Nepotism alive and well

Marion Barry and Christopher Barry

Where have we seen politicians grooming their children to follow in their footsteps? Hmmm??? Oh, I almost forgot about Tim and Brendan Johnson and the current South Dakota US Attorney situation…

But look, it appears Marion Barry, the well known DC politician is apparently grooming his son to be his successor as well.

Marion Barry, towering figure of D.C. politics, has discussed bringing his four decades in public life to an end by kindling a family dynasty. In conversations with political associates, Barry, 75, has outlined plans to run for a third consecutive term as D.C. Council member for Ward 8 but serve only a partial term, backing his only son, Christopher Barry, to fill his seat.

Jacque Patterson, a Democrat who intends to challenge Barry in the April 3 primary, said the former four-term mayor discussed the plan with him during a meeting last Monday. Two other sources close to Barry said they had also heard him discuss plans involving his son taking his seat.

Interesting to see nepotism is alive and well in politics across this nation.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm… Where have we seen a plan for a father to win re-election then resign mid-term and support his son in a special election to fill the seat? Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other politicians planning such a thing.

    It seems that Marion Barry’s plan, if he has one, would only work IF voters elect his son as his replacement after he resigns. That seems like a big “if”. But if voters get to choose his replacement, then what’s the problem? That sounds like a better system than having a replacement appointed.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember back in 2010 Dems hoped that Heidepriem would win election so that TJ could resign and we could appoint brendan to the senate and take his fathers seat… Glad it didn’t work out.

    Nepotism is how the Johnson’s opperate.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t remember dems hoping this would happen. I just remember GOPs floating the rumor this would happen. Just another wild conspiracy theory to whip readers of GOP blogs into a frenzy.

      1. Anonymous

        They wanted it. Tim Johnson cannot get reelected again in SD after his liberal antics this term. Brendan has NO shot at winning a senate seat in ’14.

        Brendan does have a good shot at defeating Kristi Noem in ’12 or at least running a very very tight positive race against her.

  3. Clay Bill

    Horrors! Thanks goodness South Dakota Republicans don’t believe in nepotism … oh, wait:

    The son and son-in-law of Gov.-elect Dennis Daugaard have landed state jobs.

    Tony Venhuizen, married to Daugaard’s daughter Sara, was named one of Daugaard’s top advisors. Venhuizen will be Daugaard’s director of policy and communications and will supervise the Secretary of Education, the Board of Regents and the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications. He will be one of six officials on Daugaard’s executive committee of top managers.

    Chris Daugaard, the governor-elect’s son, has been hired as an initiative and utility analyst at the state Public Utilities Commission. He will be paid $55,000 a year for the entry-level position. (Rapid City Journal, Nov. 22, 2010)

    1. Anonymous

      Brendan Johnson being compared to Venhuizen is silly. Brendan Johnson is appointed to serve the people. I’m guessing that most of South Dakota would believe that Johnson would refuse to investigate a certain political family. Namely his own.

      1. Anonymous

        The distinction you draw is kind of silly. What we have here is Daugaard appointing his own son-in-law to a lucrative state position. That’s nepotism by definition. (look it up).

        Brendan Johnson was appointed US Attroney by the President – not by anyone in his family. Not nepotism, sorry.

        1. anon

          Brendan Johnson is a total loser who wouldn’t have gotten that job on his own behalf. Johnson is a total sham for US Attorney.

    2. Capt Obvious

      The story is about Marion passing on his crack pipe and hooker pager #, not the brilliant young lad from Armour.

      I’m just sayin..

  4. insomniac

    Brendan Johnson just makes me sick.

    He would be an ideal candidate to run against Noem though. I really have a hard time believing that Noem polls very well against real competition.

    I’m voting Gingrich for president and then I’m probably staying home on the house race. Noem is a fraux conservative and Johnson is not deserving of anything his father could give him.


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