Neal Tapio continuing to beat the primary election drums against Congressman Dusty Johnson. Now asking for volunteers.

From Facebook, former State Senator Neal Tapio continues to rail against his former opponent Congressman Dusty Johnson, and brings up a primary election, at the same time he makes a soft appeal for volunteers:

In addition to a soft ask for volunteers (private message me if you would be willing to help) Neal tests a couple of messages against Dusty in relation to stories over the state’s EB5 program, and the GEARup grant administered by the Mid-Central Educational Cooperative. The problem here is that Dusty wasn’t in the Governor’s office when many of those things took place, with the EB5 loans taking place while Dusty was in the Public Utilities Commission, and the Westerhuis deaths coming in September of 2015, long after Dusty had left the Governor’s office in November of 2014.

Any attempt by Neal to bring those issues up is probably going to be pretty difficult, especially since those investigations and prosecutions are largely over and done, and far less sexy than the conspiracy theories that people like to make up on Facebook.

While some of his former colleagues in the State Senate might be “double-dog-daring” Neal to get into the race…

(Great LEGO emoji, btw Jeff)

While the Social Media push is going on, and gives the indication that he could jump in, what I’m hearing is that there may be a Tapio exploratory committee that forms before he goes any farther.

Stay tuned. I’m sure this isn’t the end of it.

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  1. Anonymous

    From Neal Tapio’s Facebook page…

    Jeff Partridge

    Good to hear from you Senator. Glad you are able to swing by my Facebook page.

    While I worked to shine a light on the dangers of the refugee program in South Dakota, you were instrumental in saving it by helping Lutheran Social Services, and the other pro Islamic organizations in South Dakota.

    I will not forget.

    Are you aware there have been nearly twenty shootings in Sioux Falls in the last month?

    I bet you would never guess who is responsible?

    The Argus Leader and the official government line simply refers to “an uptick in gang activity.”

    Why do you think it is so difficult to say these are Somali and other East African gangs that go by
    names such as “Guerilla boys?”

    Why is it so hard for you and Dusty and Lutheran Social Services to understand that bringing in refugees from war torn Islamic countries will bring those tribal battles to our own streets?

    Why bury your head in the sand and act like the increase in crime doesn’t exist?

    While it is funny to call me a chicken, wouldn’t the real chickens be those that are afraid to make the obvious
    connection of violence and shootings with the out of control refugee program?

    Someone needs to expose legislators, former legislators and former cabinet secretaries who profit from the refugee program in South Dakota.

    You can call me chicken all you want, but I promise you, it is a hell of a lot more difficult (and dangerous) exposing the truth than covering it up.

    I think it is important to tell the voters how Establishment politicians like you think.

    Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you have a chance to read my other posts. Many people find them educational. I hope you do as well.

    Stay tuned…

      1. SD Rancher

        I would wager that on most all the votes cast this year Neal & Rep. Johnson would have voted fairly similar. The difference isn’t near what Neal Tapio is making it out to be.

        Dusty is a consensus builder, whereas Tapio has gone full “Stace Nelson” and undoubtedly no one would work with him in D.C.

        It isn’t hard to figure out who has the best skill set to represent SD.

  2. Anonymous


    He is obsessed with Islamic terrorism. It’s as if he thinks we are fighting a war against it.

    btw…people that support Trump and his racist hate-filled hateful hate rhetoric are nuts, too! We know this because every democrat (and screwball Never Trumper) claimed on television last week trump and his minions were future members of the KKK and are white nationalists.


  3. Anonymous

    Quite a list of allegations: hates Trump, silences whistleblowers, conspires to murder people by suiciding them, takes bribes, peddles influence, and votes the wrong way on everything.

    If Neal persists in these Hubbelesque attacks, the Democrats can nominate a labradoodle for Congress and they’ll win the seat.

  4. Kristin Conzet

    Neal supply evidence, not just throwing accusations. You are like Lynne Lyne DiSanto…well who knows now. Ever time she cries wolf she has testimony that say she is sneaky and lying. Why is she always the victim but always running to the press hag?

    Ok Neal supply evendence of claims. Bet ya can’t.

    1. Anonymous

      If you had children in the SF public school system, specifically the high schools, you might know the truth to what Neal is saying. Did you attend the town hall the for the SF east side residents? Have you spoken with the people in those neighborhoods?

      1. Anonymous

        Yes actually my husbands family lives there currently. Now what light might you shed on those meetings I attended to justify your comments. Write proof. Not allegations with absolutely no facts to back your ill thought written statements.


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