11 Replies to “New Campaign Video from John Thune: Home Cooking”

  1. Troy Jones

    Whether you agree or disagree with Senator Thune’s policies, if you have ever spent 10 minutes with him, it is hard not to like John as a person. The guy is still the same guy he was in high school.

  2. Wazzzuupp

    Likable enough guy agreed and a great politician — his fear of going to the GOP Convention when, for a misguided moment there was talk of making him VP, shows the senior senator is a lot more interested in staying in office (forever) then he is in leading his party. That’s too bad. The GOP desperately needs new leadership right now and this guy could have played a major role in forming a new nucleus for life after Donald (cuz the Donald is going to get beat in proportions similar to 1964 and 1972 in the electoral college).

    1. Troy Jones

      Just too funny. Whether John went to the convention or stays home, it won’t affect 15 votes in this election or any future election. Nor is there anything he (or anyone else) could do at this convention to lay any groundwork to affect the future (whether Trump wins or loses) of our party. This convention is Trump’s (as the Democrat’s is Clinton’s).

      That said, we thank you for your concern for our party.

  3. Troy Jones

    There is a person who calls himself “Anonymous” who appears to have Thune Derangement Syndrome. By the way, it can be cured with a half-hour cup of coffee with him in simple, friendly conversation.