New candidates popping up for Legislature. R’s in D1 House, and D24 House.

There’s are new candidates popping up for the State Legislature in recent days, through both filing candidate petitions with the Secretary of State’s office, as well as through filing their intent in campaign finance filings and other places.

In District 1, Republican Tamara St. John of Sisseton has announced she’s running for the State House. She’s running in heavy Dem territory. (Some might be familiar with her son, Tyler Tordsen, who is on US Senator Mike Rounds’ staff.)  I hear Republicans might fill both House seats in D1.

In District 9, Democrat Antoinette Miller filed her intent to run for the House back in October, but hasn’t really said much about it to date.  Keep watching.

Democrat, Sheryl L. Johnson of Sioux Falls, filed yesterday to run in the District 11 House race.

Democrat Kelly Sullivan of Sioux Falls has filed campaign finance paperwork to run for the House in District 13.

Yankton attorney Ryan Cwach has filed campaign finance papers to run for the House in District 18.  Voter records show him to be a Democrat.

In the State Capitol’s home district of 24, Roxanne Weber has filed campaign finance paperwork to run for the State House.

Current registration shows her registered as a Republican, although she calls herself “a lifelong progressive thinker.” Her entrance into the race would trigger a primary election against Tim Rounds and Mary Duvall if both of them intend to run.

Her Facebook page does note that she’s a state employee with BIT. I’m not sure how that’s going to work with the prohibition on state employees serving, the Hatch act (if her agency receives federal funds), etc, but that’s what it says.

Stay tuned.

6 Replies to “New candidates popping up for Legislature. R’s in D1 House, and D24 House.”

  1. Anon

    Roxanne Weber is part of the #Resistance and has led protests at town halls and other events of the Congressional delegation.

    1. Anon

      Likewise, Kelly Sullivan helped organize the Women’s March in SF and was an earlier organizer of LEAD and Indivisible 605, the local #resistance groups.

    2. anono

      I read about Roxanne Weber online and she boasts of her work in a Congressional district office and for a Governor’s campaign – but she doesn’t say for who. Not for a Republican would be my guess.

      Also a quick google search produces this –!msg/wolfpac-southdakota/eMz7F9mYNNw/2jBm1PyACwAJ

      She appears to be a phony. Roxanne, don’t register as a Republican just to try to get elected. This makes you one of the most inauthentic politicians out there.

    3. Pat Powers Post author

      I’m not sure she’s going to get out of the gate if she’s a state employee. From my past experience when my wife was looking at a race once, lots of complications there with sources of agency funds.

      And she’d be out of a job if elected.

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