Nelson falls back on the scorecards.

Stace nelsonToday, the Stace Nelson for US Senate campaign released yet another scorecard comparing the candidates who had previously been elected to office in such a manner that highlights Nelson’s record in running for office.

The question is whether anyone outside of Nelson’s circle cares?

Not to seem snippy or anything, but haven’t we seen this kind of thing before, at least two or three times?  I guess I haven’t seen how it has raised him money, or earned him votes beyond those he already has. So, I’m not sure of the purpose of putting this out.

From the Nelson Campaign:

Today the Stace Nelson for US Senate Campaign released two new charts that detail and summarize the records of State Representative Stace Nelson, State Senator Larry Rhoden, and former Governor Mike Rounds regarding spending, taxes, and budgets during their time at the South Dakota Legislature and Governor’s office. Information for these charts was gathered from publicly available documents. The charts clearly contrast the tendencies over the years of Rep. Nelson voting against increases in taxes, spending, and the size of state government, with that of Rhoden and Rounds often voting for such proposals. You can review the charts below.

Budget-Tax Comparison SDSenate2014

Read it all here.

42 Replies to “Nelson falls back on the scorecards.”

  1. (Quack! Quack!)

    You are right Pat! Voting records? We don’t need no stinking voting records! :-D.

    Rounds and Rhoden claim to be conservatives, that’s all that matters. They claim they will go to DC and cut spending, cut government.. that’s all that matters.

    Hey look! Rounds decoy Roundsberg got an endorsement from someone outside of SD who knows nothing about the race!

    Craig Lawrence said that one of the most important things we should be looking at are their records. That’s why you post every distraction but records. As long as they mouth the words of being conservative and keep the political machine going.. that’s what really matters.

    1. Former Nelson Supporter

      We need voting records but we don’t need Nelson cherry picking a few to make himself look good.

      1. Anonymous

        Get a clue sheeple, those are all the budget bills and all of the tax and fee increases.

        Rounds and Rhoden have identical tax and spend records.

  2. Anonymous

    Stace is so unelectable, but sadly he and his few supporters can’t see it.

    Everyone I talk to calls him a radical, extreme or worse, if they know him.

    The difference between him and Sen Cruz and other national tea party leaders are they can get their point across without being a jerk. Stace just looks more desperate each day.

    Rounds and Rhoden would be best served to continue to ignore Stace, it seems to drive him even crazier.

    I think it is too rich that Ravnsborg gets a tea party endorsement and Stace’s people still call him a Rounds decoy. So is Rounds in the establishment or the tea party? it is getting hard to follow the Stace logic. Wasn’t it Stace who was out in DC bragging about how well the meetings went and seeking endorsements and then came home empty handed. I am sure we would have heard if he got an endorsement FROM ANY group.

    No Stace has been every distraction possible; thrown out of the caucus, protection order, hiding in the bathroom when debating and voting on the issues!; Hell no and the on-going robocall lawsuit. The Democrats will never have to talk about the issues either with all of this baggage and more on Stace.

    Wake up its not all a conspiracy about you Stace, you are the problem, the message might be ok, but you are a horrible messenger.

  3. Anonymous

    Are you that frightened by Ravnsborg that you need to keep thinking he is a decoy? Or is it the fact that is the better candidate, and has the better record than Nelson. As far I have read and scene, Nelson has accomplished zero while in office. All he has done is yelled, stormed out of votes, and hide in the bathroom. Not a good choice if you ask me.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah! And Nelson threatened to kill another legislator! How much idiotic crap will these clowns make up that fools will believe and repeat?

    How about actually acting like Republicans and stick with the facts? The fact is, we need an actual conservative to get into office to fix the mess in DC. The reason why you distract from these records with such juvenile comments? Because you can’t dispute Nelson’s record.

    1. Former Nelson Supporter

      I’ve heard he’s already calling supporters on the campaign trail traitors.

    2. Anonymous

      We do need a conservative. However, it needs to be one that can work with others and be respected. That ain’t Nelson. Nelson might be smart to drop out and back Ravnsborg. He surpasses him in every light even with no legislative experience.

    3. Anonymous

      This is rich, Nelson supporter complaining that someone is making something up and then repeating it over and over again…

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  5. Former Nelson Supporter

    This is why I abandoned the campaign long ago and why he is still preaching to the same 5 people in every major SD town. It’s all about how bad someone else is instead of how he can make a difference.

    Mr. Negative Nelson has a lot to learn.

  6. "Here's your sign"

    The only good thing to come out of the Nelson campaign is that he is identifying the stupid people in politics. Put a big fat magnet on your truck and drive around town so everyone knows you lack intelligence. It’s basically telling the world you are not smart enough to know what is going on in the world and they should avoid you when they meet you on the road.

    2nd if you see a Nelson supporter walking around in a t-shirt you should know that this is another self labeling of less than ingenious intelligence.

    3rd if they are wearing a sticker you should know that it’s another sign.

    Edwin Stahl can’t even register to vote in the right primary. It’s unreal!!!

    1. Anonymous

      No one can beat a selective scorecard except the person creating it. Give it up already.

    2. Anonymous

      What record? Anybody can vote no! (except Stace while in the bathroom)

      Where are the accomplishments Stace has?

  7. Switching from Stace to Someone

    I was going to vote for Stace Nelson, at first he seemed like someone who would be a fighter. Now with his press releases and the scorecard, he seems more like a bully. He doesn’t seem like a person Ted Cruz or Rand Paul would have any interest in working with. I am thinking Ravensborg seems more interesting at this point. Mr. Nelson seems more suited right now to be a bouncer at a bar or something along those lines. Not the right material to represent South Dakota’s best interest in Washington DC. He will learn the hard is negative attitude will not help him get votes. I’d go with Bosworth but she scream “dont trust” me for some reason.

    1. Another person switching from Nelson

      Not just a bully but a guy who fights ghosts instead of real issues that matter to SD.

  8. Anne Beal

    My biggest nightmare is walking into a Radio Shack and finding Stace Nelson is already in there, and he goes off on me, screaming that I’m stalking him.

    1. Anonymous

      I have had numerous people tell me that Stace has hung up on them when they have called him… yeah thats senatorial.

  9. anon1

    Again, Stace and his 12 supporters are hoping the public is dumb enough to look at his scorecards and take them at face value. So many different thing go into each vote that it’s nearly impossible to categorize them like the wingnuts try to do.

    1. Anonymous

      I saw two of his supporters driving around town today with magnets and stickers all over their cars. I have to laugh because “here’s your sign.”

  10. anon1

    For example, after putting up with Stace a couple years in the legislature, many votes are an automatic “no” if he’s the prime sponsor of a bill. If you don’t think the same thing x 10 wouldn’t happen to him in Washington, you’re dreaming!

  11. Anonymous

    Where on the scorecard does it show Rhoden repealing the trucker’s tax, lowering property taxes, fighting the penny sales tax, to name a few? Where does it show he was THE leading Senator on Ellis’ (a Nelson supporter) Freedom Index?

    They used to fudge up % scorecards but in order to make Rhoden have a low %, they had to have THE ENTIRE Senate low with the highest one scoring 64% (I believe that was the number). We caught on to that so update these baseless scorecards. Like someone mentions above, way more goes into these than meets the eye.

    Where’s the bill that Nelson claimed was a pro-life bill last year and downed people for not being pro-life and then this year he flip-flopped and was all of a sudden against it??

    I’m sure he went with these in hand to DC and tried to fool them all. As if they don’t have someone on hand to do a little research and find the misrepresentation in them. Duh. Sadly, the people at LDDs and the common person won’t do that research.

    Tell everyone you can about the slanted view!

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, and where does it show the elected by Republican peers leadership positions that Rhoden and Rounds held all those years compared to … Oh, nevermind. That would be a big goose egg and wouldn’t look very good.

  12. Anonymous

    Nelson is very unelectable, he is a sideshow at a carnival at best for this primary. I wish he would drop out and stop giving republicans and conservatives a bad name.

    1. Anonymous

      Stace/Drew – do you really think she’d have time to be on a blog? Uh, no, more important things to do. Did I use the word ‘misrepresent’? Uh, no. Scorecards don’t show the things I pointed out is what I said. Leadership ability as a US Senator is not a nice to have quality but a must have. Obviously, the three R’s have that ability.

  13. Troy Jones

    The preparer of this is either highly uninformed of the state budget process or is intentionally is being deceptive.

    1) The spending level referenced includes federal dollars which pass through state government such as Medicaid and student college tuition. It should be noted that General Funds (taxes and fees paid by the citizenry) are only 33% of state expenditures, federal funds are 40% and other funds (tuition, donations to colleges, etc. are 28%). An honest discussion would be to focus on the spending that relates to matters under the control of the Legislature and Governor (General Funds).

    2) It isn’t adjusted for inflation and population growth. I’m just not sure that the taxpayers agree with saying to our schools: “I know there is inflation and you have growing student populations but I expect you to do better with less real spending power.” If a candidate wants to run on that, they should say it openly and forthrightly (that would be an honest man).

    Whether it is stupidity/ignorance or intentional deception, I don’t know but both are disqualifers for being taken seriously.

    1. Anonymous

      Spin, spin, spin! They are the entire budget bills for the state of SD for the last 15 years! How can linking to each of the entire budget bills be deceptive! Are you that desperate to obscure the facts, that you have to contrive such dishonesty?!

    2. Anonymous

      The answer to your question as we’ve seen all along? is intentionally is being deceptive

  14. Jeff Endrizzi

    Nelson once wrote to me saying “I never have suffered fools gladly”. The problem with him is just about every other person in the state, in his opinion, is a fool. Bully, whiner, unprofessional.

  15. Anonymous

    It used to be that Democrats hated scorecards. Now, it is the Republicans who engage in deception. A few good examples include the US Senate GOP leadership’s voice vote on raising the debt ceiling without any concessions from Obama on spending. Another is the US House vote banning plastic firearms. And the GOP in the State Legislature is even more aggressive in the politics of deception.


    1. William Beal

      I can’t recall a single campaign, at any level, withas much self-inflicted damage, as Stace’s.

      The extreme level of its disconnect from reality resembles , to me, nothing so much, as Charlie Sheen’s embarrassingly public “WINNING” meltdown.

      At some level, Stace and his supporters must realize he’s not only lost all viability as a candidate, but damaging every cause he claims to represent.

      1. Anonymous

        And yet dinner party Republicans like you continue to gnash your teeth and whine about the only conservative in the race.

        Nelson is not responsible for the legions of Republicans that are disgusted with the corruption that is Mike Rounds.

        You and Jones are nothing more than Alinsky “Republicans” who are trying to prop up a corrupt political machine.

        Your type is what is ruining the GOP!

        1. John

          I think Nelson should meet Ravnsborg and find a graceful exit. I like Ravnsborg the more I hear from him. And Nelson has to ask himself, would he rather have Rounds or try to come together and actually beat Rounds. Ravnsborg has all the qualities Nelson has, but more and without the baggage. Plus what does it hurt to explore the option.

  16. Troy Jones


    I agree. Not only has Nelson inflicted damage personally to kill his campaign, his friends (Rino Mike, most of his supporters in the street), and now Howie have also done enough to kill his campaign.

    Definitely a campaign for the textbooks.

    1. Anonymous

      Nelson has to see he is not going to win. So I hope he enjoys the last few months in the spotlight as the light will be going out soon. He should drop out and try to save what little respect he has left; maybe run for a local office yet.