Neal Tapio to be announced as State Director of South Dakota for the Trump Pence Campaign. And he’s looking for volunteers.

A few notes tonight from the South Dakota Trump campaign. First, a press release that was just issued….

Neal Tapio to be announced as State Director of South Dakota for the Trump Pence Campaign

Watertown, SD — Today, Neal Tapio, district 5 candidate for State Senate, has agreed to become the Trump Pence State Director for South Dakota.

Tapio has extensive involvement in government and politics that complements his 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. He has worked as a aide to Senator Larry Pressler and was the campaign manager for US House candidate Larry Diedrich. He has been a general contractor, publisher and currently is the owner of NT Sales and Leasing, Inc. of Watertown.

Most recently, he won the Republican primary for district 5 (Watertown) state Senate. He will be unopposed in the November election.

I’m excited to head up the Trump Campaign in South Dakota. Our goal is to engage every Trump supporter and get them involved in this campaign. Although South Dakota is not a battleground state, we believe volunteers can make a difference in the battleground states of Iowa and Colorado. We are asking every committed Trump fan to get involved. The stakes have never been higher. ”


Second, and more importantly, Neal is looking to put word into deed, put a cadre of Trump troops into action, and spread the word across South Dakota about the campaign. He tells me tonight that he’s looking for good volunteers, and those who are willing to donate their time to the cause can call him at 605-880-7449, or e-mail him at

They have a lot of ground to cover in the remaining short weeks until the November election, and he’s looking for solid workers who want to Stop Hillary from setting up camp in the White House.

If that describes you, give a call to 605-880-7449, or drop a note to, today.

22 Replies to “Neal Tapio to be announced as State Director of South Dakota for the Trump Pence Campaign. And he’s looking for volunteers.”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not sure that being the state chairman for a psychopath is going to further his political career.

    1. Anonymous

      No Mike I didn’t. There is only one psychopath in this race and he is self destructing and taking our party with him.

      1. Anonymous

        I think Mike is definitely right on this one, but if you know for sure . . . you could be right as sometimes it actually takes one to know one.

  2. Porter Lansing

    A big ad buy is necessary. I’m sure Mr. Tapio will co-sign since candidate Trump is known for paying his subcontractors promptly.? How about some space on DWC blog?

    1. Anonymous

      For all his faults, at least Mr. Trump didn’t just sit frozen in fear, not knowing what to do, and watch the slaughter of 4 Americans and then lie about it. Nor has Mr. Trump unlawfully used his own personal server to send classified information, allowing it to fall into unfriendly hands, . . . . oh, and then lie about
      it to investigators (another crime) and delete 33,000 emails so those investigators couldn’t see them. And Trump is the bad guy ?!

  3. Ree

    That’s quite a switch from Larry Pressler to Donald Trump. Good move. Pressler is such a liberal politician. The only reason he ran for election as a Republican was because that was the only way he could win in South Dakota.

    1. Anonymous

      Pressler was not a liberal when he was a US Senator, but he sure became one as he got older and ran as an independent. Somebody shoot me if I ever change and become liberal.

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Pressler was know as Larry Press Release. As a legislator he was irrelevant. He wasn’t a conservative, he was a goof. Remember the walking into the closet story, and staying there?

        1. Anonymous

          He may have been a goof, but his voting record had him scoring in the 90 to 95 range on the American Conservative Union scorecard when he was senator.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Porter ; Have you ever thought just once that you may be wrong? I know it is extremely hard to acknowledge failure but once The Truth floats up it becomes much easier to accept.
    It must be very hard for any Liberal to try forcing an ideology of failure into a State rife with Conservative success!
    Take care Porter; you are a victim of failed policy.
    So Sorry Bro!!!

  5. Tony Sayer

    Should be an easy job; no reason to work since the fix is in. It’s the math baby-Trump doesn’t have the numbers. The real damage is what will happen to the party. Of course, nobody cares about math because we’re too smitten with the fact he’s some sorta outsider. Outsider my asterisks! He’s a damn good actor, that is all. We Republicans are pretty darn stupid-we’re like haywired robots bouncing endlessly off the walls-in this case the two party paradigm walls without the bigger view. A lot of powerful people want Hillary and Hillary they will get. We are supplying the one ogre that can manage to actually make her look electable. Trump loses absolutely nothing for scuttling the GOP vessel. When he does something really stupid in early or mid-October to ensure his loss he simply gets a couple weeks of PR with no loss to his wallet. And of course, what does it matter? The party is shattered. If he wins it’s his victory, not the GOP’s. What happens after he moves into the WH? He’s the bearer of all our emotional, angry concerns so we’ll still be about simply being the opposition of the Democrats as well as turning off the possibility of new voters except those stalwarts unwilling to deal adequately with our changing world. Never any real monetary talk except braggadocio. Never any talk of the Constitution (does he know what it is?). And foreign policy is all impractical made-in-Rambo’s brain vigilante pep-rallying. IF he wins (and he won’t) again, he wins and he really has no reason to cowtie to us. He makes a new party of our splits. One where a Democrat can run on anger as a Republican. Our “leader” will be a friend of planned parenthood and he doesn’t understand limited government nor care about it. If he wins (and really if he doesn’t) we will just be left with a party that has anger and the ability to be anti-Democrat. I applaud Neal Tappio; he gets to collect pay for no real work and we will all think he tried his best and did his best-SD will vote for Trump so his marketability will be just fine-it’s a win-win for him. Will he even have to work an 8hr day? He won’t even have to lend a hand to his boss when while our platform is being urinated on.

  6. jimmy james

    Tapio said: “I’m excited to head up the Trump Campaign in South Dakota.”

    Vince Foster suicide was “fishy”. Bush knew about 9/11. Obama was born in Kenya. Obama is Muslim. Ted Cruz’s dad was in on Kennedy assassination. Obama was the founder of ISIS. The election in November is going to be rigged. The primary was rigged. The justice system is rigged. The rigs are rigged.

    That’s the guy you are “excited” about? For President? That one? Wow.

    Voting to hand that man the codes to an enormous nuclear arsenal is playing roulette with the very existence of mankind. I saw a security expert being interviewed where he said that our nuclear deterrence is set to act swiftly but NOT necessarily to stop or second-guess a President. Think about that.

    Fantasy Nuclear Football.

    1. jimmy james

      And don’t forget those American leaders that have been “disasters”. That includes Bush, McCain, Romney, Obama, and Crooked Hillary. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich too.

      But not all is wrong with the world. Trump does respect strong leadership when properly displayed…. by the likes of Vladamir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad and, of course, Muammar Gaddafi. He has complimented them all for their “great” leadership qualities.

      Go ahead. Give Trump nuclear weapons. What ya got to lose?

  7. Allen Newman

    Will Trump’s nomination answer the question once and for all, “Will South Dakota vote for literally anyone labeled Republican on a presidential ballot?” Find out November 8!

  8. jimmy james

    You can’t say that Donald Trump isn’t loyal. The news today is that he hired Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon to be his campaign CEO. And yesterday it was revealed that Roger Ailes, of all people, will be advising him on debates and strategy. Add that to the fact that Sean Hannity has been given all the “great” interviews and appears to be his chief propagandist.

    Now, if he has a spot left for Matt Drudge and maybe something for Laura Ingraham, then we could have all his “bigly” enablers on the same team. All the rats on the same sinking ship.