Nelson says removal from Ag committee corrupt


…(Stace) Nelson says he was informed Tuesday that he is being moved off the Agriculture Committee because of his opposition to a 7,000 head dairy operation, and he?s calling it ?Chicago-style politics.?

“The action itself I think is rank corruption at its worst,” Nelson, a Republican from Fulton, said.

Nelson even sent out a Tweet on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon that said he is being removed from the House Agriculture Committee by Rausch because of his opposition to the dairy operation.

“In the conversation of this, (Nelson said) ‘It looks like I’m being relieved of my position because of my opposition to this dairy.’  He (Rausch) made it very clear that his feelings were of that sort,” Nelson said.

“That’s totally false. I’m aware of that situation but that’s not the reason I would need to move him if that indeed happens,” Rausch said.

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    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure the party leadership agrees that they should lay off, especially since Stace has been so open and honest with them in tearing them, and most Republican legislators, down and questioning their GOP credibility.

      Stace is a big man and he picked this fight. He’s not stupid and I’m sure he has a plan.

      He’ll be fine.

      After all what’s a little accusation of “rank corruption” among friends.

  1. Anonymous

    Accusing your own party’s speaker of corruption, without any evidence, is not a ticket to the top. He sounds like someone throwing a tantrum.

    1. Anonymous

      Just guessing it might be a little deeper than that. He has picked a pretty big fight though and it’ll be interesting to see what his strategy is here. He’s a Marine and he won’t back down.

  2. joeblow

    I’m surprised he hasn’t yet called her out as unamerican like he does with most that disagree with him.

  3. Turning Japanese, I think I'm....

    Remember folks that genius and insanity are only a whisp of thought away from one another.

  4. Troy Jones

    Val Rausch is one of the most honorable and kindest people in the legislature. His integrity is impeccable.

  5. Lee Brown

    ?Children behave.
    That?s what they say when we?re together.
    And watch how you play.
    They don?t understand and so?
    We?re running just as fast as we can.?

    Wow, I always thought this was a love song. I never realized that Tommy James and the Shondells were singing about the SD Legislature.

  6. Anonymous

    Nelson is a former criminal investigator in the Marine Corps. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a recording of the conversation.

  7. Les

    Party be damned if you think you’re going to Pierre with an agenda that doesn’t fit. There is a fine line on how that can go in either direction from corruption to cleaning house.

    Val may be honorable, but there is no such thing as an entirely clean house in Pierre. Back in the day of Rep Klaudt on the appropriations under Janklow, Bill went to Ted telling him how it was going to be. “Mr governor, the people of district 28 elected me not you”. Not comparing Val to Ted, but maybe he deserves a look see? Or maybe it is just politics as usual and that won’t change until the house of cards finally falls.

  8. PlanningStudent

    I’m sorry I fail to see that the Speaker did anything wrong even if he came out and said you’re gone precisely for the reason Rep. Nelson claims. The Speaker has that power, end of story. He can do as he dang well please, that is a luxury / responsibility of his position.

    Dare I say; “don’t hate the player, hate the…”

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t think there is any requirement for the minimum number of committees that a legislator can be on. Those on appropriations usually have just that one, but there’s nothing that says other legislators need X number of committees.

    That said, maybe Stace Nelson could just have 1 committee, or even no committees, which would leave him more time to exercize his freedom. Stace, I wouldn’t accept ANY committee assignments from someone you consider a corrupt Chicago-style operator.

  10. Anon

    Anyone who knows anything knows Appropriations is a much better committee than Ag. Mr. Nelson should quit whining. Biggest pouter in Pierre goes to the representative from Hanson County.

  11. The Truth

    Nelson needs to take a civics course. And, um…get used to life in the legislative cellar.

    Calling out the speaker on TV. That’ll bode well for future assignments. Brilliant.

  12. Anonymous

    Val for Gov better yet run against Noem she doesnt do anything Val would be a vote getter for South Dakota.

  13. grudznick

    Young Messrs. Rauch and Nelson will be like Goliaths this legislature, wrestling over the tiller because only one of them will steer the mighty ship of the party. The Legislature Council must work for them both, equally, and not make web sites or laws against Mr. Nelson.

    I don’t count out Mr. Rauch but Mr. Nelson’s star seems to be flaming through the sky.

    1. Anonymous

      Grud…you might want to think about that metaphor. Stars usually flame out when they die.

      Of course it would be interesting to see a semi formal survey of Republican party leaders as to who they think would be best to lead…or phrased another way, who they would choose to follow.

      1. its the Simple Things..

        Leadership isn’t a title some part time legislators bestow.

        While the jackels are yapping, this much maligned legislator is the talk of the state.

  14. Job Creator

    Stace, didn’t they tell you during your indoctrination that you are not allowed to ask questions or disagree with or challenge anyone in the food chain who is above you? Especially in public? Wow. Get in line. Keep your mouth shut. Let this be a lesson to all you college Republicans out there watching this.

    1. BF

      Ha! Good one.

      Stace’s rebellion here might be an emotional release from his having to stifle himself so often and just take orders from “higher up” while he was in the service.

      Now that he’s out, he’s gone rogue and is thumbing his nose at the chain of command, even going so far as to appoint himself Speaker for a Day and King of the SD GOP.

      All the while his party is no doubt thinking “WTF? we thought this guy would be good at taking orders?”

      Little did they realize the seething, uncontrollable inner desire to be General (MFWIC?) that lurks within the old marine’s heart.

      It’s like the Incredible Hulk ripping his shirt off… and stuff.

      1. BF

        Stace Nelson = Rambo of the SD Legislature.
        Got a big-ass knife (and an even bigger mouth.)
        Sews up his own cuts… and stuff.
        Eats off the land.
        Takes no prisoners.

        1. BF

          To calm him down you have to call in a special Captain… or that one girl. I’d tell you who they were, but then I’d… well you know.

          1. Anonymous

            I was thinking more along the lines of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup.

            “The only proper authorities I am aware of are my commanding officer, General Glenn Beck and the Lord our God.”

  15. Chicago Thug

    Do you really think that Stace Nelson is uncovering some corrupt form of government here? Nobody until this guy has ever had the courage to stand up to this terribly corrupt institution? I seriously doubt it and I think any rational person would come to the conclusion that Nelson is a bull in a china closet who may have good intentions but ultimately is just plain disruptive.
    Nelson’s position on the ag committee is hardly coveted and 1 little vote that probably wouldn’t even matter on whether or not a dairy farm would startup would not lead to removal from a committee. If anything, being put on local government would give him more of a chance to make trouble for a dairy farm with zoning, and permitting.
    If Mr. Rausch was going after him, he wouldn’t be on any committees and he would not be allowed in the Republican caucus. No committees, no affiliation with a caucus = nothing gets done for his district. I think the comments by Nelson is setting him on that path.

    1. Stace Nelson

      You prove the point that this is not about what is the best interest of the public, but rank petty politics of individuals.

      Look at the posts here. Get Nelson for daring to tell the public what happened in their government at the same time saying this wasn’t retaliation? Bwahahahaha! 😀

  16. anon

    If the voters in Nelson’s district don’t throw him out for any other reason, they certainly ought to realize that they now have a legislator from their district that’s not capable of passing anything but gas in Pierre.

    Rep. Rausch is one of the most respected legislators in Pierre. Rep. Nelson is one of the least. All he’s accomplished in his latest tirade is to drive an even larger wedge between himself and his caucus. Like it or not, politics is a team sport. Nelson never seemed to grasp that.

    I would hope that the next chapter of this sad story has something to do with Majority Leader Lust asking Nelson to find a different caucus next session.

    All this attention that Nelson has always axiously heaped upon himself has only accomplished one thing….making him totally powerless in Pierre.

    1. Stace Nelson

      The voters in my district have had several front page articles in local newspapers regarding me doing my job for them. The initial article in the Daily Republic this summer highlighting the outrage of politicians of my efforts to simply research the idea of putting comprehensive cumalaitve voting records online, established to many that there is a problem in Pierre.

      Add to that I am willing to personally help my community to fight efforts by state entities to force Hanson Co. to take in a Irish/South Korean 7K cow dairy demanding $1.1 Million from the county before they even come in.

      Your hidden identity comments highlight the problems within our state government and federal government. It is not about what is in the best interest of South Dakota, on these bills, for some people. It is about petty politics, as shown with this very contested action.

  17. Anonymous

    I think this “party discipline” will backfire. People see it in all offices, professions and groups–whistleblower discipline. The power-group will not admit it is pure get-even, but everyone knows it is. I dare the GOP “leadership” to throw Nelson out of the caucus. What good is it anyway to be in a caucus run by RHINOs? The next primary may sort this situation out. Just ask Duniphan.

  18. LFoss

    Really I don’t think that this has to do with “whistleblowing”, or going against leadership, I think the real issue is how Stace went about it. Had he handled himself as a respecting adult instead of a ranting like a middle schooler, I think that his position and concern would have been heard and received. Take a look at his facebook page…seriously what adult man puts a post out there that is basically calling for his emotional fans to surround him with cheers and rallies. It resembles more of a page of a teenage girl…I respect that everyone including Rep. Nelson has a right to his opinion and freedom of speech, but there is no reason to threaten, name call or challenge people to “poke you in the chest” because they disagree or have a different opinion. Stace needs to find another party if he is uphappy with the GOP. I heard the Tea Party is looking for some members…

    1. Stace Nelson

      Really? Pray tell, in what wild fantasy world did you come to this conclusion in? I was diplomatic about this issue with everyone from Mr. Rausch, Chairman Rave, all the way to Pierre. I respectfully requested reconsideration of this issue, especially in light of the comments by Mr. Rausch, numerous times. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your orchestrated attacks from the shadows.

      According to the voting report, put out by grass root Republicans across the state, it is not me that should be in another party.

  19. LFoss

    The other issue that Stace seems to feel he is being beaten up over is the voting record and scorecard?here is a news flash?votes have been matter of public record long before this little score card. If voters were concerned or felt that they should check up on their legislators, all they have to do is go to the LRC website click on a bill and WHAMO there is voting record. All the scorecard did was to put it into a simple page, but the real thing the scorecard did was to take a very small picture of the bills that were acted upon during the session. There are several other bills that are more representative of the GOP platform. I don?t think that the legislators that are accussed of not voting with the GOP platform are too bothered because I think that they would tell everyone of their constituents that they are voting in the best interest of their district and constituents and the state, not always with along the party line. And in a state where I truly believe the line between the parties is very thin and sometimes cross I am glad that both Dems and Republicans can agree that the issue is the issue and the party is not the driving force. So goody for you Rep. Nelson, your more Republican than ANYONE else in the state! All that really says is that you carry your own agenda, are not willing to work with others on theirs and stomp and scream when you don?t get your way! Gold star for the Representative from Hanson County!

    1. Stace Nelson

      So LFoss, which “Republican” legislator are you?

      Curious, since your so proud of your performance and votes that you need to rant from the shadows, can I get you to co-sponsor the bill I am bringing to make all legislators’ recorded votes avaialbe on the LRC website in cumalative listing on their profile and a comprehensive one for the whole legislature? Why make these folks have to research bill by bill when we can provide such a requested service to the voters?

      What voter would be so upset?

      1. LFoss

        Stace – I am not a Republican Legislator. I am not affililated with the Legislature or the State or Government for that matter. I never said anything about my performance?? Really the voter shouldn’t have to research bill by bill…why not? Why shouldn’t we as voters take responsibility to be informed? Why the spoon feeding? I watch the legislators from my District and how they vote, I watch specific bills…as a voter I feel that is my job as well. I don’t have a problem with the votes being open and a matter of public record and the reality is that I believe most legislators don’t either, because they know that if someone wants to check they can.

        1. Stace Nelson

          But you have a problem with these people highlighting issues they are concerned with, that they felt had GOP Platform standing, and putting out PUBLIC voting records of legislators?????????

          These folks checked the voting records, and they told the public. So, if you have no problem with that, than what is your problem with what you don’t have a problem with?

          1. LFoss

            My problem is they are saying the small number of “issues” they put on the scorecard define who is Republican and who is not…my problem is that they decided on a very limited number of bills that were voted on last year and then said “they” were the SDRepublicans…that is what I take issue with. I think that they missed a number bills that dealt with taxation, spending, etc. that I believe show a better picture. And again I will say voters don’t need to be spoon fed…voters get out and do your homework.

            1. Stace Nelson

              Who was the all time best race horse? I still say Man of War; however, many people point to Secretariat’s accomplishments under more modern conditions without the handicaps weighted on Man of War.

              My point? These folks are entitled to their observations and opinions. It is not like they threw out a simple report that provides not access to legislators’ voting records, the bills, or the GOP platform. They went to great lengths to educate people on all. I agree 100% that it is not perfect, I also disagree too with some of the bills selected; however, that does not change the fact that these folks had EVERY right to prepare this & put it out:

              1. LFoss

                Stace – no one has said that “they” did not have the right to make this report card, what I believe people are taking issue with is that “they” and people like you have put out the message that this report card alone defines who is a Republican and who is not, when clearly it is a snapshot of only of some of the bills that were voted on during the session. Again I would say I would rather my legislators vote in the best interest of the consituents of the district, the state, our country and human kind, and not what makes them look Republican or not…just saying! Really at the end of the day no one said they didn’t have the right, because as we all know this great country provides for the right and freedom of speech and opinion.

                1. Stace Nelson

                  Neither myself, nor these folks have said “that this report card alone defines who is a Republican and who is not”

                  What they do say in the very first paragraph of the report itself is: “This is a snap shot of how our legislators voted on some issues of concern for South Dakotans and our platform.”

                  Seems you are arguing with yourself: “when clearly it is a snapshot of only of some of the bills that were voted on during the session. “

                  1. Troy Jones

                    C’mon, don’t hide behind the “snapshot” as it also says these are “issues of concern” and also says “legislators who appear remiss in representing Republican principles and values.”

                    1. Stace Nelson

                      I am sorry that they did not clear the report, their ideas, or their choice of words through you, Troy.

                      Clearly, they don’t know how truly influential & Conservative you are. Quick! Drop a couple names!

                  2. LFoss

                    Stace – I seem to be able to spell your name correctly, how about you try spelling mine correctly. It’s LFoss…and as Troy has pointed out it the report pointed to the fact that “they” believe certain legislators are not representing the Republican principles based on a snapshot!! My comment regarding the scorecard defines a Republican was a little tongue in cheek…but “they” and yourself have given a whole lot of “weight” to this scorecard to the point that you all have pointed fingers to say “this legislator is not Republican, because his score is not as high as mine” That was where I was going with my comment…Stace if you would like we can send some more gold stars for you because clearly, you are by far THE greatest Republican in South Dakota!!

                    1. Stace Nelson

                      Gotcha, attack the messenger. You can’t attack that these are in fact everyone”s record votes so distract from that real issue and attack the one that helped em.

                      Even when the report says it is what you say it should be a “snapshot,” you still attack.

                      Wail, gnash your teeth, and bite everything that moves.

  20. Anonymous

    Whistleblowing: questioning “leadership” about their spying on members legislation with a complicite LRC; questioning the truthfulness of the Ag. Sec.; and demanding that “leadership” put all votes on the LRC website. If you don’t think this retaliation is for whistleblowing, tell the seven dwarves hello. Stace reacted the way he should have–with sunshine. We were the sunshine state, weren’t we?

    1. LFoss

      Please…don’t insult me. Obviously, his ranting got some attention, but the reality is he didn’t get his way so the only to respond is to say that is being thrown under the bus because he is the only “honest, upstanding, patriot” in the house…bull. Rep. Nelson denied involvement with the scorecard…honest? I think not. Rep. Nelson, has been carrying his “own” agenda (and please it is not that of the GOP) he helped select the issues for the scorecard, knowing very well how to make himself look “good”. Had Rep. Nelson acted like an adult, I do believe that this would have all been handled differently.

      1. Stace Nelson

        LRoss, I have not denied involvement with helping these people! I told Chairman Tim Rave all summer long these folks were coming to me and that they were preparing this report. I also discussed it with a handfull of legislators, some of whom were also consulted on this report.

        Your ranting and hiding in the shadows makes my point about this issue. My dad always said “LFoss,” when you point a finger in this fashion, there are three pointing back at ya.

        Now go home and study the SD GOP Platform.

      2. Anonymous

        Was it acting like an adult for the Speaker to remove Stace from the committee without even a request from the new representative for the assignment. It is punitive, pure and simple. I don’t blame Stace for refusing to lay-down and take-it, so to speak. (It really isn’t like rain) The new representative should be given the assignment of who he is replacing or a willing representative. Stace acting like a baby? What say you about the actions of “leadership” in their quest for retaliation?

  21. anoony

    It’s frustrating that so many media outlets like Kelo run so many non-stories based on legislators like Nelson and Kloucek. Nothing they say or do will ever matter, and the media outlets know that, but they run a pointless story anyway.

    I would doubt there’s ever a year that a Speaker doesn’t change some committee assingments mid-term. The new Rep. certainly has more experience than Nelson does in ag. If it’s a diciplinary move, so be it, that’s part of leadership’s job too.

    And we’re talking about the ag committee for goodness sakes! It’s not like he was removed from Appropriations or State Affairs, committees that legislators fight over, it’s AG…. Moving to Local Govt. is pretty much a lateral move. If I was Nelson, I’d shut up before it gets worse….because it can.

  22. Anonymous

    Publicly calling a colleague in your own party a corrupt Chicago style operator.

    Publicly calling a respected political strategist in your own party (Troy Jones) a “clueless dumbass” with a “bloated self-centered ego” who would “kiss a convicted murdering scumbag like Eric Robert on the lips.” (See Stace Nelson’s comments on Madville Times)

    Secretly conspiring with un-named people to anonymously tear down legislative colleagues in your own party.

    Is this how you think you’re going to get ahead and get things done for your district, Rep. Nelson? You didn’t get these tactics from a Dale Carnegie course.

      1. Stace Nelson

        No Chicago style politics here, not at all.

        Thanks for proving my point.

        These Republican grass root activitst, who helped many of these people get elected, put out legislators’ PUBLIC voting records. If these legislators voted the right way, then how are they tearing them down for pointing out those PUBLIC voting records?

      2. grudznick

        Why would Mr. Nelson resign? I think he’s just getting rolling and the Legislatures will see a lot of shake-ups this year as a result of him waving his flashlight in all the dark places.

  23. Anonymous

    Is the GOP leadership a democracy, are republic style or a dictatorship??? Are we moving more and more to a dictatorship and away from a open government? It appears to be something like my way or the highway………………..

  24. Anonymous

    People should be told “I don’t want to please you, I want to tell you the truth.” Of all the diseases fought, the worst is bigotry….

  25. Les

    I have yet to be a part of any organization where a little/large shakeup didn’t help the process.

    Troy has taken much worse than Stace’s comments as has Rave though they may not have felt great.

    For those who despise Stace on this site and otherwise to rub a little salt in his wounds while he is down, would rather forgo their political/social beliefs just to take him down or watch him burn. Right on ladies and gents, shows me you have no beliefs worthy of me risking for.

    For the GOP which includes me, my beliefs include being able to stand the accusations with character worthy of a true statesman/woman. To whom much is given, much is expected!

    Open government in SD has been taken from us long ago and we now have a governor returning that to his people. If Stace Nelson does anything in returning that to the people I will stand with having him around for a while.

    1. Stace Nelson

      I have two bills in my big mitt that I was able to get researched & drafted over the summer that will require more openess as a matter of law.

      One bill will require that EVERY recorded vote be placed online for the public. No more hiding the real fate of bills to protect legislators from their own voting records such as HB 1198 (the online bill record says it died in committee, it actually died on the House floor).

      Another bill will require cumalative session voting records of legislators & the whole legislature be place online so that voters can see immediately how every legislator voted on every issue without having to spend their time researching every bill & vote.

      Thank you Les, God bless.

  26. Troy Jones


    I’m not sure Stace Nelson, being the former marine he is, would want us to back off because he is down and I’m not sure he would agree he is down. But if he is down (which I don’t think he is) and the heat is too hot, he shouldn’t keep coming back to the flame.

    There are ways to shake things up. Despite Sibby thinking I’m an “organization/establishment Republican,” I don’t think many people in the “establishment” think I am. I too believe the system has many broken pieces and desire it to be changed. Let me give you an analogy:

    A mother is distraught that her child keeps getting sick when she feeds the child a certain food she thinks is healthy. So, after the child repeatedly getting sick, she goes to the authorities asking how to get a new child. Isn’t the answer to remove the food from the diet?

    We all agree the system is sick. But, do we get a new system or remove what makes it sick? Of course, we say it is the latter but so much of what is being proposed is, in my mind, more of what is making the system sick (personal attacks, a view all the problems are caused by the “other guy,” those who disagree with them have sinister motives and are ignorant making the other side’s views are irrelevant, and a willingness to take a 2×4 to their head to make them come around or worse treat them as something unworthy of any dignity).

    What we need is an attitude of being able to discuss both where we agree and disagree without personal attacks, examine where we could be contributing to the problem and admit it, and give the other the benefit of the doubt with regard to motives.

    Let me touch on two matters I’ve gotten a bit over the top over the last few months.

    1) I don’t support two bills on this scorecard with regard to illegal immigration. But that doesn’t make me a crazy liberal as am pretty firm on two matters: Border security and there is no path to citizenship for those who here illegally.

    2) I don’t support the use of the death penalty in the US. But that doesn’t make me soft on crime or criminals. My views on punishment and law enforcement is relatively harsh except I stop short of killing criminals for only one reason: the bad they did can never transcend what is good in them (being made in the image of God) and I believe we can protect society without killing them.

    Other than these two (plus I oppose nearly all nation building foreign policy/military intervention), I’m either in the mainstream or sometimes on the fringe of Republican/conservative thought.

    There have been issues here on the War College that have been heated and the disagreement was pronounced. But in these discussions three people were specifically called corrupt.

    Chuck Turbiville is enigmatic and can be goofy (said with alot of affection). But, I know him very, very well over many years, have had many things on what we have disagreed, and he is not corrupt. If he has a fault, it might be he acts without thinking (again said with affection) but he is at his core a man with great compassion and kindness with Chestertonian common sense.

    Jim Frey is another who I know pretty well, who is thoughtful, loyal, and generous to both friend and foe. To use the word “corrupt” in reference to him would almost be like using it in the same sentence with Mother Theresa.

    Val Rausch is one who I’ve only met. But the people who have made character comments about him dang near put a halo over his head, including two of the very best judges of character I know.

    Might they be wrong on any issue? Absolutely. But, disagreement with another doesn’t make them corrupt, no matter how strong the disagreement is and to take the disagreement to the extreme is an overt denial of basic human respect.

    Let me paraphrase St. Ignatius and apply it to this discussion:

    “Every good American ought to be more ready to give a favorable interpretation to another’s statement than to condemn it. But if he cannot do so, let him ask how the other understands it. And if the latter understands it badly, let the former correct him with love. If that does not suffice, let the American try all suitable ways to bring the other to a correct interpretation.”

    As strong as my views might be, I never consider myself infallible and always open to persuasive arguments. And, since the guy on the other side is also not infallible sometimes we have to just agree to disagree or preferably find a small area on which we can agree and call it good for at least today.

    The system is sick because too often there is a refusal to agree to disagree, find common ground, and discuss the matter tomorrow. I’m all for making the system better. Let’s just first remove the poisonous food.

    To the extent I got too heated and added poison, I’m sorry. It is a weakness of mine.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Mr. Jones,
      What is it called when a legislator goes to Mr. Fry and asserts influence to get Mr. Fry to inappropriatly obstruct another legislator’s research or requires him to allow the one legislator to tamper with another legislator’s research without the primary knowing their research has been comprimised? Research that is supposed to be confidential between the legislator & LRC staff member? You call that the “process.” I call that corruption, especially when it violates the ethical standards of our legislature. You can advocate for that kind of government all you want; however, I was elected and took an oath to defend South Dakotans’ rights from such corruption.

      The simple prima facie circumstances of the removal of a sitting incumbent elected legislator, with tenure on a committee, and placing a freshman political appointee in their stead, when that fresman could have been placed on a committee they were more qualified on that was open, and as would be customary. Add into that mix the conversations that occurred, the significant events of my oppostion to a multi-million $$ project, state officials advocacy of that project, etc., and you don’t see a problem?

      You go ahead and keep advocating for that type of insider politics. I was stationed and worked in third world countries where such corruption is common place.

      But what do I know, Troy? As usual, you know more than everyone else about an issue, even though you have no clue of what is going on, simply because you know the names of some of the people and you edict it as so. According to you, it is much more logical that Stace Nelson is just trying to make a name for himself (because he has repeatedly said he isn’t running for higher offices) than these established politicians putting their fingers on the scales of our government, as is apparent.

      Thank the Good Lord that apparently the rest of South Dakotans see the forrest for the trees. But you just keep repeating “These aren’t the droids you are looking for…” I am sure you might catch a couple people.

      1. Troy Jones

        Here is what I know regarding the matters you mention:

        1) Your charge a legislator went to Mr. Fry to inappropriatly obstruct another legislator?s (yours I assume) research or allow the a legislator to tamper with another legislator?s (I assume yours) research.

        2) Your charge you were taking off a committee and replaced by a new legislator for reasons you consider nefarious.

        3) The three men you have singled out and described as corrupt.

        Here is what I don’t know.

        1) If there was obstruction of research, if there was obstruction if it was inappropriate, and if there was any tampering.

        2) What reasons Speaker Rausch had for making the committee change.

        3) Who you are. My only exposure is correspondence here, what I’ve read in the papers, and what I’ve been told by others.

        Besides the fact, as one with law enforcement experience knows, one is to be considered innocent until proven guilty and I don’t have all the facts (only your version), I will not reject both direct and indirect knowledge of the people to whom you charge and just accept what you say because you say it. Nor will I be quiet when you make extremely serious character charges contrary to EVERYTHING I know about them.

        Finally, as a former law enforcement officer, if you were in my shoes would you take a stranger’s word at face value who compares South Dakota legislators and its government to third world countries (which you have seen firsthand), is quick to impugn others I know like Charlie Hoffman (and by inference at other times almost the entire caucus) or would you assume they speak with excessive hyperbole and much of what they say discounted?

        My mistake in all this has been not to take the first advice I got when we got first engaged: “Drop it. It is just Stace being Stace” and let you rant.

      2. anon

        It would be nice to see any proof whatsoever of all the allegations you make here.

        Like so many other posts on this blog, all we have to go by is your word, and your opinions, and based on recent actions…. that’s simply not good enough for me.

        I’m anxious for the next session to start, so we can all watch you learn the hard way that you are in a vast minority. How are you going to spin things when you get support from all the democrats and very few republicans?

        1. Stace Nelson

          I allege corruption and petty politics which you say you don’t accept; however, then you go and point out that my bills next session will not be judged on what is in the best interests of SD but opposed for the sake of petty politics and corruption?

          Thanks for making my point…

          1. anon

            My point is, you need a team to win.

            Also, you’re going to have to get some planning done, because you’re playing right into the democrats hands. They’d love to play the “republican corruption” card next election, so they’ll be your best buddy this session. Can’t wait to hear your comments when that happens.

            1. Les

              I try to hold solid GOP standards, and anyone who frequents this site understands Stace Nelson and I are at times light years apart on issues as in the death penalty as well as agreeing more than 50% of the time. That being said I also have some great honest Democrat acquaintances that tried to out the corruption in our party, causing our then governor to close the books to South Dakotans.

              Apparently you will run with the wolves because it is the popular thing to do?

          2. anon

            Also interesting that when the tide is against you it’s “Chicago style corruption” but when you so something, it’s “petty politics”.

          3. LFoss

            Where is your proof for the allegations of corrupt behavior by the LRC? That is a pretty serious allegation and if it were to be true I would believe that you would have done something about it…especially with your extensive background in NCIS…you should know how to get the action necessary to investigate such behavior…You had better be able get the proof as what you have said about certain people could be viewed as liabel…

            1. Stace Nelson

              Huh, ya think? And you wonder why they remove a sitting elected legislator from his committee assignment to make room for a freshmen political appointee?

              Yes, please.. Sue me for liabel.

    2. Stace Nelson

      P.S. For the record, it is simply Marine. As per the United States Marine Corps, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Also note the proper capitalization of the title Marine.

      Not as lean, still as mean, always a Marine..

  27. Anonymous

    The GOP leadership does not want to give up control and allow people to have a thinking different that what they have for a agenda. Coverups are a standard in politics.
    A quality member of congress thinks for the people not for the party be it a D or R. Please tell the truth even if others do not like it.

  28. Geez

    I live in District 25. I find Stacey to be an arrogant bully who vilifies anyone who has a point of view different from his. If he could be respectful of people with opposing viewpoints, I could respect him even when I disagree with him. Vote for Stacey if you want someone who can’t compromise and play well with others. I hope the people in his new district can see through his bull in 2012. I might even have to take a few days off work to campaign against him. He’s an embarrassment, and our state deserves better.

  29. Troy Jones

    Next time someone is upset their comment is in moderation. I’ve got a few there now. And I sound so smart, you don’t know what you are missing. Or is it the program picks up nonsense? LOL

    1. LFoss

      I have one there too…and all it said was that Rep. Nelson keeps calling me LRoss instead of LFoss, and he had accused me of hiding in the shadows and not revealing who I am, when I am LFoss , I didn’t want to confuse him anymore and have him think I am LRoss..moderation for that??

  30. Anonymous

    Some folks don’t know to stop digging when they’re in a hole. The really dense ones don’t know they’re in a hole.

    I’m not sure that Rep. Stace Nelson realizes that the legislature, like many businesses, is a relationship-based system as much as a fact-based system. This is why some Democrats are able to pass bills despite being a small minority. Those who carry the respect and the goodwill of their colleagues are successful, while those whose motives and tactics are questioned do not receive the same benefit of the doubt.

    In short, voting to kill a bill is a lot easier when the sponsor has shown a willingness to stab you in the back – or has already done so. Lose that goodwill, and lose any effectiveness you otherwise might have had.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Funny me, here I have been trying to vote on the merits of the bills in front of me…

      Your comment is exactly what South Dakotans understand to be the problem in Pierre & DC, and gives credence to my very contentions in this matter.

      Good news is, my understanding that since the folks have had such great success with their Republican Voting Report Card, they will be doing another one next spring and have it out in time to educate the voters next election.

      1. Anonymous

        Sure, keep telling yourself that your colleagues killed your bills because everybody’s corrupt. That way nothing’s Stace Nelson’s fault – it’s everyone else.

        Most of the bills that come through the legislature are like this: The sky’s not gonna fall if they die. If your bills die, the worst that’s gonna happen is that everything stays like it is now. For bills like that, you have to convince people to buy into the idea. Getting votes in the legislature is a lot like getting votes in an election. If people like you then you get more votes. If they don’t like you then no amount of talking (or threatening – or calling them corrupt if they vote no) is gonna get their vote.

        1. Stace Nelson

          Chickens, ducks, cattle.. Throw some words together and launch them from the shadows. Doesn’t matter if there is any semblence of truth to it. Nobody said the BS you are pandering.

          Your last statement proves my point and is what sickens South Dakotans. Some of us vote on the merit of the bill, I do NOT care who brings the bills.

          1. Anonymous

            The merit of bills is a subjective determination. If some jerk of a vacuum salesman comes to my door I may think the world of the vacuum but I’m not buying from the jerk. You know, I’ll wait till the very same vacuum is offered by someone who’s not daring me to poke them in the chest, questioning my allegiance to the team, and telling me that either I buy the vacuum or else something bad’s gonna happen to me next November. Nuff said.

            1. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...

              Who knew the halls of our legislature were high school all over again?

              It really appears that many of these anonymous angry posts must be legislators.

              Scary that they have neither the morale courage to stand up and post their names with their comments or to take credit for the mess that is our state legislature.

              Well, there’s the bell.. Back to 9th Grade Civics Class, Anonymous.

            2. anon

              You should also mention the trust factor.

              Some bills are quite complex, and passing them could often times lead to unintended consequences. Therefore, you can’t always take every bill at face value because there could be more to it than meets the eye.

              That’s when the trust factor comes into play. Many times a bill looks good on its’ face, but you’ve learned not to trust the bills sponsor. Sorry, it’s not worth the risk.

              Other times, the bill seems a little confusing, or may be dealing with something you don’t feel is all that important, but, you’ve learned to trust the sponsor and his judgement, so you tend to give them your vote.

              Over the last year, or so, it’s become painfully obvious that Rep. Nelson can’t be trusted, and is never willing to admit when he’s wrong.

              No one is willing to give the benefit of the doubt on any bill to someone they don’t trust.

              Don’t like + don’t trust= dead bills.

              1. Les

                Kind of like last year when our governor was including a couple mil from the Aero fund for the DUSEL. I couldn’t find a legis that had read or understood that fact other than listening to our governor say how easily that money had come into that fund and it was our legis ability to take it right or wrong and put it down the hole in Lead.

                I am not against the hole in Lead, there are right and wrong ways to fund it and that was wrong!

                Reading and understanding these bills is the legis responsibility, not to just trust and vote on trust.

                Don’t like, my *ss, how many legis liked dealing with BJ as a very effective governor.

    2. Les

      At best you describe a 6th grade playground, at worst you describe our current US governments corrupt backscratching .

      Whatever happened to, elected to serve the states best interests?

  31. Troy Jones Post author

    Here is what I know regarding the matters you mention:

    1) Your charge a legislator went to Mr. Fry to inappropriatly obstruct another legislator?s (yours I assume) research or allow the a legislator to tamper with another legislator?s (I assume yours) research.

    2) Your charge you were taking off a committee and replaced by a new legislator for reasons you consider nefarious.

    3) The three men you have singled out and described as corrupt.

    Here is what I don?t know.

    1) If there was obstruction of research, if there was obstruction if it was inappropriate, and if there was any tampering.

    2) What reasons Speaker Rausch had for making the committee change.

    3) Who you are. My only exposure is correspondence here, what I?ve read in the papers, and what I?ve been told by others.

    Besides the fact, as one with law enforcement experience knows, one is to be considered innocent until proven guilty and I don?t have all the facts (only your version), I will not reject both direct and indirect knowledge of the people to whom you charge and just accept what you say because you say it. Nor will I be quiet when you make extremely serious character charges contrary to EVERYTHING I know about them.

    Finally, as a former law enforcement officer, if you were in my shoes would you take a stranger?s word at face value who compares South Dakota legislators and its government to third world countries (which you have seen firsthand), is quick to impugn others I know like Charlie Hoffman (and by inference at other times almost the entire caucus) or would you assume they speak with excessive hyperbole and much of what they say discounted?

    My mistake in all this has been not to take the first advice I got when we got first engaged: ?Drop it. It is just Stace being Stace? and let you rant.

    1. Stace Nelson

      In the last week I have received hundreds of calls, emails, texts, facebook comments, & in person comments from people across the state that get it. The more people like you rant & rave, the more street cred it gives me with mom & pop SD.

      My buddy Charlie? One word, HB-1178.

      According to your admitted limited understanding of law enforcement, and your blind as a bat approach to the issues cited, Ray Charles would have a better chance catching criminals than you… and he is dead.

  32. mhs

    Yeah, Troy, you’re rapidly developing “PP vs. Sibby” syndrome. Deep breaths, calm, Aaauuummm. If that doesn’t work, get Schoenbeck to take you out to shoot something this weekend.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Sibby’s been sniffing, snuffling and sputtering because he can’t get on here and stick up for Stace (he must be blocked or something, huh?). On Cory’s blog, it’s become pretty clear that he (Sibby) had quite a bit to do with the Republican “litmus test” website. He can hardly stand it if anybody says anything bad about it. Be glad you don’t have to listen to the whining. It hasn’t got any more mellifluous.

  33. Cyber Chest Poker

    Yep. The GOP has a rabid skunk at its garden party. So are you going to offer it a cup of tea and encourage it to stay/spray awhile? Or will you do what is done to rabid skunks – in a figurative and political kind of way?

    1. Irony

      You mean give the “skunk” lots of free press to show how screwed up and juvenile our state legislature is and inspire people to support the “skunk?”

      Only problem with the “skunk” that old Pepé Le Pew Rausch found out with his “friendly fire” way of “leadership?” The SOB he was stabbing in the back came to the knife fight with a gun that Pepé Le Pew Rausch had banned from “private property!”

  34. The Truth


    I bet we could cut that number by 50% if in the future, we just let Rep Nelson talk to and write about himself.

    It’ll be good training for his last legislative session.

  35. No Clue Club

    The more you RINOs grunt, growl, and attack? The more you drive everyday R’s, D’s, & I’s to support this guy. It isn’t the empty suit RINOs in Pierre that elect people, it is everyday South Dakotans.

    You are ensuring him in state politics for as long as he has stomach for it.

    1. BF

      Don’t you mean “…for as long as WE have the stomach for HIM?”
      He’s pretty high maintenance, in case you hadn’t noticed.
      SD’s least attractive drama queen.

  36. Anonymous

    After reading all the posts in this thread I can only conclude Rep. Nelson is an immediate danger to himself and others. Convene the mental board in his county and get it over with.

    1. when RINOs attack

      Imagine that, a bunch of RINO politicians don’t like someone who is outspoken with principles.

      If you short sighted single horned pachyderms think this press hurts this guy, you really don’t have a clue about South Dakotans.

  37. Charlie Hoffman

    Time to come back to reality Stace. A whole heckuva lot more folks love you than hate you but this wedge is starting to cut pretty deep buddy.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Charlie, I am not sure what “wedge” you speak of unless it is the one protuding from between my scapulae. Be a pal and fetch it out for Val. Careful though, I simply complained of it sticking out of Lora Hubbel’s back after the nice job done on her during redistricting and it came right “back” to me.

  38. grudznick

    I say, sirs. I hope you don’t breakfast where we Conservatives with Common Sense frequently do, or we will hand you all your biscuits and gravy on a piece of sour toast.

    Like my good friend Bill says…I’m just sayin…

  39. Name

    I think Nelson proves with every post he is not fit for public office. He is so blind that he doesn’t know what wedge there is yet in the next sentence calls a standup guy and the speaker elected by his peers a backstabber. Listen to Charlie, unless you want to say something about him being a shill or co backstabber?

    1. anon

      I’m quite sure, at this point, if I were Speaker of the House, Nelson would have no committee assignments. The Speaker is within his rights to do that, and should in this case.

  40. Just Curious

    …can anyone relate the last time a sitting elected incumbent legislator was removed from their committee for a freshman politicial appointee?

    Remove the names from this story and just looking at the facts, it does not look appropriate on the face of things.

    1. anonny

      It happens nearly every mid-term.

      The most recent ones that come to mind are when Brian Gosch and Kristin Conzet were appointed by Gov. Rounds. People were moved both times to make committee assignments available.

  41. The plot thickens

    Very interesting how hard people are trying to sell what happened as okay. To the point of stating blatant falsehoods.

    The truth tells a different story. Conzet was put into the same committee spots that were vacated:

    Conzet in 2010:

    Dryer in 2009:

    Gosch was given 1 that was vacated and one that other incumbents left after being given their choices as appropriate:

    Gosch in 2007:

    Hennies in 2006:

  42. The plot thickens

    Very interesting how hard people are trying to sell what happened as okay. To the point of stating blatant falsehoods.

    The truth tells a different story. The procedure in the past has been to put the appointee into the same committee spots that were vacated:

    Conzet in (2010): Commerce, and Health & Human Services
    Dryer (2009): Commerce, and Health & Human Services

    Gosch was also given Hanks’ committees when he was appointed.
    Gosch (2007): Local Government & Transportation
    Hanks (2006): Local Government & Transportation

  43. anooner

    36 hours into the cease fire and Col. Grassroots was finally able to convince his army of one to stand down.

  44. What the!?

    how did i miss this and how did this blog buy rausch’s lies and not rip him apart after he admitted this after his first lies that it wasnt about nelson’s fighting bones and the dairy?
    “House Speaker Val Rausch tells me Nelson was removed, in part, because of escalating disagreements with Ag Secretary Walt Bones over a proposed dairy operation in Hanson County.”

    he didn’t know what was going on but moved nelson to the front?

    1. Stace Nelson

      This was one of many lies former lifelong Democrat turned Republican to get elected Val Rausch made.

      Thanks for taking note. The last year was an eye opening experience, to say the least.

      Let’s hope folks see him for the self-serving politician he is and they re-elect Tim Begalka.