New Defeat 22 Mailer Exposes Facts About Measure 22

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.09.48 AMNew Defeat 22 Mailer Exposes Facts About Measure 22

Mailer to thousands of South Dakotans shows how they will be forced to support politicians and their campaigns

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Today Defeat22, the coalition opposing Initiated Measure 22 for forcing South Dakotans to fund political campaigns, sent mailers to South Dakotans explaining how the measure will force them to fund political campaigns. This is the second mailer sent by the coalition to thousands of South Dakotans to explain the issue.

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Click here to see the mailer.

“Ask any South Dakotan – your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your coworkers, your best friend – they almost all agree: taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay for political ads and robocalls,”explained Ben Lee, spokesman for the Defeat22 Coalition. “South Dakotans overwhelmingly oppose spending tax dollars on politicians and their political campaigns. It’s a no-brainer: dumping tax dollars into our political campaigns won’t fix any problems, but it will spend our hard-earned money on obnoxious political ads and robocalls while we are eating dinner. Defeat 22 to stop politicians from getting to spend our money on their political campaigns.”

Defeat22 is a coalition of South Dakota businesses, charities, and political organizations who agree that taxpayers shouldn’t fund political campaigns. Earlier this month they announced a new radio admailer, and grassroots door knocking effort. The coalition plans to continue heavy grassroots advocacy and paid media over the next four months.

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