guy think President Trump’s Departments of Homeland Security and Justice don’t know this already? Does he think Trump and his appointees are idiots? Sure looks like it.

    We need to send to DC someone who respects President Trump, Secretary Sessions, and Secretary Nielsen. Tapio sounds like someone who might go off on them like Cory Booker.

    1. Ike

      “Does he think Trump and his appointees are idiots?”

      Well… as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. 😛

        1. Ike

          LOL – Ouch!

          My wife would tell you I’m more like a self-winding watch. To all outward appearances it should be able to keep time, but it never does.

      1. Anonymous

        Ike this has been mentioned before but is it possible Tapio recently watched Dr. Strangelove and just cannot shake it off as a movie and believes it is all real and the enemies are not those evil Communist infiltrators sabotaging our precious bodily fluids but somehow they are Muslim infiltrators?

        Did Tapio refer to anyone as “Mandrake” on the Senate floor or elsewhere? Smoking a cigar intensely?

  4. Anonymous

    That’s quite enough, Tapio. Quit using the legislature as a platform for your congress campaign. Offer something of substance. If this is how you act in Pierre, how effective will you be in D.C.? You’re antics are pukey.

    1. Anonymous

      Exactly. This is a stump speech and abusing the loegislative process for his own personal gain in his congressional race.

      These resolutions don’t mean diddlysquat and have no strength behind them, so all they are is political platform for personal agendas. And Tapio is all about running for Congress. Cut the crap Taipio. We see right through these ridiculous shenanigans.

  5. Steve Sibson

    “We can either fight to win a petty popularity contest within the GOP establishment and the lobbyists who control them in Pierre, or we can continue to fight everyday on tough issues for the people of South Dakota,”

    Based on the consensus here, looks like the popularity contest is where we will continue to go.

    1. mhs

      Yep, those dang Islamic Sharia lobbyists in Pierre killed the bill for sure. Think they get their funding directly from Al Qaeda or do they just rely on bake sales?

  6. Anonymous

    When your father was a semi-Christian cult leader, Neal isn’t even a name. It’s a command!! As in, “Kneel, sinner!!”
    Tapio’s actions are thus explainable but far from justified.

  7. Anonymous

    The way things are going would not be surprised if Tapio shows up to the Senate hearings and floor wearing an Air Force Class A uniform with 1 star on his shoulders being a Brigadier General to everyone’s surprise.

  8. "Very Stable Genius"

    If Tapio gets more than 15% of the vote in the June Republican Primary, then a forced mental health hearing, I am afraid, will need to be advanced against the Republican Party to evaluate the overall mental health of the South Dakota GOP.


    1. Anonymous

      Well, Democrats are all in therapy already, so it doesn’t surprise me to see this idea proposed. People tend toward already familiar things.

  9. enquirer

    so the resolution will clinch the fight eh? let’s see what he can do with a busted toaster and a commemoration.

  10. Anonymous

    It seems to me that only one of the writers above, who are all knocking Tapio, who tries to use some reasoning is Troy Jones. The rest just mock with no reasonable arguments.

    1. Anonymous

      Yup, like I said, can only mock, no substance to your replies. So, NONE of you have read the Koran but you know more about it than Shahram Hadian who was raised in Islam and knows the Koran inside out.

      1. Anonymous

        Is Hadrian running for Congress? Nope. It’s Tapio. And yes I have a Koran and have read it. And it is disturbing on many levels. But you should also mention the various additional writings of Mohammed to get a more clear picture. So stop hanging everything on the Koran and Tapio’s expertise on it.

        While I agree the Islamic fundamentalists are a real threat and Sharia law should be banned from the US because our system of laws should be the only set that anyone in the US is measured underneath. I also honk the war on terror is much bigger than just Sharia law and extremism. I think it includes money, power, oil, drugs, human trafficking, political gain, etc. I think it’s foolish to say it’s a one cause situation when the tentacles of it go way further then we even can imagine.

        1. Anonymous

          Tapio is trying to warn us about the dangers of radical Islam. I am glad he’s running for Congress because no one else wants to take the ridicule that would be heaped upon them. Unfortunately, parts of Sharia are being incorporated into law in areas where they have become dominate in America.

          1. Anonymous

            Really where? Don’t tell us that old Dearborn MI tale again where the Mayor set it straight that it was not.

            1. Steve Sibson

              Right here in South Dakota, and you just proved it by siding with those who are against those who are critical of Islam.

              1. Anonymous

                This is your reasoning:

                Person makes claim.
                Another person disagrees with claim.
                By disagreeing, person agrees with original claim.

                Boy, what a completely transparent and stupid way to set up an argument so you don’t have to back up your original statement.

              2. Anonymous

                Oh my gosh, I’d better drop my fitness gym membership at a national fitness chain here in Sioux Falls. They allow Muslims to join! 😱Soon they’ll probably take over and impose Sharia laws at the gym! Oh, the horrors!😨

                1. Anonymous

                  I never realized how many threats South Dakotans were facing. Every legislative session the fringe always let us know. Next year build a wall around South Dakota?

  11. The Sage

    Stace Nelson has got to be ticked off that Tapio is stealing all of his limelight. At least the cartoonist thinks Stace still relevant enough to lampoon.

      1. Anonymous

        Rob did you do the Xenaphobia Puffs cereal cartoon? That was brilliant and you should sell them.

  12. mhs

    PS: anybody here NOT think the Dems voted for it hoping it would pass so Sutton and other candidates could use it for a wedge issue?

    And does anyone think Tapio has a clue that was going on?

    1. Anonymous

      who knows but doubtful the Dems would hope it passes. It is just plain bad and sends a terrible message that reflects on the people of our state.

      Tapio is using fear for political and personal gain.

    2. Rob at The Sioux Empire

      Oh that ship has sailed. The fact that it was so narrowly defeated? I’m going to make hay out of that one all year. The problem with Tapio is he gives me so much to work with. I’ve started a parody ad for his campaign and I have to keep cutting because there is so much great stuff to mock him on but it gets too long.

        1. Rob at The Sioux Empire

          Steve, that’s not even an insult. Here’s a fun fact. Don’t do stupid sh*t and don’t be evil and I won’t mock you. I’ll be sure to send you an early preview link to my Tapio video ad I’m working on. You’re going to love it. #1stAmendmentOG

            1. Rob at The Sioux Empire

              I’m talking about real evil, like demonizing an entire group of people. Not cherrypicked bible evil that false Christians use to justify whatever is convenient for them at the moment. Don’t act like a 21st century Pharisee. The Lord gave you a mind, use it to understand those words you throw around at your enemies so clumsily.

  13. Anonymous

    The Presentation Sisters are enemies of the state according to Neil Tapio. What would he propose? Imprison these enemies of the state? The Presentation Sisters?

      1. a nony mous

        If I want to read lies and insults, I can go to DemocratUndergroud. I hope this blog doesn’t turn out to be ‘insult heaven’, but it is starting to look like it.

        1. Rob at The Sioux Empire

          I’m merely quoting the man’s own press release published not that long ago on this very website. If you find that insulting perhaps you could bring it up with the source state senator Mr. Tapio himself.

        2. KM

          1:22 – The only way leftists know how to engage in discussion is by lying and name-calling with the hopes of shutting down the conversation. They quickly run when facts, civil discourse and differing opinions are presented.

          You see, Rob claims he’s merely quoting Tapio, but neglects to put which part of the statement is actually quoted. I couldn’t find where Tapio says he wants Catholics rounded up. Changing the narrative? Is that how The Sioux Empire presents information, they must be desperate for attention. I presume their forum is lacking any relevant conversation.

          1. Anonymous

            KM where is Sharia Law being imposed in South Dakota?

            Chickens being raised in apartment buildings with kitchen cabinet doors removed and fencing in these units? What proof do you have, city, buildings and owners? That is obviously a major public health and liability issue if it is true and not just fringe rumors to further demonize an entire group of people.

            1. Steve Sibson

              Taneeza Islam is in the process of implementing Sharia as we speak. Accusing a Muslim who converted to Christianity of being an Islamophobe, and strong arming the Sioux Falls hotel where he was to speak was just one of her many acts. When that didn’t work, she lead a protest along with the imam from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sioux Falls Islamic Center, all being applauded by CAIR’s national Facebook page.

              1. Ike

                There you have it, folks! People who peaceably assembling to protest are now implementing Sharia… either that, or they’re exercising their first amendment rights. Weren’t y’all up-in-arms about that the other day?

              2. Anonymous

                Steve is that your definition of Sharia Law or is there something more sinister going on that the press is not covering in Sioux Falls? LGBTQ being thrown from the roof of the downtown Holiday Inn? Public beheadings and lashings? Arms being amputated from thieves?

                1. Steve Sibson

                  There are three components of Sharia being implemented in South Dakota:

                  Fighting Fitnah, better known as Islamophobia.
                  Dawah, better known as interfaith dialogue.
                  Hijrah better know as refugee resettlement.

              3. Anonymous

                So….. muslims doing things you dont like is “implementing sharia law.” Scintillating logic.

            2. Tara Volesky

              Talk to Huron Landlords and police department. The former Chief of police, Doug Schmidt got fired for testifing to the Legislature as a common citizen.

              1. Rob at The Sioux Empire

                I sure would. I have an open door policy. If Tapio lasts long enough we’ll send him an invite that he, I’m guessing, will politely decline. We’re focusing on the Sioux Falls Mayor and City council race right now but we’ll send invites for other offices down the road.

              2. Rob at The Sioux Empire

                Gunn is a Mayoral candidate but he has refused most public candidate forums so I’m guessing he will decline as well. However, he and I have have had a civil discourse on Facebook before and we follow each other so maybe he will.

  14. Anonymous

    KM posted this “I’ve got another one, didn’t a Muslim man sexually assault a handicap woman sitting outside the group home she lived at? The refugee was caught with his hand in a place it should not have been.

    Dang, a 40% increase in crime. Wow!”

    That perp should be held responsible for the crime committed like everyone else. Again cherry picking with a specific ethnic and religious group when the vast amount of sexual offenders and those convicted of other crimes are Caucasian. Go tour Springfield Mike Durfee Prison, Sioux Falls Penn, Redfield State Hospital. Some of those sexual predators will never get out and guess what. Most are Caucasian. Go visit with your local Judges. We have far deeper real issues to deal with that affect a broad population and South Dakota is not unique in these issues. Juvenile delinquency, family environments that are in chaos, drugs and abusive and working on solving these and other issues.

  15. a nony mous

    “”” Juvenile delinquency, family environments that are in chaos, drugs and abusive and working on solving these and other issues. “””

    A major portion caused by Liberalism.

    1. Anonymous

      There are plenty of Conservative families that are not immune. Those issues do not discriminate but getting more into that discussion is off topic.

  16. Anonymous

    Over one million people died of malaria, last year. Why doesn’t everyone in South Dakota get the vaccine? Because false fear is for fools.