Chris Nelson for PUC

Chris Nelson is ready to hit the campaign trail!

From my inbox:

Chris Nelson Public Utilities Commission
December 28, 2011
Four short days and Election Year 2012 will be upon us.  The Chris Nelson for Public Utilities Commission campaign is preparing to shift into high gear!
I have greatly enjoyed serving as your PUC commissioner this year and look forward to running for the four year PUC slot in 2012.
You deserve a commissioner who is passionate about digging into the details of utility operations, law, and regulation in order to provide you with utility rates which are affordable and service that is reliable.  I enjoy that challenge and am committed to continuing that work for you.
I have one important request.  The Nelson PUC Campaign needs to end 2011 on a strong fundraising note.  Your year-end contribution will help put us on solid footing going into 2012.  Please visit our website at , learn more about our campaign, and click that donate button today.
We need your help before the end of 2011!  Thank you!!
Chris Nelson

14 Replies to “Chris Nelson for PUC”

  1. Well?

    Aside from Noem, Nelson is at the top of the state ballot this year. Where’s he on what’s going on between legislative leadership and the tea party types?

    Are any of the people at the top of the ballot going to step in and mediate, or are they going to let them tear each other up to the point where no Republican can get elected?

    1. Anonymous

      He doesn’t need to be on the ‘government teet’ as you so eloquently put it. He has his farm that he continues to work at. He enjoys serving the people.

  2. Anonymous

    Nelson is the best person that could have been selected to fill the unexpired seat on the PUC. I have known and worked with him for 8 years while I served in the State Legislature. He may not be flashy, but you don’t need to be flashy to do the job on the PUC. His integrity is unquestionable. He works hard and thoroughly studies each and every subject at hand.

  3. Heh.

    “I have known and worked with him for 8 years while I served in the State Legislature.”

    But I won’t admit to it, and will remain anonymous.

  4. Anonymous

    I remember the day I decided not to vote for Chris Nelson for Congress. I believe his speech went something like “I worked in the SOS office for 21 years and eight more as SOS of SD.”

    Nelson is a fine public servant but at what point does someone decide other people can be also.

  5. Les

    Let’s not choose an inadequate person to fill the position as the FCC rewrites the 96 congressional telcom act which could potentially bankrupt our high cost rural carriers with the Connect America Fund’s(CAF) .0007/minute revenue rewards. This 750 page document requires more than just a warm body to digest. Thanks Chris for your hard work in most quickly coming up to speed in the telco industry!

  6. Duh

    I disagree in principle. The best candidates for the PUC are not politicians, they should be valid businesspersons. Just because you can schmooze Grandma at the county diner, doesn’t mean you can read complex 750 page FCC documents or deal with regulations of this magnitude.

    1. Les

      I don’t rate Nelson as a politician Duh. Unfortunately honesty, integrity and work ethics comes with a price for a politician.


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