Neal Tapio encourages people to wake up to the immigrant crisis. But is it a recipe for Congress?

From Facebook, Neal Tapio is encouraging South Dakotans to “wake up.” But does it translate into him running for Congress:?

Todd Epp at KELO Radio pointed out the post, noting:

In a Facebook post, he says the drive into downtown Sioux Falls from the east on 8th or 10th Street is a complete disaster and that there are drunken bodies everywhere.

He blames Lutheran Social Services for bringing in Somalis and other immigrants into Sioux Falls and Minneapolis.

Read it here.

But I have to ask if the talk of “legs dangling onto the streets” is enough of an overriding issue for Republicans to make them want to send him to Washington over our current Congressman Dusty Johnson?

It seems like more of a local law enforcement concern than a congressional imperative.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Dave

    Easy answer Neal, don’t come to Sioux Falls, but if you have to, stay out of downtown and stick to the Malls and 41st Street. Great story from a questionable “news organization” (MN Tea Party).

    But if you have to drive on East 8th Street, slow down enough to see that the folks you are so afraid of are not immigrants at all. Many of these people are there due to socio-economic failings that date back more than a century.

    Such an idiot!

    1. enquirer

      well that’s a misreading of about a dozen things that one could easily refute, but just take some time and think it over ok? ok.

  2. JD

    I advised Neal to keep doing what he was doing. I will be sure to tell him to read the intelligent responses to SD War College’s coverage of his efforts. He enjoys a good laugh.

  3. Anonymous

    Great timing! He maybe, should’a, could’a bothered to do a quick Google search first, no doubt then he’d have seen the news where the Mpls cops just rounded up all the gangbangers causing the problems this summer. Ooops.

    Seriously, downtown is a kiddie pool now compared to when I lived there in the early 90’s and there were competing coke dealers on every corner.

  4. Jeff Lassle

    Bottom line Neal Tapio is no longer statesman-like material for any U.S., state, or local government office based on his white supremacy conflicts in the state, a departure from the conservative Republican stature of the past. South Dakota, in general, has joined the party of Trump and left the party of Reagan and are no longer Republicans. It’s interesting how one former liberal Democrat, Donald Trump, can wildly affect the uneducated sector of the Republican party and to affect it negatively in a sure way to end democracy in this country. The same can be said for the Democratic party moving their banner far to the left toward or into socialism. We are in trouble as a democratic republic.

    1. enquirer

      much as i am not a tapio fan, your post is chock full of crazy talk sir. the south dakota republican party is what it has always been, generally dedicated to republican principles, but stretched thin via the heavy burden created by the vacuum of the absent second party in south dakota. where are democrats on ANY issue? 1. shaming their own party members to stay in line with a national agenda, 2. browbeating voters about ending their alleged stupidity by voting democrat, and 3. explaining their financial irregularities. nowhere is seen a real district by district effort to understand and serve a majority of the state’s voters on what THE VOTERS want. they only want to ‘re-educate’ and create compliance. this state could be a very different place. but hey browbeating works so well, just keep it up.

    2. Chris

      I don’t know what GOP you have been a part of but, the Republican party before Trump is not the party of Regan. A bunch of spineless pussies who never stand up to Democrats for fear of being called a name or labeled. They have not spent wisely or balanced the budget for years. The omnibus budgets are horrible. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel and their ilk are not Republicans they are Democrat light. So you can try to blame Donald Trump but, many of us who vote R are tired of the pussy ass Republicans we have now. Might I also remind you that the free trade Republicans have allowed all these big businesses to ship all our jobs offshore and while its free, its not fair? So many of have not left the Republican party, the party left us. Same thing is happening on the Democrat side. All these politicians are out to get rich and enhance their power, they are just using different avenues to accomplish it.

      1. enquirer

        pardon me, but the republican party i was referring to specifically is the south dakota gop. which always balances its budget and gets the peoples’ work done, despite this or that howie-esque assault by the farther-right “real republicans” in the manner that you behave here. to say i disagree with your anger-filled crapfest is both an understatement and a great way to use crapfest accurately in a response. as to congressional republicans, mcconnell and boehner weren’t always my cup of tea, but they spent years in a losing battle with a brutally adversarial white house and senate of the other party blocking them. I feel they did their best so i’m sorry that i have no role to play in your political sitcom.

        1. enquirer

          ps – you’re overly cynical. you should see a counselor about that. a damaged world view is a self fulfilling prophesy.

    3. tara volesky

      There are only 2 entities to blame for the national debt, political scandals and corruption in Washington DC and that is the Republican and Democrat party. We need a Ross Perot. The jury is still out on Trump, he certainly is neither party. We will see how the Trump party does.

  5. Anonymous

    “Dont like it, leave.” Isn’t that what they all say when progressives try dragging SD into the 21st century? Bye Neal.

  6. Chplraj

    Across South Dakota, it is well known that Sioux Falls should be avoided – especially the area in any direction for 2-3 miles from downtown city center. Why?1. We have drivers in the city with no licenses, but they have a vehicle (not insured God forbid one gets hit by them. 2. Special favor is given to refugees in Sioux Falls therefore they walk around feeling entitled even to the point of harassing a female LEO in broad daylight as she was visiting the “community garden” at Hy-Vee east. 3. Public school kids know they dare not speak up about some of what they see going on as “right of way” is given to students of color because they are well er; students of color. 4. In Sioux Falls if one speaks out on the “boiling beneath the surface problem” they are branded racist each and every time. 5. Taxes on property owners has gone through the roof in past 10 years as free housing. Food, vehicles, healthcare, and legal advice is given to refugees but not the general or working poor public (nor seniors). Is Neal right to sound the warning bell? Probably ,but others have been trying for over 15 years to say the same thing. Does that make Neal T. A candidate to run or should he??? Someone from this area should as Sioux Falls is a network city between. Mpls and Fargo for those people who are running drugs, girls, and illegals. We ALL know but it is impolite and Inconvenient truth for this city and state. Ho hum! Do not bother to attack me and call me names on here……been there and done that……

    1. Anonymous

      “Across South Dakota, it is well known that Sioux Falls should be avoided”

      Population and tourism dollars say the opposite. Are these real problems or are they in your head because your small town only has white people?

          1. Ananymous

            If I did need I have it. Always be prepared.

            It’s your choice if you don’t want to be.

            I bet you didn’t watch the video of the assault that took place by Target Field did you?

            1. Anonymous

              Assault in Minneapolis means I require a gun in Sioux Falls because reasons. Again, you act like you have some reason to be terrified in Sioux Falls and it just isn’t true. If you want to “be prepared,” that is your right, but don’t act like it is because Sioux Falls is the wild west. That is utter crap.

    2. Anonymous

      1. Sioux Falls metro accounts for a bit less than 1/3 of the states population. For being avoided by South Dakotans, it sure isn’t avoided by South Dakotans.

      2. Downtown and the surrounding area is awesome. Great food and plenty to do. Do you even live here?

  7. Anonymous

    Last week when Sioux Falls was experiencing tragedy and stores and businesses were wrecked and left wide open, people could have used it as a time to loot or steal, not unlike some of the bad actors we saw during Hurricane Katrina. But that didn’t happen. Instead, people helped complete strangers and worked together to clean up, no matter religion or race.

    The people of SF eyes are open — open to the overwhelming good nature of its citizens. Maybe Neal should wake up and start seeing the good in the state he so badly wants to represent.

    1. Chplraj

      Oh but there was looters…..yes there was…..go interview business owners yourself say around 41st and Kiwanis area….no fault of all the regular folks who are helping one another but they were there

  8. Steve Sibson

    If you really are serious about being on Congress, then you must support the globalists’ agenda, who supports illegal immigration. Not only does it provide cheap labor, but it also creates the chaos that allows them to control us. Dusty is doing a wonderful job for the globalists.

  9. Anonymous

    How Toshiba is not part of the globalist establishment remains a mystery. Mitchell repeatedly polls as the worst town in South Dakota. Misogyny and domestic terrorism have been linked to the extreme white wing of the Republican Party.

  10. Tapio for Deputy of the Russian Federation

    Neal is in the wrong country running this type of campaign. His xenophobic fear based campaign would get more traction running for Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation. Putin and his enablers have used it to great success.

      1. Anonymous

        Neal would be popular over there with his long speeches given he enjoys hearing himself speak. He could become a new Russian Oligarch and join other former Americans now living in Russia like Steven Seagal whose film career has found new life there.

  11. Anonymous

    Neal is to the Republican party what Cory is to the Democrat party. A giant thorn in our rears which only pushes people away.

  12. Lee Schoenbeck

    Neal has a lot of hate going on. The attack on the Bishop Dudley house is particularly strange (and his bigoted little heart would be disappointed to know that while it is owned by the Catholic diocese, it’s support is broadly ecumenical).
    Let’s just see if Neal has a functioning brain. What does a homeless shelter supported by private dollars we raise, have to do with any part of your claims. See we Christians are happy to step up and provide a safe place for those South Dakotans that are having a tough time. Other than rant mindlessly, Neal, what would you do to the homeless? Would you prefer the taxpayers get the tab?
    You got some ‘splain’n to do

  13. Anonymous

    1. He needs to stop trying to talk and sound like Donald Trump. Neal is no Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been a household name for well over 30 years and hasn’t changed in 30 years and won because of his personal brand that is well known around the country…I’m sick of these disingenuous politicians suddenly trying to sound like Donald Trump. What a turn off. Let Donald be Donald and you do you.
    2. What a drama queen. I drive downtown for work every day on 8th street. There are not “drunken bodies everywhere”.
    3. I have yet to see someone’s legs dangling in the streets.
    4. I live on the east side and do most of my errands on the east side. I have yet to see a panhandler.
    5. Johnson 2020!

    1. Anonymous

      I live and work on the east side and have a child attending WHS. I’ve seen people passed out in this area. I know business & home owners who have added motion lights and cameras because of the increased crime in the area.

      I saw a panhandler today while driving by the east side Walmart. Why do you think there are police cameras in the parking lot at this Walmart and not the one on south Minnesota?

      Did you attend the town hall meeting police and residents had to discuss the crime occurring on the east side? Just because you don’t see it and haven’t experienced a theft or vandalism doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

      There is no magic dirt.

      1. Anonymous

        I never said there was no crime on the east side. I’ve been around long enough to know that anything north of 26th street is not that great of a neighborhood and a few streets south of it aren’t really that great either.

        I never go to Walmart so…good for them for having cameras?

        I didn’t go to the town hall because I don’t live in the neighborhood where the shootings occurred. I live way south of it. Again, never said crime or vandalism doesn’t happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Anonymous

          So, your initial post was you just having diarrhea of the mouth, thanks for clearing that up. You have no insight into what many SF, east side residents are having to deal with and I don’t think your Johnson 2020 does either.

            1. Anonymous

              This isn’t about Dusty or Neal.

              This is about crime in Sioux Falls and are their enforcers in the Somali community like Omar has hired.

                1. Anonymous

                  I said “like Omar has hired’.

                  I never once said Omar hired any person in Sioux Falls.

                  It seems your reading comprehension has failed you

                  Are you ready to have a conversation about the individuals responsible for the crime in Sioux Falls?

  14. Anonymous

    The different between Dusty and Neal is Dusty has good constituent service, and Neil isn’t interested in that. He’s interested in policy only. Well, what a congressman mainly does these days is help citizens with bureaucracy, and Dusty is really good at helping people with that due to his experience in state govt and the PUC. I’m sure it’s exasperating for Dusty to have Neal ankle biting him and continuously claiming that Dusty is ineffective. My only concern is that Dusty will burn out because he works so incredibly hard, all the time.

  15. Anonymous

    Are their enforcers in Sioux Falls?

    Sources have expressed fear of threats by Omar and her supporters — and we have been able to verify the threats. See Preya Samsundar and David Steinberg’s coverage of Guhaad Hashi, who was convicted of a stabbing shortly before becoming a key member of Omar’s campaign — during which he posted several threats, including a video, towards local Somalis who spoke up about Omar.

  16. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Tapio do Facebook videos? Why only posts in text? It seems if he wants to spread a message he would produce some high quality informational videos and not just a rant all the time.

    It would only cost him a few grand to make some nice videos.

        1. tara volesky

          There are immigrant thugs coming to America that want to take over our country……..Trump and Tapio will never let that happen.