7 Replies to “New commercial from Kristi Noem – My Time”

  1. duggersd

    Somebody was lamenting Noem did not have positive ads and someone complained because she has no accomplishments. Does this ad answer both of those criticisms? I think so.

    1. Anonymous

      I thought it was positive until she took a dig at Sutton in the end.

      Reminded me of Sorry Nancy.

      I’m so ready for Novemeber 7 when Kristi is governing and we don’t watch more Brazil ads.

      1. a friend of education

        Fair points. I’m voting for Kristi because I’ve met her and I like her. Nice family. Solid conservative values + she opposes state income tax. We know where she stands. I can’t say I’m a huuuuge fan of all past media/ TV marketing. Too aggressive for my taste, but I know politics is a tough gig. We’ll be glad when the campaign ends.

      2. duggersd

        Overall, it is a positive ad. She has a contrast point that she makes about taxes. I find this kind of an ad to be better than telling my I should not vote for her opponent.

  2. Troy Jones

    She can close this race out by having a good solid, substantive ad on each of those points with no reference to her opponent (not worth the airtime). Give us the meat on what she will do and it’s over.


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