Nemec and McGovern-Rowen look to get a wooping…

I’ll give the Democrats credit for at least putting candidates on the ballot. They haven’t always been good at filling slots, and they can’t win if they don’t try. Unfortunately, what chance do they really have to win a statewide race?

Mercer has an interesting post about Nick Nemec and the PUC race here:

Nemec, 53, received the nomination for a Public Utilities Commission seat during this weekend?s South Dakota Democratic state convention. He?ll be paired against Republican Chris Nelson, the former two-term secretary of state and unsuccessful 2010 candidate for the Republican U.S. House nomination. Nelson was appointed to the PUC a year ago by new Gov. Dennis Daugaard when Dusty Johnson abdicated the PUC seat to which he was just re-elected so that Johnson could become Daugaard?s chief of staff. Nelson and Nemec will be running for the remaining four years of the Johnson six-year term on the commission.

Democrats also gave our favorite name changer, Matt McGovern-Rowen, the other PUC nomination to run against Kristie Fiegen.

Democrats have struggled to win statewide offices in Pierre for several years. And with President Obama tied around their necks dragging the Democratic Party down to new depths in red leaning states, why would anything be different than 2010?

Here are the 2010 statewide races:

Secretary of State REP Jason   Gant 163828 54.17%
Secretary of State DEM Ben  Nesselhuf 118635 39.23%
Secretary of State CON Lori  Stacey 19971 6.60%
Attorney General REP Marty  Jackley 202499 66.90%
Attorney General DEM Ron  Volesky 100182 33.10%
State Auditor REP Steve  Barnett 181975 60.82%
State Auditor DEM Julie  Bartling 117218 39.18%
State Treasurer REP Rich  Sattgast 191408 65.25%
State Treasurer DEM Tom   Katus 101924 34.75%
Commissioner of School and Public Lands REP Jarrod  Johnson 188985 66.49%
Commissioner of School and Public Lands DEM Bob   Pille 95244 33.51%
Public Utilities Commissioner REP Dustin “Dusty”  Johnson 217346 73.21%
Public Utilities Commissioner DEM Doyle  Karpen 79543 26.79%

In 2008, even with the Democratic national wave, Gary Hanson defeated Matt McLarty with nearly 65% of the vote to win reelection to the PUC, in 2006 during the cycle in which Democrats reclaimed the US Congress and swept Nancy Pelosi into the speakership, Jarrod Johnson defeated incumbent Dem Bryce Healy in a very close election for Public Lands, and in 2004 Dusty Johnson started the trend by trouncing longtime incumbent Dem Jim Burg. Things have only been getting worse for the SDDP in these races, not better.

17 Replies to “Nemec and McGovern-Rowen look to get a wooping…”

  1. Anonymous

    Fiegen is weak. She should be challenged by Nemec instead of McGovern. He just makes people think liberal at a time we don’t want liberals.

    It’s about matchups and the dems blew it.

  2. oldguy

    I hope Nick wins as we need some democrats in state goverment. I also think it is GREAT the dems are at least trying to win .

    1. Anonymous

      Gant was the only one who faced a 3rd party opponent and he still creamed Nesselhuf who was a stronger candidate than Volesky or Karpen.

  3. Bill Fleming

    Nemec might want to run on the premise that if elected, he promisies to stay there and do the job …and not play ‘musical chairs.”

    How many more times do you GOPers want to vote for a guy only to see him quit and take some other job? How is that ‘democracy’? Or even a ‘republic?’

    Besides, if the game is moving the deck chairs around, how about putting Nelson back in the SOS slot? The guy you have currently seems to be making kind of a hash of it.

    I’m just sayin’.

      1. Anonymous

        Anon you are correct. So that makes it one Rep and one Dem to depart in recent years.

        Bill, I guess it doesn’t matter what party holds the seat some will take another position elsewhere. Guess I will stick with the GOP candidates as the percentage is higher that they will stay. Only 50% of thye Reps leave while 100% OF the Dems go !!


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