New entrant into GOP Congressional Primary. Matt Johnson for Congress

Apparently, there’s a new entrant into the Congressional race.  From the Brandon Valley Newspaper:

According to his web site, here’s a partial list of reasons why he’s running:

I am declaring my candidacy for the US House of Representatives to give a voice to the people of South Dakota.  A voice that will represent the values, integrity, morality and character of the people that makes up this great State.  Of course “Job One” will be to look out for the best interests of our State.  Beyond that, I will work diligently to get this country back on track according to our mid-western values, while at the same time endeavoring to ensure our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our Constitution is under attack like never before.  The First Amendment only seems to work for the Liberals in many cases these days.  Conservative speakers are no longer welcome to speak at some of our major universities and other venues as well.  So, no opposing view and therefore no forum for civilized reason.  It is even worse with the Second Amendment.  Every time there is a horrible shooting in this country it is the “gun” that did it.  There is little said in the media about solving the real problems like violent movies, video games, mental illness, poor parenting and other social ills.

As stated, Job 1 for me is South Dakota. In the case of the United States leadership, Job 1 for the President and the Congress is National Security. I pledge to support National Security and the required means to achieve it. This includes walls on our boarders as needed for security, human trafficking, drugs and fair commerce.

As your US House Representative I will give my full support to President Trump in his effort to “Drain the Swamp.” Bureaucrats need to be productive and efficient. All Federal employees, regardless of their lofty office need to be held accountable to the citizens of this country and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they act against it. I will also fight to end Obama Care and to repeal Executive Orders that were made to circumvent Congress. Immigration reform is a high priority.

Read it all here.

We have 19 days to see if he’s able to collect enough signatures to make the ballot.  (Put me in the doubting thomas category).

6 Replies to “New entrant into GOP Congressional Primary. Matt Johnson for Congress”

  1. Liberty Dick

    According to the email Dusty just sent out both Johnsons are having a tough time getting on the ballot.

  2. Anonymous

    2000 signatures does not sound like a lot, until you actually go do it and then you see how many friends are too busy, were gone, and generally let you down…

    I admire anyone that gets on the ballot…without paying for them

  3. Anonymous

    Met Matt at the sportsman’s show in Sioux Falls. Real deal indeed. There was a line at the booth signing the 6 petition sheets they had out.


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