Neal Tapio Pre-Primary FEC Report: $5.8k Raised, $115k Spent, $37k Cash on Hand, and $155K Owed

State Senator Neal Tapio has filed his pre-primary FEC report as he pursues the Congressional seat:

Tapio 2018 Pre Primary FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

$5,780 Raised, $114,588 Spent, $36,792 Cash on Hand, and $155K Owed to Neal for the money he’s fronted his campaign.

Less than 2 weeks to go!

18 Replies to “Neal Tapio Pre-Primary FEC Report: $5.8k Raised, $115k Spent, $37k Cash on Hand, and $155K Owed”

  1. Troy Jones

    $3,500 from South Dakotans not named Tapio? Maybe another $1,500 from non itemized.

    Did he accidentally file a legislative report?

  2. Anonymous

    Do you ever wonder why the media and establishment and special council are so relentless against Trump? Could it be because he is an outsider businessman and they don’t want him nosing around all of their corrupt and illegal practices? He may expose them and and some could end up in prison. Most establishment politicians don’t want to ruffle any feathers and turn a blind eye to the corruption, partly because they live in fear and partly because they are owned by their donors. Trump also ran an efficient campaign and spent much less than the others.

    Neal Tapio is not owned by any donors, is an outsider businessman, and will expose any corruption he sees. I like that. It’s also fun watching the establishment owned candidates and their supporters try to convince themselves their candidate is ahead by posting their biased comments and political jabs.

  3. Anonymous

    I just received a push poll call surely being done on behalf of the Krebs campaign. Pollster had all kinds of negatives to say about Tapio and Johnson but not a negative word about Krebs. Didn’t matter what they tried to get me to believe… my vote is committed and it is 99.9% unlikely to change between now and primary voting day. Not a fan of push polls.

  4. Anonymous

    Years of practice and Pat still can’t read an FEC report.


    Tapio doesn’t still owe $155,000.

    You’re mixing up the columns. Again. Like last time when you mistook money paid into the campaign for debts owed.

    It’s just sad.

    1. Anonymous

      Sad is when “Friends of Neal Tapio” continues to raise money for the sole purpose of reimbursing Tapio for his personal campaign loans from this Quixotic farce well into the next decade.

    2. Pat Powers Post author

      Shad, if you are representing the campaign instead of embarrassing it, don’t post anonymously.

      Schedule C of the form that was filed – starting on page 29 – is to identity loans. Yes, it is money Neal put into the campaign. But it is identified as a loan from the personal funds of the candidate, and not a donation.

  5. Anonymous

    Tapio is not a politician except for working in DC and serving in the legislature- well, he’s kind of a politician but he’s definitely an outsider, except for working on a presidential campaign last cycle- well, he’s kind of an insider. But he is a fiscal conservative, except for tuning his campaign into debt.

    1. duggersd

      I believe he will do better than that. I travel from Sioux Falls to Aberdeen and back each week. I have been seeing more and more of his signs along the road in the past few weeks. Winning would surprise me, but I believe he is going to do better than you believe he will. I am guessing him to come in around 15-20%. If 100,000 people vote in the primary, he will beat your prediction.

      1. Anonymous

        Stace Nelson had signs all over the state and he still did horribly in the election for US Senate. 3rd place Stace and that’s a fact Jack!

      2. KM

        My partner travels daily on I90/29 and notices more Tapio signs as well. Most recently one just outside of Brandon. I’m assuming these are farmers putting signs out, not “for sale” commercial properties? What’s surprising to me is the large number of SF residents that have the balls to put a Tapio sign in their yard.

        Winning would surprise me too, but there’s a grassroots, anti-establishment movement taking place so maybe there’s a chance. TX and GA had primaries and voters put conservative Freedom Caucus loving candidates on the November ballot, SD has the opportunity to do the same.

  6. Troy Jones

    “Anonymous” 8:06 pm,

    When I was in elementary school on the playground, I compared myself to Oscar Robertson (unless we were playing where the rim was so low I could dunk as I was then Wilt the Stilt). Nobody else did but I had fun pretending. However, I never claimed to be a lap dog of being Oscar Robertson redux.

  7. Anonymous

    The swamp and deep state need more supporters. Trump is mean and exposing their corruption. Dusty to the rescue. He will be a reliable vote for the swamp.


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