Neal Tapio claims Speaker of the House one of his critics

In a Facebook post shared last night, State Senator Neal Tapio named the Republican Speaker of the House, State Representative Mark Mickelson, as one of his critics within the State Legislature.

Tapio indicated that the Speaker has refused to discuss the issue of Islamic refugees and Sharia law when approached as not “an important issue.”

We should suspend all immigration and refugee resettlement until we can isolate the source of the hate. We must have a very honest dialogue as a nation about the global war on terror carried out by Islamic terrorists who believe in the full implementation of sharia law. Anyone who resorts to name-calling those American patriots who dare discuss this issue in public as racists, extremists, xenophobes or Islamophobes simply do not understand the seriousness of the threat, or worse. Fortunately, a large majority of South Dakotans that voted for Donald Trump can see right through the political game of ostracizing and marginalizing those of us who vow to no longer avoid this issue.

On a related note, a packing plant in South Dakota, which currently employs over 400 Somali Muslims, actively recruits from the Somali community in Minnesota.

Does 50 Somali ISIS sympathizers, coming from a population of 100,000 Somalis in Minnesota, indicate a statistically significant number?

I think it does.

With that information, why does the South Dakota Speaker of the House repeatedly refuse to discuss this issue with me, saying that, “of the 80 most important issues facing South Dakota, my little ‘Muslim issue‘ doesn’t even make the list!”

Mr. Speaker, this isn’t my issue. This is the most important issue facing the freedom-loving world.

President Trump has the courage to face this issue. Many of our highest South Dakota elected leaders, have in the past, mocked him for his directness, when he said, “we need to figure out what the hell is going on.”

Some South Dakota political leaders still privately mock our President for his efforts to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism.

South Dakota legislators will have the opportunity to reconsider their support for President Trump and his effort to keep our country safe from radical Islamic terrorism. Those that fail to recognize the threat ‘shall’ be exposed.

Do you agree with the South Dakota Speaker of the House when he says this isn’t an issue our state government should address?

I don’t.

Read that all here.

What do you think? And is this posturing in the Congressional race costing Tapio political capital he could be using to accomplish his legislative goals for Watertown during session?

The floor is yours.

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  1. KM

    We don’t either, Tapio. Many in our state govt seem to be afraid of discussing this topic or being open to civil discourse in fear of being call a racist or Islamophobic. Review what’s said about others who comment on the same concerns Tapio is attempting to address, and you’ll know there’s fear of even wanting to approach the topic. The Argus does a wonderful job of spinning the narrative to make us look as though we don’t care about refugees, not true.

    We are now being called “the fringe” for questioning and expressing our concerns. If I remember right, the SDGOP held a ‘Freedom Rally’ with guest speaker David Horowitz. Horowitz holds the same concerns Tapio is asking for us to take seriously. Is the SDGOP included in this “fringe”?

    Tapio stepped up and others stepped back. Press on!

    Knowledge is power and Sibby Online is an informative blog that has brought awareness to what’s talking place in SD, specifically Aberdeen and Sioux Falls.

  2. mhs

    Considering Mark’s father died keeping “a packing plant” open as the single most critical asset South Dakota has for its farmers, I’m guessing this isn’t going to play well outside the Hubble/Howie echo chamber.

  3. Anonymous

    One of Tapio’s problems is people don’t always have two hours to listen to him. He doesn’t exactly have his thirty-second pitch down and legislators know that.

  4. Bumstead

    There is a large group of GOP legislators past and present who fall into the same category as Mickelson. They do whatever than can to kill the conservative’s bills. Lust was a prime example while he was in leadership, also Rausch, Cronin, Peters, Soholt, Rave, Solano, Partridge, et al.

    1. enquirer

      geez why was that? i read some of those bills, and they all said 1. we hate “…..”, 2. we fully ban “…..” & 3. if any elected official does “…..” they will immediately be ejected from office and banned from holding office forever or until they die. seems reasonable to me.

  5. Tara Volesky

    If it’s not an issue, why are hundreds of people showing up for meetings? I have learned a lot through these discussions and talking to a life-long Muslim. It’s going to get very interesting.

  6. Anne Beal

    There are a lot of problems with refugee resettlement and their religion and country of origin are just a part of it.
    When I worked at Morrells I saw the way Lutheran Social Services just dumped these people on the packing plant. When it turned out they were unable to work due to illness, a pre-existing injury, or advanced pregnancy, LSS wouldn’t help at all. One woman, from Africa, who spoke better English than most South Dakotans, told me “nobody over there speaks English and when they don’t understand you, they call you stupid.” They were her sponsors. She couldn’t work, had no money, and her status as a “resident” not a refugee precluded her from any public assistance. They were her sponsors, they brought her here, they had signed an affidavit of fiscal responsibility, and then they washed their hands of her. That’s what they do: they collect the money they get for settling people here, and then they dump them. If LSS didn’t have the word “Lutheran” in their name we’d be calling them human traffickers.

    I think the only thing LSS has changed since I worked at the packing plant was to make sure all their clients have refugee status. If immigrants are refugees they qualify for public assistance and their sponsors don’t have any fiscal responsibility.

  7. Anonymous

    Interesting if you read the comments when you go to the actual story they are generally positive toward Tapio’s statement.

  8. Tara Volesky

    From Neal Tapio, to all of you….

    One thought to consider this beautiful day.

    There is a good chance the Governor, Lt. Governor, the Senate leadership, the House leadership, members of John Thune’s staff, and possibly John Thune himself, members of MIke Rounds’ staff, and maybe even Mike Rounds, members of Kristi Noem’s staff, and Kristi herself, a large number of South Dakotans, and a significant number of people in Washington DC, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood have had a conversation regarding Immigration and Refugee Resettlement in South Dakota in the last three days.

    Did it have something to do with Marty Jackley, Kristi Noem, John Thune, Mike Rounds, Dennis Duagaard, Matt Michels, Lee Qualm, Steve Haugaard, Brock Greenfield, Blake Curd, Al Novstrup, Shantel Krebs, Dusty Johnson, or anyone else?

    I pray every one of their hearts will be opened on this issue.

    It has been put upon my heart to begin a discussion in South Dakota. I am prepared to lead that conversation.

    Negotiation can happen on when you have people’s full attention. As I’ve told many of you it begins by building an army so powerful that people must take you seriously. Only then will citizen politicians set aside their indifference to consider issues of this magnitude in any meaningful way.

    This week, a very serious, and high level negotiation has begun.

    I engage in very high stakes negotiation for a living. I’ve done it for over twenty years. I’ve entered thousands of negotiations with the best negotiators around the world. I am always fair, but I fight brutally hard and ruthlessly for what I believe. I win. A lot. And on my terms.

    Before I enter a fight, I am the most prepared in the room, having thought about every scenario possible. On this issue, I’ve spent nearly every waking hour of the last three years imagining and considering every eventuality and potential outcomes we will experience the next week, next month, next year and many years down the road, I have thought about how to continue the battle through every conceivable setback, and there will be setbacks, and through all of the victories. While the road to victory is straight and narrow, we will stray. It is important to never lose sight of the objective; the complete destruction of a hateful ideology that kills its followers to kill those that leave it.

    An Islamic god that commands his followers to kill people who leave Islam is not the same God that teaches to love the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

    I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I serve the The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I spend my days battling loneliness and isolation, as I prepare to fight the battle of my lifetime.

    I do not fight to lose. While I have had spectacular failures, those failures have created a strength of purpose and reservoir of experience used to steel my resolve. It is those defeats that have lead to my long history of risk taking and success. President Trump simply calls it winning.

    I share a glimpse of my background not to brag, but to explain my confidence. While some pray for direction, I pray for strength, as I believe God has given me direction long ago. I pray for the strength to persevere and also the courage to continue through all of life’s temptations and pitfalls, of which I have had too many count.

    I now pray for His protection. This battle is dangerous. It is the reason others are afraid to talk about this issue. I pray for their protection as well, as I now feel the responsibility to keep all those who didn’t sign up for this battle safe from harms way.

    I believe those that need to hear are now listening. Now is the time to engage everyone you can about this issue. Do not let petty issues distract us from the most important issue that unite us.

    I have been traveling down this road for many years, preparing to meet you, so that our paths would join together and we would enter this battle here on earth and join with the angels in the heavens to participate in a spiritual battle, a battle for the souls of mankind, a battle for our nation, our communities, our wives (future), daughters, children and grand children.

    In this process, I believe we can save our Representative Republic, the last great hope for humanity, and all of us can help lead a spiritual revival, and we, as a country, will confess and turn back to Christian values. We will, through that process, help…

    Make America Great Again.

    I am humbled to fight beside every one of you.

    God’s Blessings,
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    Comment I thought this was quite interesting. Anybody aware of any backroom deals?

    1. Malachi

      “I engage in very high stakes negotiation for a living. I’ve done it for over twenty years. I’ve entered thousands of negotiations with the best negotiators around the world. I am always fair, but I fight brutally hard and ruthlessly for what I believe. I win. A lot. And on my terms.”

      Someone’s pulling a Trump…

      1. KM

        Your bias is showing, Malachi. That’s okay, I started to complain about Obama when his lies and deception weren’t kept secret any longer;)

        Stick to the issue, better way to make conversation or civil discourse.

  9. Anonymous

    The guy is a door to door salesman of boxes to put greasy car parts in and clean ‘em up. Worldwide??
    Greasy Neal is a “Pigment of His Own Homogenization”.

  10. KM

    Thank you, Senator Tapio. Be strong and courageous for the challenge ahead may become one of the most difficult fights you will become entrenched in. Know that you are not alone with the concerns you have and questions you are asking. We are here, maybe not as bold and brave as you and others, but we are here.

    People are afraid to speak up, I’m not willing to post my name in fear of retaliation. Neighbors to the San Bernardino Muslim terrorists say they noticed suspicious behavior prior to the murders of 14 people, but didn’t report it in fear of “profiling” and then being called racist. This fear is being encouraged and directed by our local media, MSM and other activists. Do not let these attempts to smear your character stop you. Sibby, same goes for you and all the others ready and willing to get in the ring.

    You are in our prayers. Press On!
    It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Psalm 18:32.

    Thanks for posting statement, Tara, some of us don’t do Facebook. In fact, I think studies have linked Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity to anxiety and depression?

  11. Malachi

    A few inconsistencies which should be addressed with respect to Senator Tapio’s statement/argument.

    Does anyone know where Senator Tapio is getting his “50 Somali ISIS sympathizers” number from? The most I’ve been able to find is that Minnesota has had nine confirmed arrests of ISIS sympathizers since 2014 via the Star Tribune. According to Minnesota Public Radio 23 people from the Twin Cities area have been arrested for trying to join al-Shabab since 2007 (a different terrorist group).

    Star Tribune:

    Minnesota Public Radio:

    Also, when did MN get 100,000 Somalis? Current census data puts that number at only about 30-40,000 (and this is according to Fox News).

    What SD plant is he talking about? Where can I find the data relating to his claim that 400 Somalis work there? Does he have info on the state of origin or country of origin of each employee who works there?

    Also: For something to be statistically significant, it actually has to be statistically significant. Saying you think it is isn’t making it true. Plug the numbers into a multiple regression table and find out!

    Bottom line: Senator Tapio is a one issue candidate who’s blowing smoke and trying to get people all fired up over an issue using arguments grounded in conspiracy theories and questionable data.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Just a note from the editor. More than one link in a comment automatically kicks it to the spam filter. That’s why it was not posting.

    2. Steve Sibson

      “using arguments grounded in conspiracy theories”

      It is not conspiracy theories when we have Holy Land Foundation trial evidence and FBI recordings verify the CAIR/HAMAS/Muslim Brotherhood nexus does exist here in America. Second, when we witness their game plan unfolding right here in South Dakota, then it is realty…not some theory.

        1. Steve Sibson

          [sarcasm warning]
          That was an incredible piece of research you found. Now I am convinced there is no CAIR/HAMAS/Muslim Brotherhood nexus despite the mountains of evidence from past federal investigations. You are an intellectual genius. I will worship you the rest of my days. Pat Powers should be grateful for your contribution to his web site.

    3. KM

      Malachi – Who’s bottom line? Yours, not mine. Many people are one issue voters, ever heard of pro-life people?

      If 23 people have been arrested for joining a terrorist group in MN, do you think there’s a good chance there may be more? I do. Oh, and we’ve covered the bias your trusted Star Tribune has.

      Are you from SD? You seem to not know much about the meat-packaging plants that have been located in SD for decades.They certainly have changed since I was a kid. Research IA plants too, they’re full of illegal aliens.

      Also, I wonder if the the Muslim Somalian population has grown since Sept. of 2016. I’m going with, yes. Birth rate among Muslims is a great place to start for more information on population growth. As I appreciate you doing research, make sure to check your sources. Who owns the Star Tribune? Who is writing the stories, makes a big difference when getting honest, unbiased information.

      Some people that comment here claim Fox News isn’t credible, so there’s that too.

  12. Troy Jones


    Few of us doubt the United States and its citizens have very real enemies. These enemies include (not all inclusive)

    1) The States of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.
    2) The state-sponsored NGO’s like Hamas & ISIS
    3) The charity-sponsored NGO/religious affiliates of CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood.

    Each of them have efforts to develop in-America assets and have varying degrees of success where it is in our best interests to neither over-estimate their success or under-estimate it. We need to understand it as accurately as possible such we neither over- or under-dedicate resources to one particular group when they should be focused on another. We do not have unlimited resources.

    As much as I disagreed with President Obama’s lack of focus, commitment and estimation of the threat posed by these enemies, I also disagree with Tapio’s shrill excessive focus and estimation of the threat of refugees. President Trump in my mind has found the right focus on certain temporary travelers to and from certain nations with large Muslim populations hostile to the US (the operative word is hostile because we have friendly relations with other’s which also have large Muslim populations).

    Let’s assume Tapio’s numbers are right. We have 400 Somali Muslims working at one plant in South Dakota and 50 of them are sympathetic to ISIS.

    It is my view Tapio’s rhetoric is likely to alienate the 350 Somali Muslims who are not currently sympathetic to ISIS which makes us significantly less safe:

    1) There are more people sympathetic to ISIS
    2) We have less people in the community to alert law enforcement of people who might do us harm.

    For this reason, I agree wholeheartedly and without reservation in the focus and priority of our President, Governor, and Speaker Mickelson and disagree with that of Tapio.

    1. Steve Sibson

      “It is my view Tapio’s rhetoric is likely to alienate the 350 Somali Muslims who are not currently sympathetic to ISIS which makes us significantly less safe”

      Troy, it is Muslim Brotherhood Mosques like the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls that will motivate moderate Muslims to become stage 4 Jihadis and join the ISIS movement.

      1. KM

        I agree Steve, I was thinking about the environment we see on college campuses. When one is surrounded by Liberals and influenced by their rhetoric, there’s a tendency to jump on board. How is it that Antifa quickly grew into a terrorist organization?

        Also, in jails and prisons Muslims are radicalizing other inmates to be sympathetic to ISIS.

        How many terrorists have been known to attend mosques and certain mosques have been found with materials encouraging jihad? One too many that’s for sure. The terrorists who attempted to blow up a NYC subway was connected to a terrorist linked mosque in Brooklyn. Not as far-fetched as it sounds.

        Trends are to be taken seriously.

    1. Steve Sibson

      From you link:

      “•While terrorist organizations like ISIS are on the fringes of the far right of the Islamist spectrum, most Islamists belong to mainstream groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.
      •Mainstream Islamist groups accept the nation-state and work within the structures of the nation-state. These groups are not stoking revolution or orchestrating terrorist attacks.”

      That is blatantly false. The Muslim Brotherhood rejects Nation States and instead want a worldwide Islamic State.

  13. Tara Volesky

    “If you don’t have the freedom to leave a religion, is there a freedom of religion?” Tapio said. “And that’s the question we have to asks ourselves as a state.”


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