Nelson Anti-Finck postcard post taken down from facebook.

An observant reader just called to give me the heads up.

IMG_2848If you recall the kerfuffle this week over the negative postcard (left) that the Prairie Country PAC had sent to about 2500 households on Stace Nelson’s behalf in District 19; the facebook post from the page of Prairie Country PAC about the card, which had been shared by both they and Stace Nelson, has simply…. ceased to exist.

It’s not just gone, it’s scrubbed, as images of the postcard are removed from even the photo bank of the PAC’s facebook page.

By all indications and feedback, there’s a lot of people out there mad about the postcard. One legislator friendly with Nelson noted it as “unnecessary.” And there are others whose feelings are closer to outrage.

Clearly, it was yanked down for a reason.

Could this be one of those campaign pieces that was just “too much,” made people gasp, and generated the opposite effect of galvanizing support for Nelson?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous

    One friend in District 19 told me she was “sickened” by the card. Hopefully this will help the voters see Stace for what he is – a win-at-all-costs bully.

  2. Anonymous

    The postcard will likely go down as one of the best, if not the best, example of dirty politics in this year’s legislative races. One of the biggest arguments against Mr. Finck, his young age and lack of real-world experience with government (Can he be trusted to legislate with our tax dollars if he hasn’t ever paid any? And even if he has, I can’t say I’m enthralled by his, at most, three years of experience doing so, all the while still being enrolled at State), was overstepped to tie Mr. Finck to transsexualism and degrade his physical appearance. Prairie Country PAC could have grabbed a few pictures of Caleb wearing college gear, getting drinks with friends, or even in his cap and gown, to justify this argument, but they opted for the low-hanging fruit.

    I’d say Stace has this race. Caleb is already a tough sell to educated voters and attacks like these are slowly polarizing reactionary voters to Stace. If they think Caleb is a naive college kid (with a penchant for cross-dressing), and think Stace is a jerk, they just won’t vote. Finck just doesn’t have the name recognition or platform to win in District 19.

  3. Anonymous

    I was really looking forward to what Prairie Country PAC would offer and was considering donating but now see it as a grenade throwing at your own party members PAC. Total turnoff!

  4. Anonymous

    If ole Stace wins I guess he will be known as a job creator with the extra LRC staff that will be needed for all his commemorations and resolutions. Those will be some long days on the floor.

  5. Anonymous

    transvestite? Is it not a comical tradition at SDSU? During WW2 didn’t our service men do skits in drag to entertain the troops on desolate Pacific theater islands? Nothing more was ever thought of it other than fun entertainment. There were only men there to play the roles in a light hearted way and good for morale. Nothing sexual resulted from it. USO shows couldn’t be everywhere.

    Some of you are reading way too much into this and getting their panties in a bunch! 🙂

  6. @SoDakCampaigns

    I leave for a while and find what I found? Seriously?

    I’ll say it once: Those posting libelous comments should not be shocked when they find them gone. That’s been a very long standing policy around these parts.

  7. Anon

    You are wrong 5:23. Stace is not a jerk because he doesn’t go along with the crowd. He’s a jerk – period.

  8. anon1

    I’m starting to believe that the only people I know that are dumber than Stace are the ones who vote for him!

    My gosh… People of Dist. 19, would you please put this sorry chapter of South Dakota’s history to rest, and vote Stace out forever!

  9. Anonymous

    Mr. Nelson is a mean-spirited fellow. And completely ineffective. It’s embarrassing for any of these PAC things to support him and my guess is these PAC fellows realized it and would like to recant.

  10. Anonymous

    The RINOs should not have talked Caleb into this situation. Too bad Rounds and Daugaard put their cronies interests ahead of Caleb’s.

    1. Anonymous

      Did anyone see that Schoenbeck unfriended Dennert on Facebook?

      Good lesson for anyone who wants to attack each other. There are repercussions.

  11. grudznick

    This is me, grudznick. I thought I logged in but my name isn’t showing on the message about how ineffective Mr. Nelson is. And about how the PAC fellows recanted. grudznick.

  12. Tony Sayer

    One always hopes for clean campaigns but alas, so be the stream of politics. Don’t think this is worse than we have seen before. No fan of Pappy Bush can look at this and be offended as there must be upon the tablets of their memory little Willie Hortons or tank-drivin’ Mike Dukakis’. Or for that matter no fan of LBJ and his approach to opponents with and without his party. As well, if anyone is offended by this they probably have no business voting for that Trump fellow. Next to those dragon teeth this looks like Lewis Caroll. Hard to be too offended when we have a state where some county chairs are openly favoring one Republican over another. At least a PAC is somewhat special interest in nature. Interestingly this PAC has not approached a campaign like this before so I suspect some error, or more likely, some pressure. However, let’s get this damn primary over, try to unite and maybe put our efforts to defeating some Democratic ballot issues.

  13. Troy Jones

    This is the talk in the coffee shops in Bon Homme County and it isn’t going good for Stace. The items they are taking exception to or discussing are:

    1). Living at home. The mid-life farmer I talked to said it is what he did when he came back to the farm until he got married and bought his own homestead. And his son moved in with his grandparents until they moved to town. Farmers buy land and not build houses if they can help it.

    2). The accusation Caleb is transgender. This didn’t raise the ire the prior one did. He just said it was stupid. Everyone knows Caleb is a good guy. We both laughed he was darn ugly in the pictures.

    3). They wonder why a group from outside the district felt it necessary to intervene in their primary. He didn’t know they were from Aberdeen. Some think it is an out of state group.

    When I asked if it will make a difference. He didn’t know because the Stace supporters excused it as “just politics” and the Caleb supporters weren’t changing but it has added some heat to discussions not usual in their primaries. But the consensus is it shouldn’t have been done.

  14. Stace Nelson

    Some pretty desperate spinning going on here trying to dignify and defend the indefensible.

    Mr Finck entered a “Miss Homely” public college event repeatedly over 4 years and elected to dress publicly, and admittedly act, as depicted on the postcard. The postcard simply reflects factual information about both our candidacies without any editorial comments.

    I categorically reject any asinine claims that the good folks at Prairie Country PAC deserve any criticism or condemnation for putting out a factual and relevant campaign piece. They have done the voters in District 19 AND the SD Republican Party a service.

    I do not know of one person who is willing to state on the record that Mr Finck’s conduct in those pictures represents their conservative values. They sure the hell don’t represent mine.

    I do not believe I am violating any trust when I share with you that my friend, former 24 year Senator/Representative Frank Kloucek (D), has advised me that the Democratic candidate in my race is a spot holder and that they feel the numerous public photos of Mr Finck in drag are relevant to the District 19 election, in the event that I lose the primary.

    If Mr Finck’s conduct and those pictures are okay, then I would encourage all those who support that in a Republican candidate to show their official support by adopting it as their FB profile picture.

    1. Anonymous

      The only spinning I’m seeing is Stacey twirling around as he tries to defend what his buddies sent out.

    2. Anonymous

      Come on Stace! You and your buddies are making more of this than what it is. Those photos mean nothing and are part of a fun tradition at SDSU. Here it is Memorial Day weekend and it was fairly common in WW2 and probably other wars where our troops dressed as women in forward deployed areas for comedy shows to help boost morale. USO could not be everywhere but does it mean our military men had something else going on when the put on those womens’ clothes at that time? Hell No! Nothing more was ever thought of it!

      Talk about being insecure and looking for something that is not there.

    3. Anonymous

      “Some pretty desperate spinning going on here trying to dignify and defend the indefensible”

      Obviously, Stace, you felt the need to do both.

    4. Anonymous

      Miss Homelycoming is an SDSU tradition and I’d bet you buy insurance, get the news, have gotten your perscription or your kids have been taught by one of the grown men that have participated in the tradition. Stace should be ashamed.

  15. Troy Jones

    In the end, I don’t think the post card is going to mean anything. Things done in harmless fun don’t represent anything. But some people sure seem defensive.

  16. grudznick

    Nelson and Kloucek. The two most ineffective legislators, ever, in South Dakota history so far.

  17. Stace Nelson

    @Mr Jones Mee thinks the RINO doth protest too much. I’m about as worried and defensive about this, as I am of you actually being stupid enough to try and kick me in the groin like you threatened way back when.

    @Anonymous 5:07PM Of all the times to try and use the sacrifices of American troops as a BS excuse for an immature college kid’s juvenile antics for attention, this ain’t the weekend to do so. You clowns want to support this kid [and that’s enough of that….. – the editor]

    Stace – Let me be clear. Posts will be deleted that are clearly libelous, and that has been a long standing policy at SDWC, and you’re stepping over the line. -PP

    1. Anonymous

      Stace I admit I made a mistake. My mistake I realize was for voting for you in the past. Live & learn. We have had enough extremists in our legislature.

    2. Anonymous

      Stace why don’t you spend some time submitting your pre-primary finance report vs spending time on the blogs….since it is NOT on the Secretary of State page.

      What say you?

  18. Anon

    Who would you rather vote for: a young inexperienced candidate with the potential to be a good legislator, or a PROVEN bully and completely ineffective legislator.

  19. mhs

    A lot of these comments are unfair, Mr. Nelson could be on to something here. Stace, is this about which bathroom Mr. Finck should be using? You’re the Legislature’s expert on hanging out there, after all.

  20. Anonymous

    I wonder what third place Stace will say to the draft dodging Phil Jensen next time they meet.

  21. Anonymous

    State is against Medicaid expansion. It’s the only issue that matters this year.
    Moving people from their existing employer-provided policies to Medicaid is the dumbest idea Governor d has ever had.
    Believing that IHS is going to help pick up the tab by paying their bills is the second dumbest idea Governor D has ever had.