Neal Tapio drops Commercial going after opponents, claiming Krebs voted for full Obamacare implementation, calling Daugaard administration “most scandal ridden administration in state history”

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Neal Tapio just dropped a TV commercial out on YouTube which is also started running as a radio ad today on KELO Radio.

It’s well-produced spot with a professional voice-over. And it arguably represents the first real attack ad of any campaign this primary season.

In the advertisement, he goes after his opponents, singling out Shantel Krebs as helping to implement Obamacare, and attacks Dusty Johnson as having worked for the “scandal ridden” Daugaard administration:

Tapio might elicit a response from his opponents with this one. Or possibly the administration. But there’s no doubt he’s taking the gloves off, if they were ever on.

Tapio is scheduled to appear alongside his GOP primary opponents tonight at the Union County Lincoln Day Dinner.

54 Replies to “Neal Tapio drops Commercial going after opponents, claiming Krebs voted for full Obamacare implementation, calling Daugaard administration “most scandal ridden administration in state history””

  1. Anonymous

    How is Neal doing with his wish for a domestic Terrorist attack so he can secure a victory?

    1. Anonymous

      This doesn’t do him any good because this is a bad first impression of him. He can’t be seen as an attack dog without first being liked.

      1. Anonymous

        Did you read that theory on a Cracker Jack box, or did Pat whisper it in your ear? Those might be your rules. Not sure they apply to the body politic.

      2. enquirer

        well i gotta say, mr tapio’s “unschooled in the process,” “blatantly self absorbed,” and “demagogic” qualities of record are sure attractive qualities but i’m not sure i want to vote for that either.

  2. Anonymous

    Hasn’t Neal tapio been involved with politics, even in DC, since the 80s? He’s been in the same long enough, he’s planted roots.

    Unfortunately his latest adventure into politics isn’t yielding the same results- he’s arguable the most ineffective legislator in the South Dakota Legislature.

    Why send him to Congress when he can’t get anything done in South Dakota? He has ZERO accomplishment to his current constituents – what would he do when he’s got over 700,000?

    He’s not the person for the job.

    1. grudznick

      He was the second most ineffective last year. Mr. Nelson still holds the throne of being the most ineffective ever, since Kloucek.

      1. KM

        Can you provide further details to back up your claim? How are you gathering information which brings you to this being a truthful conclusion? What are you comparing… Years in office? Number of times a representative has written legislation including number of sponsors? Did it then pass or fail and by how many votes? You must have neglected to include Senator Kevin Killer in your comparisons?

        This is weak grudznick and you know it, but then again I don’t expect any less from your constant blah, blah, blah-ing. You use to be funny, not so much anymore:(

  3. Anonymous

    He associates himself with Trump. Can you blame him for thinking lying is effective?

    1. Anonymous

      Hey lying works everyday for Trump so why not Neal and that is what he seems to be banking on besides hoping that a terror attack will leave his competitors in the dust and he goes back to DC. Only problem is that the way things have been going the terrorists will be some white group or individual and not what he was hoping for.

  4. Troy Jones

    First, is anyone going to believe SD is 3rd most compliant state on Obamacare because Neil says so? Everyone knows we don’t have an exchange which is kinda a biggie.

    Second, does anyone think it wise to attack one of the most popular Governor’s in the state? In your own party.

    Third, considering they have been voted for by the voters and he has not, it would have been wiser to promote why he’d make a difference. A specific reason.

    This ad is a D-. The professional nature of it is the best part. Can’t make up for the substance.

  5. Anonymous

    Does Pat not listen to the things he posts? The ad says “one of the most scandal ridden,” not “most scandal ridden,” although it might be possible to argue successfully for either.

    1. Troy Jones

      If what you say is true, your complaint about Pat (you can argue for both) is a distinction without a difference.

      If what you say is untrue, your complaint about Pat is without standing.

      In short, your complaint is just a whine.

  6. Anonymous

    I would not agree that this is well-produced. It looks like someone made it on a home computer. And the voice over is terrible. It’s amateurish. That subconsciously makes people less likely to trust the add – which is a real problem when the message already strains credibility.

    1. Average Working Joe

      I agree. He’s running an ad that feels likes he’s behind. Top it off, he’s wearing a Carhart jacket and standing in a garage/shed with bad sound … he didn’t voice over the tag at the end – which he should have. Not a pro move. He’s trying to be the average working “joe” but it comes across as fake. Just put an “oh shucks” in the tagline too. Why oh why do SD politicians think that works?!

  7. Russ

    Is Neal trustworthy? We now see the real Neal Tapio. He has down politician doublespeak. Claims to support Trump and tells voters Trump uses military as “mercinaries for Saudi Arabia” Tells you all of your problems are to blame on Muslims and them brags making millions by doing business. What a n embarrassment to South Dakota!

    1. Anonymous

      People against fraud, embezzlement and murder-suicide in state government might be a larger constituency than you think. South Dakota values.

  8. Repub

    This is gross. Trying to score political points with the tragedy in Platte is classless and crass. Tapio is a politician who will say anything to get elected.

  9. Anonymous

    I’d like to hear about the scandal and corruption he mentions. I also wonder about the motivations of the vocal minority here who are so interested in covering it up.

  10. Anonymous

    Cronyism, high paying jobs for family and friends, people died – who was in on the scandal and corruption and cover up?

  11. Anonymous

    I’d like to hear lidle Dusty tell the story from beginning to end on Gear Up and EB5. He probably doesn’t have the courage!

    1. KM

      He doesn’t and he doesn’t seem to be willing to discuss the threat of Islam either. Does he even have the courage to dare say the word? I guess if you can’t fit it in a 2min elevator ride then it’s not worth it. Tapio has the courage to tackle issues many candidates are afraid to have any type of dialogue about.

      1. Anonymous

        Show me an Islamic attack in South Dakota as we can talk-

        People who cry that Islam is going to attack seriously need to go to the bomb shelter they crawled out of, and put the tinfoil hat back on.

        1. Anonymous

          There will always be the KM Simpletons in the world and staying in their holes is the best place for them. They are like the Gladys Kravitz of the neighborhood annoying and dismissed always following the dog whistle fear mongering.

          1. Steve Sibson

            Attacking those you disagree with anonymously is much like staying within the protection of your hole.

            1. Anonymous

              Steve… I’m just going to leave this little tidbit of wisdom my parents gave me long ago right here –

              It’s better to be thought a fool- than to speak/post and remove all doubt.

  12. Anonymous

    Uh-oh. Someone finally mentions the 900-pound gorilla in the room and the mainstreamers cry dirty pool? Typical. Maybe if we just keep pretending that our good old Republicans and good old boys and good old Dusty Johnson are pure as driven snow, it’ll distract from the fact that we rank near to top of lists of the most corrupt state governments in the country. Probably not. Keep selling it, though.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s a similar tactic to you trying to tie Dusty Johnson to the current Governor and party in Pierre just to try and drag his candidacy through your imaginary mud.

      You are just flat out rediculous at the depths you’d go to field a candidate with little to no merit for the office. It’s better to have honor in the arena then scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      What’s your plan when either Dusty or Shantel move forward?

  13. Troy Jones

    Here is something the Tapio supporters and I agree with:

    I think Tapio should spend all his money promoting this ad because it will have great impact. I assume Tapio supporters think the same.

  14. Anonymous

    Oi Vey. Neal had my vote. he HAD it. Why did he have to have a Stace-Nelson-attack and spew all over his fellow party members? Who is advising his campaign?! Shad Olson?!?… oh… But in all seriousness I had high hopes for Neal. Sad to see him fall into the “”True Conservative”” crowd. Neal, as someone who supported you once and has been in the game a long time, LISTEN: you’re going to lose. Hamas could nuke Pierre tomorrow and you would STILL lose. Let me say it a third time, NO MATTER WHAT, YOU WILL LOSE. Now, with that being said, there are two paths you can go by. You can continue to bash the Republican party and two of our favorite and most effective candidates and lose all hope of ever winning another campaign in your life, OR you can finish this race with class, dignity, and walk away with a huge new base of supporters and some essential contacts so that maybe we can get you to D.C. in the coming years. I do feel that we will have a use for you in D.C. in several years, problem is that you’re never going to make it by playing dirty. This is South Dakota. We are honorable and respectful people who admire honor and respect. Show us that you have honor and respect. This isn’t Trump vs hillary, you’re in the toughest election against two of the most respected politicians in the state. You don’t have to lick their boots, but stop with these loose accusations and blatant attacks void of any real substance. Focus on you my man, that’s all you can do.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes. You sound like a real Neal supporter. Nice try.

      Exposing dirt isn’t playing dirty and it isn’t opposed by anyone except those with dirty hands.

      Bravo for making a run at it, though.

  15. Anonymous

    Honorable and respectful? How is covering up some of the most vile corruption in the state honorable or respectful? There is a substantial amount of research about to come out on the corruption in SD government. Stay tuned.

  16. enquirer

    the whole ploy of grabbing trump’s coattails is funny to me. the essence of trump and who he is, is the essence of being your own man and really establishing your personal brand. the mere act of grabbing the coattails is the utter opposite of what trump is and what trump represents. funny.

    1. Anonymous

      Tara- can you not type an original and competent thought? All you ever post are links to conspiracy theories or biased fake news-

      It doesn’t contribute to the conversation because the majority of readers don’t take the time to actually view them.

      Might help in your election if you’d post what you actually think-

        1. Anonymous

          No, you posted a link, which is what you really ever do- you post links of other people’s thoughts or work. Never your own.

  17. Anonymous

    Corruption? What corruption? The Governor has done a great job and there were a few isolated cases by individuals acting on their own that could be found in any organization or business.

  18. Anonymous

    Don’t believe saying Krebs voted to get rid of the electoral college is an attack. That’s pretty important (ironic) considering the only card she has to play is the Trump card.

    The attack on Dusty is very Bosworthian.

  19. PlanningStudent

    The Electoral College stuff is important to me. People who support the National Popular Vote that “preserves” the EC but pledges our votes differently are dangerous to this Republic. I can’t support someone who has been even temporarily swayed to alter the EC.

  20. Call Me Crazy

    Imop…there is not a candidate in SD who could shine trump’s shoes. Nope not one statesman or woman that could ever keep up with him or bring his style of leadership to drain the swamp or corral of this state. Sad really.

  21. Anonymous

    It’s a great ad but Dusty is still the better candidate. Tapio may now place 2nd.

    1. William Beal

      That’s a novel argument.

      I’m not endorsing any of our candidates prior to the primaries, or the nominating convention, but that is a ludicrous statement.

      Better to advocate the strengths of YOUR candidate than make unsubstantiated attacks on other candidates.

      The South Dakota Republican Party is blessed to have so many viable candidates available to choose from.