New Bosworth fundraising appeal in the mail. Attacks AG Jackley, Claims needs $400k to save med license, and all donated funds to pay Boz’s personal support.

Here we go again.

Dr. Annette Bosworth is back in the spotlight today as her newest fundraising appeal hits mailboxes in South Dakota, as well as parts unknown.

Bosworth Appeal December 2014

This recycles some of the same lines we heard before about black government vans (which I don’t think the state of South Dakota owns any), and claims of Government agents being sent to the homes of preachers to interrogate them in front of their parishes.  Bosworth directs big chunks of her penned ire for the AG, including going so far as to directly calling him corrupt multiple times, and characterizing herself as “100% innocent,” and “extremely confident” she “will prevail.”

Er…. yeah. Good luck with that one Dr. Boz.  Somehow I don’t think that’s going to help your case.

Bosworth sums up her letter noting that it will take $400,000 to save her medical license, and “really hoping” that readers will contribute to “the Annette Bosworth Legal Support Fund.”

Except the last page doesn’t talk so much about the Annette Bosworth Legal Support Fund…. It seems to be more about “Annette” support than “legal” support. The return form, as the prior one, disclaims that “contributions go directly towards the personal support of Dr. Annette Bosworth.”

Reading this kind of silliness is kind of like watching the street sweeper collect those last remaining chunks of plastic and glass after a bad accident. You’re still looking, and just can’t help but feel bad for the people involved.

And when I say people involved, I’m referring to the AG and investigators.

At this point, I don’t think anyone in South Dakota has any sympathy remaining under the big top at the Bosworth circus.

35 Replies to “New Bosworth fundraising appeal in the mail. Attacks AG Jackley, Claims needs $400k to save med license, and all donated funds to pay Boz’s personal support.”

  1. Anonymous

    This takes a lot of guts! Maybe she is going for the insanity defense! Hard to believe it has gotten this far.

    Can you imagine how hard it is going to be to pick a jury?! and then you know she will want to testify. Good luck to her lawyer on trying to control her.

    Let the circus begin.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    There are strict psychological tests for getting on Survivor* finding true villains, heroes, and mental toughness. It would be interesting to run Ms. Bosworth through them and find out where she lies. Though her continuing horrible choices in accepting responsibility tell me she wouldn’t make it through the first interview.

    1. Anonymous

      She doesn’t have to appear on a tv show. Can we just all vote to send her to an island far, far away?

    2. tara volesky

      They already gave her a psychiatric evaluation and she is perfectly fine. You might want to read the report. Another slanderous remark.

      1. Anonymous

        If you consider Histronic and Narcissistic traits, personality disorder, and adhd as “perfectly fine”…

    3. tara volesky

      Charlie, she made it through medical school and deals with sick people everyday. I call that discipline and mental toughness. Running for state-wide office requires mental toughness. Being a woman in SD requires mental toughness.

  3. Anonymous

    Hopefully she does lose her license. Somebody who seemingly has so many psychological issues to deal with shouldn’t be caring for anyone else’s health.

    Think of your kids, Annette and Chad. What the heck are you teaching them?

            1. tara volesky

              OMG!!!!!!! How are you? You idiot, why didn’t you come say hi to me. Keith……..He was probably the most entertaining guy I have ever met. What an experience!

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Tara one can have all the dendrites and synaptic nerves woven just right to be considered intelligent but without moral fiber holding it all together what good is it?

  5. tara volesky

    Charlie, I look at the totality of a person. We are all flawed and we all sin, but I look at the good in people too. I like the fact that she works in homeless shelters, takes care of the poor, Native Americans and does missionary work. I believe she was really blind-sided and trusted the wrong people. When you have the ability to raise money, people come out of the woodwork and want a piece of the action. I have read many legal documents that would shock a lot of you. That’s why it’s not good to blast people unless you have all the facts. It’s very hurtful and unkind to destroy a person just because of politics. I feel so bad for the whole family.

    1. Dicta

      So, if she didn’t knowingly commit criminal acts, which you clearly seem to be thinking, Tara, she was naive enough to be taken advantage of by evil individuals who were prepared to use her influence to advance their illegitimate agendas. Yeah, she sounds like the sort of person I want in office.

      Passed horrific legislation? CLAIM IGNORANCE! These people over here told me it was all good!

      1. tara volesky

        Dicta, she would be better than what we got out there now. I though SD was suppose to be a conservative state? Our Congressional delegation just voted with Obama on the 1.1 trillion Omnibus bill. I am now supporting Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. They stood up to the Wall street boys and pork projects.

        1. Dicta

          So, I just want to make sure I understand: because you disagree with where Thune and Noem came down on the omnibus bill, your stance as a “true conservative” is to throw your support behind Warren?

          Your support of Bosworth is starting to make more sense.

          1. tara volesky

            Dicta, I don’t care about labels, I am into solutions. At least Warren, who happens to be another woman I support is talking about solutions. I also like her because she is an outsider.

            1. Dicta

              “I don’t like labels”
              “She is an outsider”

              All uttered in the same post with zero sense of irony.

  6. Anon

    Tara, what part wasn’t self inflicted? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. And, the good doc married the man and chooses to stay married so following him down his nefarious path garners no sympathy from me.

    1. tara volesky

      Oh come on Anon, you must be reading Madville Times. I could be Annette’s cellmate because I am willing to testify that I probably did not witness all of my signatures along with dozens of other candidates, who have done the same thing. So throw me in jail too. We are all hypocrites. When I went to get my petitions notarized, the Notary didn’t even know how to notarize the petitions. I thinks it’s silly the AG has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this stupid case. The DCI went door to door trying to find out if the signatures were legitimate or not. Well they are legitimate. Mr. Arends will have to answer why he told Annette to sign. If my Lawyer told me to sign the petitions, I would do it without reading the small print. Just like if your Dr. tells you to take your pills, I believe most patients would do it, with out question.