New Advertiser: Welcome Neal Tapio for Congress.

As we just cycle off an advertiser, we’re joined at the SDWC starting tonight by the Neal Tapio for Congress campaign:

As you’re well aware, Senator Tapio is one of the candidates running for the Congressional seat being vacated by Congresswoman Kristi Noem, who herself is running for Governor in the Republican Primary.  Right of out the gate, Neal’s ad is linked to the recent KELO Radio interview with Todd Epp, news director of KELO Radio:

The KELO interview lays out Neal’s positions on a myriad of issues, including why he’s focusing significant attention on the issue of radical Islamic terrorism in the Congressional race.

Check it out at the link above.  And welcome Senator Tapio to advertiser’s row.

34 Replies to “New Advertiser: Welcome Neal Tapio for Congress.”

  1. Anonymous

    I randomly started listening at about minute 24… I listened for about ten minutes. What in the world? We would be the laughing stock of Congress…

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Yeah Anon 8:21 but who beat Powerhouse Senators and a Governor to sleep at 1001 Washington St. ? (Whitehouse)

  3. JackFrancis

    Tapio is a modern day McGovern–a single issue candidate. He doesn’t have a wide range of policy ideas.

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone I’ve talked to that has had interactions will all three candidates say that Neal Tapio is far and above the most capable candidate in the race, has lots of business and negotiating experience, understands the DC swamp, well versed on many topics, true conservative, and not beholden to the lobbiests.

    1. Anonymous

      Then you must only be talking to Shad-

      Look at his own record of getting things done in the South Dakota Legislature… that’s a great barometer of successful he’ll be in DC.

      Neal is all talk with no substance actually coming out. The race will be better when he’s not in it.

  5. John

    Good that he is advertising…a long interview…I hope all of them get to do this vs. the 3 minute Lincoln Day dinner soundbite.

    Instead of general slurs why not have an actual discussion about what you disagree with him about?

  6. Anonymous

    Definitely like to see Todd Epp interviews of the other candidates. He stated that he had already done an interview with Shantel but not seen it posted yet. It must be being edited or something? Dusty and Shantel seem to stick with the talking points and not so good with longer interviews, in depth discussions, or speaking without prepared notes.

    1. Todd Epp

      Here’s News’ interview with Shantel Krebs, 3/14/18:

      We’ll be talking to Dusty Johnson in a similar format in the coming weeks.

      Our compilation page for the GOP U.S. House and Governor candidates is here:

      I’ve interviewed Marty Jackley, I interview Kristi Noem May 2, 2018.

  7. Steve Hickey

    Pat, how does this work? Do you have to be nicer to him now? Don’t block me, just kidding.

    During my ever so brief 2010 US House race ramp up I told (then RCJs) Kevin Woster that I could easily support my good friend Chris Nelson but he was a bit like vanilla ice cream and many of my pro-life friends were still sore over his pursuit of Roger Hunt’s mystery donor. I said Blake Curd (at that time) was very much a mystery flavour to many of us – supported Daschle and Herseth but now GOP?? Woster asked what flavour I was, and I said… nuts. I thought it was funny. ((Kristi had not yet announced as running.))

    In this case, my friends Dusty and Shantel are both standard flavours. Toppings are what we see in their campaigns. However, Neal is of the homemade sort, the best kind. No toppings needed. He is the Trump candidate and unless he too loses his soul in DC he will be just what we need… people who represent the people not the pay to players.

    South Dakota is in a denial bubble on the reality of what is actually going on in places where Islamists are being welcomed. Every 90 minutes in London there is stabbing. Or, acid to the face. Turkey joked openly this week about sending 15,000 migrants into Europe just to break it down even further. I know it doesn’t feel like a South Dakota issue, but it is a national one. Probably hard to win in SD putting this issue to the forefront but the other choice is to just say what it takes to get elected and just be another scoop of vanilla.

    1. Fled to Red

      I wasn’t sure if this was a late April Fools joke or if he’d been paying Pat all along. I’m not as much of a political junkie as most here, but the only place I have ever heard of Tapio is on these pages.

    2. Anonymous

      Steve you were a legislator… how many bills did you introduce that were signed to law?

      How many has Neal gotten signed into law?

      What do you say for his record, or lack there of, getting stuff done in Pierre?

      He has no results other than starting a business which does not correlate to doing well in Congress or being beholden to anyone.

      Would you also say Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds are beholden to lobbyists as well?

    3. Anonymous

      If Neal were elected, and that’s a strong if, he’d join the House Freedom caucus, get shit committee assignments, and never get a bill passed for South Dakotans. That’s the problem with people like Neal- they’re too over confident and most often they can’t produce results.

  8. Anonymous

    The race is getting interesting. Lobbiests and big money candidates are out of favor this cycle. Dusty and Shantel would get buried in the DC swamp.
    Dusty 30%, Shantel 30%, Tapio 40%

    1. Anonymous

      Steve you were a legislator… how many bills did you introduce that were signed to law?

      How many has Neal gotten signed into law?

      What do you say for his record, or lack there of, getting stuff done in Pierre?

      He has no results other than starting a business which does not correlate to doing well in Congress or being beholden to anyone.

      Would you also say Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds are beholden to lobbyists as well?

      1. Steve Hickey

        Cranking out bills in Pierre is no measure of anything I care about. I listen for independent thinkers, thought leaders and people who have core convictions. The big policy bills don’t come from legislators except in how legislators Are picked to prime sponsor by those who are behind the legislation.

  9. Anonymous

    What I like about Tapio is that he has passion. This guy wants to fight for what’s right, he wants to change DC. He would be a great ally to Trump who is under attack day after day. He’s not beholden to lobbyist groups and will not be shaken.

  10. Stevie Wonder

    I agree with Troy Jones and Dusty Johnson. Islam has nothing to do with terror. President Trump is wrong to restrict refugees from Islamic countries. Anyone who attacks Islam is a racist and an Islamophobe. Christians are the true terrorists.

    Go Dusty!

  11. Troy Jones


    Your blindness must also prevent you from being accurate.

    I’ve never said there is not link between radical Islam and terror. I’ve never disagreed with the Presidents immigration position regarding Islamic countries. I’ve obviously never linked attacks on Islam and racism since a religion isn’t a race. I obviously don’t link Christianity and terrorism. I’ve never heard Dusty say anything close to what you assert.

    Is your inaccuracy driven by an infidelity to the truth or just basic ignorance?

    1. Anonymous

      Troy loves to falsely represent the beliefs and statements of others, cries like a little baby when someone does it to him.

      1. Troy Jones

        Hilarious. You tell a lie and then admit you are lying. All as a way to advance Tapio’s candidacy. I just can’t make that stuff up.

  12. Stevie Wonder



    We have never met, but from reading your comments over the last year, I thought you were different. I’m shocked.

    I didn’t know you would use the words Radical Islamic Terrorism and that you would call Islamic terrorism a problem. That is so offensive to the Muslim community right here in Sioux Falls. I suppose you think we should have a Muslim travel ban, too? It looks like you are a racist, xenophobe, right wing extremist like Tapio and Krebs.

    I bet you have voted for Tapio’s racist resolution that we “support President Trump in his fight against Rsdical Islamic Terrorism?”

    From reading your comments continually criticizing the racist Tapio,I thought you were one of us.

    At least we have Dusty!

  13. Troy Jones

    Stevie Wonder,

    I also have a problem with the choice of hats worn by people like you. Not a pointy white hat fan. Come out of the shadows coward.

  14. Ray Charles

    Listen what I say-hey….

    I just want to bookend what my visionary friend Stevie Wonder has already said. It’s clear to me to see that Troy Jones, Dusty Johnson and Shantel are easily the brightest bulbs in a very dark room. Often, when I get up in the night to use the facilities, I carry Troy Jones’ latest blog entry to light my way to the toi-toi. That’s after I’ve printed it out, of course. It comes in very handy once I get there.

    Anyone who speaks the truth about the violence and societal disruption that are already happening in peaceful western nations afflicted by fostered waves of Islamic migrants from the war-torn Middle East is a hateful bigot, blinded by fact. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. It’s clear to see. In fact, climate change caused by cow flatulence and gender inequality caused by unequal genders are both much greater threats to humanity. My vote is for Dusty or Shantel, depending on where my pencil lands and whether my assigned poll worker is in the bag for the Governor’s office or for the previous, previous Governor’s office.

    I like to call it the, Quid-Pro-Status-Quo-ho-ho-ho.

    Might write a song about it.


  15. Helen Keller

    Even I can see that terror has nothing to do with Islam.

    Troy Jones.

    When I see you write bigoted, racist, xenophobic and Islamiphobic hate speech like “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” you sound just like Trump and Tapio and I just want to cry.

    My Muslim friends tell me that Islam is a religion of peace and that there is no compulsion in religion. They must be right because they are such nice people. Just because every Islamic country either punishes or kills those that leave Islam doesn’t mean those countries actually follow those antiquated laws. Plus, anyone who does misinterpret the actual words in the Koran isn’t practicing the true Islam.

    I am so glad there are enlightened Republicans like Deb Peters. I loved when I heard her interview saying it was against her religion to judge! She is one to watch! I also admire Lee Schoenbeck, Governor Daugaard, Shantel Krebs and Dusty Johnson. They refuse to cave into the pressure from Christian fearmongers and the huge midwestern presence of the KKK. They are willing to tell American troops and their families that the war on terror has nothing to do with Islam. This is the bravery and leadership we need in government!

    Lately I’ve been watching and listening to Shantel Krebs speak. She has never said anything to disparage Islam and by the looks of it, never will. She has been smeared by her association with Kris Kobach, who is tough on illegal immigration. He doesn’t want to ban Muslims. He too, was smeared with vile accusations of supporting a Muslim ban. Krebs and Kobach only want to focus on immigration. That’s it. Build a wall, Slip in an “extreme vetting” talking point and move on to the next subject. (Plus, who even knows what extreme vetting really is? As long as Krebs doesn’t have to say the words “Islam” or “terrorism” she can get to the next subject, like killing snakes.)

    Sorry about pecking endlessly away at the keyboard here but I think it is finally time to have a woman represent us in Washington. South Dakota has been a masogynist state for too long. South Dakota, it is finally time you elect a woman to the US House! For that reason…

    I endorse Shantel for House.

    (And also because Shantel is the only person in the race with an Ag background.)

    1. Fled to Red

      See, I learned something today. Until just now I didn’t realize that Ronnie Milsap was blind.

      Live and learn

      (now back to our regularly scheduled trolling)

  16. Troy Jones

    I think Tapio’s new strategy as disclosed above will be most effective and he is obviously getting his money’s worth from his consultant. I think they should use more of Tapio’s personal funds in this way. I see it greatly impacting his vote total.

  17. Ronnie Milsap


    What a horrible strategy!

    Imagine, actually having the courage to point out every lie and false accusation in a comical way? It’s almost like using the absurd to illustrate the absurd!

    I respect a candidate who dares fight all the pervasive lies and attacks against Christian values and the Christian family. I want someone who will stand up and defend America as it once was. I actually think that we can’t afford to keep going in the same direction. Our government is broke and our political system is broken.

    While I am blind, I can see right through those washed up political hacks who comment on political blogs in their underwear. I can see through your political agenda. You support Dusty Johnson. Your vapid political attacks on Tapio are just like those by your good friend Lee Schoenbeck. The only difference is your attacks don’t cross dangerously into legal territory that could get you disbarred. Your petty attacks are simply a way of discrediting someone you fear could defeat your chosen political candidate, Dusty Johnson.

    People should know about Schoenbeck. He is a long term plotter and political insider who planned to run for Governor for his whole adult life. After an entire career, and when he realized his political dreams were over, he ended up in a tantrum and showing who he really was.

    You see Troy, while I may be blind, I can see what political insiders do. They plot their whole career to be in politics. They move from one legislative race to the next. One government job to another. They spend their entire lives building up political “friends” in every town and at every Lincoln Day Dinner. They continually tell people what they want to hear. They are nice to everyone. They don’t want to offend. They look away when they see things that just aren’t right. They don’t want to rock the boat. They take calculated risks to avoid the real tough issues.

    Then, instead of being the best person for the job, their sales pitch is to say they have the best chance to win.

    See, that is why a long political career like Schoenbeck’s comes to an explosion at the end of his career. He lied to himself and to others for so long that the real person finally came out. That is why he came unglued to probably the nicest person in Pierre, Lana Greenfield. That is why he demonizes people like Senator Wiik. Behind his boyish smile lies a very mean spirited and conniving political operative.

    But your candidate, Dusty Johnson is a political insider who, I am sure, will be completely different. Right?

    If only you could get him to utter the same xenophobic and Islamophobic words as you, “Radical Islamic Terrorism.” But you and I know he would never do that. You know why? Because the goal of insider politicians is to say as little as possible to get elected.

    After all, that is the safe way!

    See, I’m not the typical blind person…I get it.

    While I am blind, my job is to help others see.

    Should be a fun couple of weeks..

    I will see you around!

  18. Troy Jones

    I think you are very good at illuminating people about yourself and your candidate. I urge you to continue along this path.