Nesselfluff blames the post office…

SDDP Chairman BJ Nesselhuf has found a scapegoat for his failure to get a Democrat on the ballot in district 27.

Ben Nesselhuf, chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, said Iron Cloud tried to send his candidate petitions by registered mail on March 27, the deadline to file as a candidate. But when Iron Cloud arrived at the post office at 4:45 p.m., before the 5 p.m. deadline to mail the petitions, the post office was already closed, Nesselhuf said.

There you go folks. The post office closed early. (I hate it when that happens) At least he didn’t say the dog ate the¬†petitions…

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  1. Anonymous

    Nesselhuf can’t claim the SDDP is running on all cylinders yet. If it’s a V8 they are running on 3.

  2. name

    They had months.

    I love how Nesselhuff said he showed up at 4:45pm 15 minutes before the post office closed. He really wanted an air tight story.

  3. Anonymous

    Did Iron Cloud screw up by waiting till the last minute? Sure seems that way.

    There’s only so much hand holding a party headquarters can do for candidates. That goes for both party headquarters, although it’s much more fun to point the finger at the other guy.

  4. grudznick

    It took Ed until mid-morning to get enough signatures and then until 4:45 to get to the post office. Cut him a chunk of slack.

  5. Jammer

    This was just another example of a typical democrat relying on the federal government to bail them out at the last minute. Personal responsibility, initiative and a sense of urgency are not characteristics that you will find in any democrat. However, you can always count on them to blame somebody else. I guess the real surprise was that they didn?t say it was George Bush?s fault.

  6. Spencer

    Apparently, the SOS Office needs to make further clarifications for some Democrats seeking office in the last possible minute that the deadline to file may very well be 5:00 PM, but they need to keep in mind that many post offices close before 5:00 PM. Most people can put two and two together on that but not everyone is so gifted.

  7. toad

    BJ should have called his candidate about this district weeks before the deadline. How did they allow this to go down to the last minute?

  8. anon

    It seems that the dems thought it was some sort of strategy to file on the last day all across the state. How dumb!

    Now BJ wants to sue the SOS office for booting some of his last-minute filings for what he calls “technicalities”. Seems just an ounce of planning could have avoided all these problems. However, that’s the way the dems and liberals think.. It’s always someone else’s fault…the government should take care of me!

  9. Troy Jones

    Ben, your killing me. I been saying you and Tony both did a good job in candidate recruitment. But sheesh, be a man and take responsibility.

    1. Anonymous

      Troy, the point is this was a candidate who dropped the ball. Nesselhuf can cajole all he wants but if the responsibility for an incumbent candidate to get himself on the ballot ultimately falls on that incumbent candidate. It’s not like Iron Cloud didn’t know what was expected here.

      It’s funny when Republicans argue in favor of personal responsibility, but then argue that it’s someone else’s fault when Iron Cloud didn’t get his own petitions in.

      1. Troy Jones

        I’m not saying it is Ben’s fault Iron Cloud screwed up and Ben shouldn’t be making excuses for him or blaming someone else.

    2. Dawn

      Troy is dead on. Nesselhuf screwed up big time with this fiasco.

      Just like a Dem Ben chose not to take responsibility for his actions.

      1. Anonymous

        This is getting ridiculous blaming anyone other than Ed Iron Cloud for his failure to round up 31 valid signatures and get them in on time. It wasn’t Ben at the post office at 4:45 it was Ed. Looks to me like Ben is just repeating what Ed told him.

      2. Fed up

        Can we please stop with the “just like a Democrat” and “just like a Republican” crap?! It serves no purpose but to further polarize the electorate and unfairly categorize individuals. What happened to personal responsibility? Ed messed up. It had nothing to do with him being a Democrat. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. Republicans screw up sometimes and in some cases don’t take responsibility either.

        Everyone here was up in arms when Angie Buhl made the comment that “conservatives hate poor people.” That too was a stupid blanket statement that served no purpose but to fire up the blogosphere and increase polarization. But we, as Republicans, can not be up in arms about that and then turn around and make blanket statements about Democrats. We are putting far too much emphasis on who has a D or an R by their name. We need to spend more time looking at individuals and finding statesmen or women to run for public office and serve the greater good for SD and the US.

        1. Donkephant

          Thank you, Fed up! Your point is an important one. It frightens me how often both/all sides resort to blanket statements, negative ones at that, all too often.

  10. Anonymous

    Epictetus (55-135 AD) Greek Philosopher
    Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by him.

  11. Anonymous

    The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.

    William James (1842-1910) American Philosopher and Psychologist

  12. Jay BK Slater

    Ed screwed up, he can always file independent, lesson learned, piss poor prior planning should not constitute an emergency(bad ammo?) on our part. Ben stated the apparent facts as a second party representing SDDP on their loss of a candidate. Enough said regarding someone’s personal failure. Bottom line up front is the more the merrier, give constituents more choices and then make choices clear. Right now I am more concerned about seeing the forest through the trees on relevant state campaign issues. Media is directing issues towards education and economic development. Where we at on immigration since that is a growing piece of labor force in economic development?

  13. grudznick

    The smarter superintendents are getting wiser and are ordering teachers to put down their 1234 petitions, because they know it will bring out legions of people like me who will vote down that extra new tax on us that goes just to the greedy schools.

    Mr. H is upset about this and has begun deleting messages and pouting in the corner.

      1. grudznick

        I posted on your board about being attacked by superintendents, and it was there and then it was gone. I must have been temporarily insane. My apologies.

      2. Bill Fleming

        Grudz, it’s not “deleting messages” when you accidently type them into your pocket calculator or your electric razor instead of your mobile phone. Not much Cory can do about that, bud.

        Focus, man, focus.

        1. grudznick

          I don’t have a mobile phone, my friend. I’ve got this big old Gateway Destination so I can read all the fonts and things.

          And you know I don’t have an electric razor.