Nelson grandstanding in response to request to show his claimed evidence as he’s rumored to be preparing to run for Governor.

Within a short period of time of a demand from the Government Operations and Audit Committee calling on State Representative Stace Nelson to actually present the new evidence he claims he has (as he’s paraded himself around to media outlets across the state), Nelson is firing back to the committee claiming that he is now unable to produce his alleged evidence….. unless he is provided a team to help him find it.

I will require at least 10 hours time on the GOAC schedule at the Vermillion map, and I will need the assistance in serving witness summons on at least 6 people.

In that Senator Peter’s letter is an official letter to me as a SD Senator & member of the GOAC, I request the appropriate staffing and support to provide a thorough response for the record.

Please make an impartial attorney available, two staff members to help prepare, and logistical support and approval for meeting with those persons to compile my official testimonial & documentary response.

Read that here.

Why does this seem a lot like his response to the lawsuit filed against him for illegal robocalls which is still dragging out?  In the instance of that long running lawsuit which continues to this very day, it’s also been a steady diet of ‘deny and delay’ when it comes to getting a straight answer out of the Senator.

As recently as a few weeks ago, Nelson directly claimed that he has evidence showing that people have provided “dishonest testimony.” He distinctly said he “Obtained information.”

Yet now that he’s pressed on it to provide the evidence he claims he has…. he now suddenly needs an attorney and staff members to provide it?  Where’s Frank Kloucek when Stace needs him?

Note: That should set your BS meters to register on “high.” Because that sounds suspiciously like he’s never had anything but bluster in the first place.

Where is all this grandstanding going?  I keep hearing from his legislative colleagues that he’s trying to use all the drama as a springboard to make an announcement for Governor, as has been long rumored.  Despite any realistic ability of having a path forward in the race.

You can’t help but give the rumors serious credence when it seems that at every opportunity, whatever drama Nelson is manufacturing at the moment is paraded around to as many media outlets as he can possibly fit in.

Nelson can’t afford to run a traditional campaign, so clearly, he’s trying to generate free media. And it works to a point. At least, to the point where he actually called on the carpet to prove his wild claims. When we reach that juncture, Nelson is quickly forced to circle around and ask for researchers and attorneys to try to see if he can find some proof of that which he claimed to already have.

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  1. Troy Jones

    I’m so confused.

    Stace says he has information to prove information or statements are inaccurate. Deb asks him to provide it. Seems simple. what am I missing?

    If I said I had a pink diamond, I wouldn’t need to garner a host of other people and analyze information from other people. I’d just show I had a pink diamond.

    If the information Stace has is negated or inconsistent with other information, it is no skin off Stace. He is relying on others since he is not a first person witness.

    Somedays the world moves is crazy directions.

    1. Anonymous

      If you can understand Stace you are either 1) a genius or 2) a moron. Take your pick.

      Grandstanding all day

  2. Anonymous

    Progressive Democrats accuse Trump of collusion with the Russians. When evidence is demanded, they say the absence of evidence is reason for more investigation to find some.

    Stacey Nelson makes accusations. When evidence is demanded, he wants an investigation to find the absent evidence.

    He has learned well from his radical Democratic friends and allies.

    *cough cough* RINO

  3. Steve Sibson

    “In the instance of that long running lawsuit which continues to this very day, it’s also been a steady diet of ‘deny and delay’ when it comes to getting a straight answer out of the Senator.”

    I thought maybe the real reason why this robocall matter has not bee resolved is so that Lederman can use it to shut Nelson up. I have been telling the Democrats that their campaign finance proposals are wrong-headed because they are used by the corrupt to retaliate against those who are trying to hold them accountable.

  4. Troy Jones

    Since it appears he is trying to appoint himself “Chief Prosecutor,” he may be testing the waters for an Attorney General bid. Wonder what Lance Russell thinks about that?

    Or maybe he wants to be the head of DCI under Russell?

    Otherwise, just provide the information he claims to have.

    1. Steve Sibson

      Senator Nelson, as “Chief Prosecutor” certainly has more experience in uncovering wrong doing than the tax and spend liberal who is currently chair of this committee.

  5. Mark N.

    His real strategy is to ask for all of this so that when he doesn’t get everything he asked for he can cry foul and claim that it is another example of the “establishment” trying to hinder the investigation. If he has legitimate investigative leads, he should provide those leads to the committee. The committee can then decide if the leads are worth the publicly-funded staff time he is requesting.

  6. MC

    This may sound kind of strange.

    If you ask some of those students, either they or they know someone who can create a digital, maybe even an interactive, version of that Vermilion map, that can be stored on a flash drive.

    If witnesses need to be subpoenaed , provide their names and addresses, and the committee can summon them. He does not get to depose them by himself, they are to answer questions from the entire committee.

    Remember the goal, to seek out, what went wrong, and determine what additional controls needs to put in place to prevent it from happening again. This isn’t a witch hunt, this isn’t a search for a crime, or criminals.

    1. Anne Beal

      I think the plan was to make an online version of the map so that anyone could access it.
      Apparently nobody was sufficiently interested when they finished it.

      1. Michael Wyland

        I’ve seen the SD GEAR UP map twice in person, once before the computer programming began and once while it was underway. My recollections may be a little fuzzy, but that may be because I was flattered to see one of my NPQ articles posted on the map wall as a description of some of the interrelationships.

        Making an online version of the map turned into a complex and laborious data entry project using specialized software. The programs being used are similar to those used by law enforcement to map out organized crime and criminal networks. They include multiple layers of detailed information that can be queried in countless ways.

        Unfortunately, the results aren’t in a format that can be shared online. The programs aren’t intuitive and aren’t designed for web browser based access. I was really looking forward to using such an online tool in my research and reporting, but apparently the project grew too big and there isn’t a dedicated budget to support personnel and product costs.

        If anyone else has updated information, please feel free to share it.

        1. Anne Beal

          Michael it could probably be uploaded to any on-line genealogy site. It can’t be any more complicated than the inbred family trees of European royalty.

  7. Anne Beal

    Curious about Senator Nelson’s desire to have GOAC meet at USD where they could see the map, I made an inquiry and it is no longer on display. Perhaps it has been dismantled in such a way that it could be reassembled in which case it could be reassembled in Pierre.
    I’m sure Tara can investigate to find out if it has been stored in some secret vault guarded by Freemasons or if it was destroyed by criminal elements in the DOE.

    1. grudznick

      I expect that fellow who made the map took some pictures. I think Mr. Nelson could have Sibby and Ms. Volesky reconstruct the yarn map in the rotunda of the legislatures very easily. Perhaps if Mr. Nelson wants to subpoena some of these people they will put forth demands that they will only testify if the GOAC meets in Hawaii or at the water park Watiki.

        1. Tara Volesky

          Dakota Hall. Make sure you have security Professor Damgaard so the evidence doesn’t get destroyed or burned in a fire.

          1. Anne Beal

            Tara, Dakota Hall? You mean the Political Science Dept?
            Nope, not there anymore. It’s not on display anymore. This suggests that it has either been destroyed, or is perhaps rolled/folded up someplace.

            Why don’t you go look for it.

            1. Tara Volesky

              It’s well taken care of. Major piece of evidence. I wouldn’t discredit Professor Damgaard. He’s one sharp guy.


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