Nesselhuf elected new Dem Chairman

MDR has a story about a race where a democrat won…okay so Nesslehuf was running against another Dem….but hey you gotta champion victories where you can.

Nesselhuf was very diplomatic about Erin McCarrick’s future — saying she’d be moved to another position…..I’m guessing the position maybe across the border.

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  1. toad

    You can’t blame Erin McCarrick for the Dems falure anymore than you can blame Karl Adams for 2006 & 2008. Both elections were a wave.

    I would argue that if the elections of 2010 were held in 2008 they would have been a lot more competitive. Especially some of the constitutionals.

    The hands that are dealt us are what we have to play with some times they are unwinnable.

  2. The Dude

    Nesselhuf was the best choice for the Democrats. He has made a lot of conections around the state and a majority of Dems really seemed to rally around him. He will do a very good job bringing those people who supported him and Heidepriem into the rebuilding process.

    I don’t think Nesselhuf is electable outside of the Democratic party or strong Dem districts but I’m sure he will be able to strengthen more moderate and electable candidates.

  3. anon

    Nesselhuf is, how do I say this diplomatically, a problem looking for a job that he has now found. Great move Dems, I think Mitch would have been far less devisive in your own party and Ben can only talk down to so many people in a days time while still trying to help the party dig itself out of its own hole. If Tim J. had a state wide organization and cared about the party he’d try to save it, my guess, little or no help.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Mitch would have seemed like a more diplomatic option for the SDDP, but BJ will certainly be more entertaining. My prediction is that under his watch, the Dems won’t see their numbers in the senate shrink by more than 1 or 2 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Now that would certainly be the best thing for South Dakota.

    Why not NO dems at all? Then you could do what you want. Oh wait,
    you already do! And look where you have got us.

  6. could probably have done better

    You’d think the Dems could do better.. Didn’t they use to have the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate? Where are the friggen pros!?


    Speaking of SD, you can not say the democrats have done anything to you. I often joke with my rebublican friends that the democrats might have srewed things us worse but you have no evidence of that. 30 plus years have given us what we have. Got to put the kids to bed now. Hope Governor Rounds explains what he has done the last eight years.

  8. Arrowhead

    BJ is the best choice. Mitch Fargen would have been solid also but I don’t think the Dems would rally around him like they would for BJ.

    Lee you know how this game works. BJ lost his race for SOS so he gets tapped to be Chair. Chris Nelson lost his race for House so he gets tapped to be PUC. It’s rediculous but our bases like those two people and that is especially what the Dems need. Someone who appeals to their base who is a left wing nut to fire them up. I mean it isn’t like he is going to do anything but go up from here.

  9. Anonymous

    Most people in the state would have said Mitch Fargen who? Now they’ll say it’s that guy from the commercials. Nesselfluff, Dooseldorf, Neuselhoff etc.

  10. DDC

    Comment by Lee Schoenbeck on December 6, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    Mitch would have seemed like a more diplomatic option for the SDDP, but BJ will certainly be more entertaining. My prediction is that under his watch, the Dems won?t see their numbers in the senate shrink by more than 1 or 2 🙂

    I’m not sure that Fargen would have been any more “diplomatic”. He’s pretty far left (lockstep with the national Democratic party) and has an unhealthy obsession with John Thune.

    Just have a look at his twitter feed:

    Nesselhuf is a good choice because he’s a pretty good fundraiser. If he can avoid sending out left-wing rants as press releases he might be good for the state Dems.

  11. Byrd Dog

    I’m with DDC. While I as a Republican like to make fun of Nesselhuf do think in this capacity he is the best option the Dems have.

  12. Byrd Dog

    Are they setting Nesselhuf up to challenge Kristi Noem in 2012? If they are that is the worst idea they could have.

    They need to run moderates against Kristi and keep her from topping 60% in a general election until 2014.

    Nesselhuf is a liberal and would be destroyed by Noem.

  13. donkephant

    @ Arrowhead 1:01
    It’s almost as “rediculous” as your spelling.
    I think that the older Dems in the state will rally behind Nesselhuf, but that many of the younger Dems do not like him as much as he or anyone else thinks.

    I hope no one thinks Nesselhuf could defeat Noem in this state. I’m not a fan of her, and because of that I hope they field someone capable of taking her down.

  14. Anonymous

    Nesselhuf = Bruce Whalen

    I bet he is trying to set himself up to run against Kristi.

    Then i would change my mind and think the dems really screwed up. He would go down in flames and Kristi would walk into the senate.


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