Nesselfluffing it up

It’s hard to believe that in a year when the Democrats are struggling to get any traction at all, South Dakota Democrat Party Chair BJ Nesselhuf has failed to get 2 Democrats on the ballot for the district 27 house seats.

That would be like SD GOP Executive Director Tony Post failing to get two Republicans on the ballot in district 30 (so you know, there are five Republicans running for two House seats in district 30)

If Nesselhuf continues to fluff things up this badly in districts with high Democratic voter registration, it’s hard to see how Democrats make any real gains.

And with the top of the SDDP ticket represented by either Varilek or Barth and McGovern-Rowen for PUC, I think Republicans will be sleeping pretty well in the coming months.

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  1. inomniac

    I’m laughing that they only filled one of the two house seats that represents Shannon County.

    What a clown.

    1. Anonymous

      Did you really just incorrectly spell you blog handle? What exactly is an “inomniac”?

  2. Boy Genius

    Not always the biggest fan of our current SD GOP but if they were to not get a Republican filed on a guaranteed seat. We would be demanding their resignations.

    BJ tun it in. You are FIRED!

  3. Anonymous

    I guess that Ed Iron Cloud failing to get his petitions in isn’t too much different than Tom Dempster failing to get valid petitions in. Just as Dempster ended up running and winning as an independent, so too will Ed Iron Cloud.

    This is the last year that will be allowed though, because after 2012 independents will have to file petitions on the same date as party candidates.

      1. Anonymous

        You guys are both wrong. The SDDP should be embarassed about not getting those petitions in. If I was Nesselhuf I’d have been on Iron Cloud 3 weeks before the deadline. What an embarassment.

        The SDDP is absolutely a joke in this state. If they want to win some races they have to build the base.

  4. Anonymous

    if rave and post would stop signing up all the democrats to run as fake republicans, maybe the dems would have some candidates?

    the only difference between rave (r) and ahlers (d), where they get their bad haircuts from.

    by the looks of the voting records of the legislature, sd clearly does not have a real republican controlled legislature.

    1. Anonymous

      You and Sibby make up the 1% in SD Politics.

      Bad hair cuts yes. Moser’s hair is worse. Slicked with spit.

  5. Bob Ellis

    I think Nesselhuf’s problem is that too many Democrats now have an “R” after their name, and he’s left with only a small pool of openly Democrat Democrats to work with.

    Ultimately he wins, though, because so many “Republicans” are helping accomplish the Democrat agenda.

    1. Anonymous

      Right Bob. You, Sibby, Stace and Hubbel keep telling everyone that.

      Daugaard care… Oooh!

      That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      1. Bob Ellis

        The last I checked, facilitating government health care systems (as well as illegal immigration, lawbreaking, gun restrictions, Shariah, drug use, financial irresponsibility with the taxpayer’s money, etc.) while fighting efforts to resist them wasn’t know as “Republican” or found to be in the GOP platform.

        Well, outside of Pierre and the sphere of its acolytes, that is.

    2. Anonymous

      There you go again Bob, trying to define republicans as young earth [6,000 years old] believers. I’m not sure that the 99% buy that and the other gibberish you spew.

      1. Bob Ellis

        I don’t recall mentioning the Bible, Christianity, origins, evolution, materialism, naturalism, or science at all. Sounds to me like someone is so insecure about their religious faith in discredited theories passed off as “science,” the intellectual flaccidity of their beliefs always seems to pull them off-topic.

        The definition of Republican values and priorities can be easily found in the state and national GOP platforms, as well as the time-honored “I’m a Republican because…” statements available in many places across the internet. Finding out what it means to be a Republican isn’t hard at all; it’s a pity so many “Republicans” in Pierre seem never to have bothered trying.

        1. Anonymous

          Bob, the problem is your attempt to hijack a political party to force your extremist religious agenda down other people’s throats. Your and your running dog Howie’s blogs tell it all. You will fail.

          1. Stace Nelson

            Whoa! With Easter upon us, and poor Peter’s eternal shame ringing throughout the ages, I wanted to make sure the world knows that I follow Christ. I am a poor worthless sinner; however, He is my savior.

            The hypocrites in the temples called Christ worse things than “extremist” and mocked Him that day He died for our sins. According to the standards the Good Lord set with Christ, Bob, Gordon, and my lowly efforts are a joke, not extreme.

            Not to be a nit picker; however, if 78% of Americans identify themselves as Christian, are they also extreme?

            …and according to this, Bob & Gordon are normal Republicans

            Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

          2. Bob Ellis

            I am not ashamed of my Christian faith, and I will point out that the GOP platform acknowledges both our religious heritage, acknowledges our state motto (Under God, the people rule), as well as supports the public display of the Ten Commandments. If you have such disgust for our religious heritage, it is YOU who is at odds with the Republican Party, not I

            Even so, I will again point out that I did not bring up religion even once; apparently you have an ax to grind against the majority of Republicans and South Dakotans who cherish their religious faith. Again, that puts YOU at odds with the Republican Party, not me.

            Finally, if you are an open Democrat (hard to know, since you hide like a coward behind anonymity), I can understand to a degree your hostility toward these and the other Republican values I previously mentioned; it’s in your political nature to be hostile to the things most Americans cherish. But if you call yourself a Republican while holding such contempt for the on-record values of your own party, then your duplicity is simply pathetic. Hopefully everyone will give your cowardly and anonymous opinion all the credence it deserves.

            1. Anonymous

              Wow. You two would impose a theocracy at every level of government. Do they have some sort of twelve step program for that?

              1. The Watcher

                Anony–did you graduate from anywhere? Do you own a dictionary? Maybe you should bone up a bit on your history and philosophy–cause you REALLY don’t appear to know the definitions of the words that you are using!

  6. Spencer

    I have been checking that seat on the SOS site on and off now for two weeks wondering what was going on. At the time I did not dare believe something so tragically hilarious!

  7. Anonymous

    you guys are tight where was TUNE and Noem to sign on to get rid of corporate farm aid on anything over 250 grand is Johnson the only republican we have.

  8. Bill Fleming

    There is an argument to be made that it’s more interesting to watch the SDGOP implode than it would be to distract you all from your infighting and give you an opportunity to pretend you’re all on the same side. LOL.

    Take this website for example. It has become the battleground of the SD Repub’s Civil War ? each side declaring the other unworthy. Kind of a local version of the GOP primary. Fascinating actually.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m glad you are amused, but if you folks would do a little better job extolling the virtues of socialism, we wouldn’t have so many in our party trying to hide their true intentions. Man up, Fleming/Nusselhuff.

    2. Job Creator

      Bill, did you ever think you would see the red-on-red violence that has taken place in the last decade. It’s not about the color anymore. It’s about the hue.

      1. Anonymous

        How could he have been losing money? He was eating for free and riding to work with a coworker. If he was losing money then running as an independent must be out of the question.

  9. Charlie Hoffman

    Bill it ain’t just here bud; it’s everywhere……………………Palin/Huckabee/McCain/Santorum/Gingrich/Paul/Romney/Obama{{isn’t it neat how he paid his GSA pick to run a huge Federal Party on the US Taxpayer’s dollar and then act offended by it while blowing cool Trillion $$$$’s a year since becomming our US President?}}

    For me; turning grass into T-Bones (and a little Pink Slime) is what it’s all about. Ag rules the show in South Dakota. Better to not mess with us dude. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Does anyone else know what “BJ” stands for?

    I wouldn’t expect much from him if I was a Dem.