New Dusty Johnson ad – Gov. Daugaard endorsement

Running on tv now, I just caught this during tonight’s evening news:

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  1. Anonymous

    That’s a nice ad. Daugaard is very popular and well-liked. There are a certain number of Republicans who don’t like him but they aren’t voting for Dusty anyway.

  2. -N

    Dusty continues to outshine his opponents. I voted early and Dusty got my vote for Congress.

  3. Anonymous

    I drove from Sioux Falls to Pierre this morning. I was hoping to see a landscape overtaken with hwy signs. I saw a half dozen jackley signs, one dusty sign 20 miles from Mitchell and maybe 2 Krebs signs.

    No Noem signs. No Tapio signs.

    Bjorkman had several also.

    Pretty disappointed.

    I thought I’d see 20 or 30 dusty signs just around mitchel.

  4. "Very Stable Genius"

    Haven’t most Republican legislative candidates, who have received primary endorsements from the Governor, gone on to then lose?…. Just like most referendums concerning the Governor’s agenda have lost at the ballot box too?

    I don’t think this ad helps Dusty, rather it shows a sign of desperation; and historically, it is a sign of bad luck.

  5. Anonymous

    Good ad…as was said it will pull in party people and everyone who does not like the governor already was not supporting Dusty anyway

  6. Anonymous

    Of all the thousands of people in Washington DC, Dusty will be the hardest worker. Nobody works harder than Dusty. He said so it must be true. He will be number one hardest worker. He didnt’ say what he will work hard at but you have to vote for the best and most hardest worker.

    1. Uncle Jeff

      Haha. Dusty’s released 12 proposals for issues he’d take on Day 1. He probably has more than a dozen other videos posted discussing his positions on key issues, with I’m sure more to come.

      But you’re right. He hasn’t said “drain the swamp” or “build the wall”, so I understand why you’re struggling.

      1. KM

        Are those videos longer than 2mins;)

        He hasn’t and won’t say “build the wall” because he’s an open-borders and amnesty supporter. He hasn’t said “drain the swamp” because he’s part of it.

        I agree Dusty is a hard worker, he works really hard at not saying Islamic terrorism or explaining why he supports illegal aliens over Americans.

        1. Anonymous

          You were asked for links and sources last time but you keep throwing these imaginary claims out.

          1. KM

            The Americans for Prosperity forum was not imaginary, I watched it live. He said he received an endorsement from the Koch company. If you search Koch brothers support amnesty/open borders you’ll find plenty of articles. I don’t want to pick the source you want.

  7. Anonymous

    Dusty’s been on the record absolutely opposing open borders and illegal immigration. I heard him on the radio yesterday saying it.

    1. KM

      I’m sure there’s a podcast or YouTube recording of that interview, I’d really like to hear it. What radio station was that?

      1. Anonymous

        You seriously must be a Democrat for all the work you’re asking other people to do for yourself – hand outs.

        The best constituency is an informed constituency and you seem to be dropping the ball-

  8. Troy Jones


    Dusty doesn’t speak in short bromides. He is a policy wonk. To expect him to speak so is to ask him to be phony. Trump is good at them. When people expect Trump to speak like Bill Buckley, it is an expectation for him to be phony.

    But, on policy, Dusty has spoken with specificity on both immigration, terrorism and DC business as usual. On policy, he clearly supports the Trump position on all three.

    Your statement on him being for open borders and amnesty is a lie.

    1. Steve Sibson

      Both Dusty and the Governor are phonies on this ad. The Governor’s General Fund budget for FY2012 was $1,119,988.080. The previous year’s actual spending was $1,121,828,785. That is a cut of $1,840,705. They are claiming it to be $127,000,000. Here is a link to the South Dakota government’s web site proving the fact that the Governor and Dusty are misleading South Dakota voters:

      Now look at the Governor’s FY2012 budget for Federal Funds..$1,796,869,794. In 2008, before the Obama Stimulus package was implemented, South Dakota spend $1,181,426,616 in Federal Funds. That is an increase of $615,443,178. So Daugaard and Dusty were whining about a false $128 million budget deficit while they were implementing an additional $615 million in federal Obama Stimulus money. That was funded by the National Debt, which would be a part of the $60,000 in debt Dusty’s 3 boys are to inherit. Last night Dusty had an opportunity to explain why those facts are not facts to me, but he did not. He instead repeated the false $127 million budget deficit fairy tale to the Hanson County Lincoln Day attendees in order to falsely claim he is a conservative.

      A very sad episode in South Dakota politics.

    2. KM

      Well, if he’s not for open borders and amnesty why won’t he say it? You know he did get an endorsement for the Koch brothers who refuse to fund candidates who don’t support open borders/amnesty. Have you heard him say Islamic terrorism? I haven’t. In the Americans for Prosperity forum, Tapio said it and Dusty said something like, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. Can you direct me to a long form interview with Dusty? I can’t come across one when I search: Dusty Johnson interview SD, just 30sec to 2min pieces.

      You say I’m lying but don’t prove me to be so. Give me something Dusty has said to prove me a liar.

      1. Anonymous

        Is your litmus tests for Republicans just that they utter key words?

        Analyze what he says, watch his videos, read his Facebook posts. You spend so much of your time posting here – and I’m frequrntly here as well – but you can get information if you seek it out as well.

  9. Fiddle de de

    No thanks. Krebs is my choice. Dusty has too much political lingo. He quit the PUC, quit the Governor’s office…what now? Quit when he sees he will get no traction in D.C.??

    1. Anonymous

      Is your litmus tests for Republicans just that they utter key words?

      Analyze what he says, watch his videos, read his Facebook posts. You spend so much of your time posting here – and I’m frequrntly here as well – but you can get information if you seek it out as well.

    2. Anonymous

      Lingo?! Did you actually look up the definition of lingo before erroneously used it?

  10. anon

    Dusty will win this race handily. He is the best candidate by far. But you are correct in saying that he will be looking forward on day one to an open Senate seat or to a Governor’s race in 8 years. It’s all part of a grand plan for him and that’s my primary concern with his candidacy.

  11. Anonymous

    Dusty is all talk. He will talk a big game and try to act tough and speak louder and then cave and vote for large deficits and trillions more debt and endless wars. He will say he is against them but will end up voting with the swamp. And then make excuses. Talk talk talk and excuses. That’s all that can be expected from little Dusty. He’s bought and paid for.

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t think many in the echo chamber of the insider establishment GOP in South Dakota realize the disdain and amusement that those not indoctrinated with Rounds-Daugaard fever express at the prospect of Dusty as a Washington delegate. They laugh. There are plenty in-state who laugh, too. Proof positive that loyalty to the machine matters far more than meritocracy.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Shad – If you’re going to speak on behalf of the campaign, please have the courtesy of not doing so anonymously.

    2. Anonymous

      Shad- your candidate proved his lack of merit by his lack of accomplishments in the South Dakota legislature. Yes, he has his business, but as a politico he hasn’t done much to merit a vote.

      I also love that Pat called you out!

  13. KM

    I did a search and came across an opportunity for Dusty to share his thoughts more thoroughly about where he stands on amnesty and open borders; SDPB is hosting a debate tonight. Maybe, we could debate why those options are not helping the American worker but how they benefit corporations like the Koch company. And, will he dare say Islamic terrorism and discuss strengthening our vetting process and immigration laws? I’m not sure Dusty and Trump agree about NAFTA either?

    Oh, and what Steve Sibson said may be something he might want to address as well.

    Dusty also mentioned not fully supporting veterans having the freedom to seek doctors in the private sector. I’d like to hear more. I need more than what a 2min video gives me. Shantel will hopefully address the recent mailers. I don’t fully believe she or Dusty are on board with the POTUS and his administration. That makes a difference for if I vote in November.

    The questions I had about Tapio have been answered because he’s done several long form interviews and given me the chance to understand what his agenda is. The most informative so far, for me, has been the Happy Warrior interview;) Tara’s suggestion was another strong interview.

    1. Anonymous

      Funny- Dusty puts his phone number out there to call him. Have you tried that? A direct answer-

  14. Anonymous

    Dusty for congress, what a joke. Dusty comes from the same family as the guy who took a selfi, at the vets momorial in pierre. It was Dusty’s brother who placed his genitals in the hand of the Vietnam soldier the posted it on the web back in 06. He soon took it down when some Sioux Falls marine vietnam vets were on their way to pierre to cut his nuts off

    1. Anonymous

      So the brother is responsible for the acts of someone he has no control over?

      Why didn’t you stop the Unibomber? Or the 9/11 terrorists?

  15. Troy Jones


    One of the good things about the internet and personal websites is you don’t have to wonder what people think. You can actually look it up. This is what Dusty says about immigration.

    “We are a nation of laws. Any discussion of immigration should start with border security. Illegal immigration imposes serious costs on our nation, and we need to use a strong combination of walls, professional law-enforcement, and technology (like E-Verify) to combat this problem. When done properly, legal immigration can be a tremendous benefit to our country. I like much of what the President has proposed with regard to chain migration and moving toward a merit-based immigration system.”

    Your statement about him being for open borders and amnesty is false. Now that you know the truth, if you repeat that statement we will know you lie with intent and impunity.