Neal Tapio files first FEC Report: $7k raised, $16.7K Spent ($12k of it on Shad Olson) and $95.6k cash on hand after $105k in loans from candidate.

Here’s the Tapio FEC Report:

Tapio FEC q1 2018 by Pat Powers on Scribd

It’s pretty self explanatory. Neal raised $7355 dollars, spent $16,779.37, and is reporting $95,600.63 cash on hand after Neal loaned his campaign $105,025.00 out of his pocket.

Where did his cash raised come from? Sharon Fuhrmann of Aberdeen was among his major donors, as well as a Richard Uihlein of Lake Forest, Illinois, who is known as a megadonor to conservative causes.

As far as where it has gone, looks like he spent some money with Jordan Mason with Launch Collective for his website, spent another $1500 on his website, bought some radio ads, travel, and other regular expenses.

But, the lion’s share of the campaign funds have gone to Shad Olson, who out of the $16,779.37 in operating expenditures, the campaign is reporting he has so far gotten $12,000 out of Neal in the two months he’s been active for “campaign consulting.”

We’ll see if he’s worth it.

10 Replies to “Neal Tapio files first FEC Report: $7k raised, $16.7K Spent ($12k of it on Shad Olson) and $95.6k cash on hand after $105k in loans from candidate.”

  1. Anonymous

    Jordan Mason…I thought he was working for Shantel Krebs and Lance Russell…how can he work for 2 campaigns competing against each other?

  2. SD Conservative

    What have the other candidates spent and where has their money come from. I’m surprised that’s all he has spent and other from this page more people know of him and about him then other candidates. For instance he has got out the word that immigration needs to be curbed and he is probably the conservative. I get weird phone calls that say they are doing a survey but are basically rah rah rah Shantel Krebs. I was thinking she was maybe alright until that happened. Dusty Johnson has done little that I see. Looks to me if you come out as building the wall and less regulations it’s easy enough to win a republican race. People still chant “build the wall” whenever they get the chance so as a politian I’d start there. If not than you are not running with what people want on the conservative side.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s hilarious that Krebs and Tapio are running against each other and hired the same consultant, winning!

  4. John

    self funding is a double edge sword….if you say you are going to do it at the beginning ok I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on how much you actually raise as you are not fundraising….

    but if you hold off until the end then claim to be self funding then you are struggling…

    Does anyone know if he said he would not fundraise?

  5. Anonymous

    Jump from this lame sinking ship; not a serious candidate & a waste of time!

    Must be an easy excise for Neal to get out of the State Legislator… he’s worked too hard for naught…

  6. Jordan Mason

    I, nor my company Launch Collective, have ever worked for two competing campaigns or competing interests at the same time. I am not the campaign manager for either Neal Tapio or Shantel Krebs. Our firm is divided into two divisions, one division of marketing and advertising and the second division is government relations and political consulting.

    To be clear on the situation between Neal Tapio and Shantel Krebs again, we have never worked for either candidate at the same time. First, back in 2017, a representative of Neal Tapio hired our company under the advertising and marketing division back in 2017 to setup web hosting, install a CMS and provide some basic graphic design and web work. This is basic advertising and marketing services. That project was completed on December 8, 2017.

    Then in January of 2018, Shantel Krebs hired our firm under the government relations division, to circulate her nominating petitions for her candidacy for the U.S. House. That contract we successfully completed early in March of this year.

    And to be emphatically clear, we have repeatedly turned down work due to conflicts of interests. However in this instance, there clearly was nor is there any conflict of interest that exists.

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  8. Troy Jones

    I could write a book on what is wrong with this picture if so inclined. Let’s just say it is analogous to a inventor spending his money on telling the world he has a product but has no plan on how to take orders, hire and pay employees, make it or distribute it.


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