New Krebs mailer tries to reinforce she’s the Trump choice in Congressional race

From my mailbox, Shantel Krebs sends another mailer today telling us that Donald Trump needs her, as she tries to out Trump her opponents in the race for Congress.

39 Replies to “New Krebs mailer tries to reinforce she’s the Trump choice in Congressional race”

  1. Ike

    I doubt Trump could even point to South Dakota on a map. Besides, I don’t want a representative working for the President – I want a representative working for me and South Dakota.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t you need to get permission before using a picture of someone as if it’s an endorsement?

  3. Anonymous

    Shantel should be trying to get an interview at the White House if she wants to support him so much although that is a revolving door with little job security since the President enjoys change and chaos. The voters I know in South Dakota want someone to look out for their best interests knowing the separation of powers and fighting for the state and nation. If she wants to hitch her horse with a focus on helping Trump in an attempt to get elected that may not go well if he ends up going down the drain. A trade war with an already struggling Ag economy and a substantial rise in the deficit will not help.

    1. Anonymous

      You must be a big fan of Congress and special interest buying politicians. I think South Dakota supported Trump because they want special interest groups to buying government. They said the economy would never grow as fast as Trump wanted – Trump proved them wrong.

    1. Anonymous

      I guess if he is the “Trump guy” then President Trump learned who he is and stayed away.

  4. Truth is a Virus

    Shantel seems to be the one to chose. From my research, she follows through on promises. Former co-governor Dusty seems to know special interest groups and Tapio hopes there is another terrorist attack to help his campaign.

    1. Anonymous

      thought she already turned that down…more likely to run for Sec of state at the convention again I think

      1. Anonymous

        Another reason to have the convention before the primary…gin up excitement for the party and no second chance races

        1. Anonymous

          Dusty is far from locking up the nomination. I think people are tired of the deals he made while working for the governor that raised taxes. If Dusty has it locked up, he would be saying it. His immense ego would have to brag. If he had polling leading he would tell the world.

          1. Anonymous

            If Dusty is supposed to win and Barnett could beat him how would he lose to her? It doesn’t make sense.

    2. Anon

      This is why I’d like Gov candidates to pick their LG before the primary. If Jackley picks Shantel, I’ll be disappointed. She’ll be running for the next job from day 1. Not unlike Dusty I suppose. His endgame isn’t House… merely a stepping stone toward a bigger plan. Just like PUC was.

      Way better choices for LG. As for the SOS slot, that would be pretty poor of her to challenge Barnett at the convention.

      1. Anonymous

        Kind of like John Thune- his end game wasn’t the House and look at him now- there’s a South Dakotan in an influential position in the US Senate. One of the dumbest things South Dakotans did was get rid of Tom Daschle when he had as much influence as he did in his leadership position.

        You’d be an idiot if you didn’t want South Dakotans in influential positions.

        If you want better roads, better Ag subsidies, better any form of government assistance you need to have people moving up the ladder of seniority. Especially when South Dakota is as much of a welfare state as it is. It can’t do very much without Uncle Sam swooping in to foot the majority of the bill.

        Get off your high and holy moral pedistal and play the game everyone else is.

  5. Frank

    I agree with Ike. Even though I voted for Trump and would again, I want my Congressperson fighting for me and for South Dakota, not Trump.

    That said, I believe Shantel has “the right stuff” for South Dakota. If the voters decide Dusty is a better option for Congress, I hope she considers a plan B as a public servant as either SOS or LT. She’s too good a person not to have her working for the people.

    1. Anonymous

      Is that why she voted to get rid of the electoral college? She was one of the first to join this effort which would strip South Dakota of any power at all.

      She’s consistently not making the best choices for South Dakota. Why exactly does she need to be around?

  6. "Very Stable Genius"

    She’s too friendly with the snakes to ever be capable of helping to “drain the swamp.”

    1. "Very Stable Genius"

      And in this post card, Trump looks like he is checking-out Shantel….. Doesn’t he have enough “Mulligans” as it is?

  7. Anonymous

    Too bad Krebs didn’t run a better campaign, I think she could have beat Dusty. I would like to to her run for Secretary of State again. She has been one of the best elected officials South Dakota has ever seen.

  8. Anonymous

    She should stay as far away from Trump as possible, for obvious reasons. At least an arm’s length.

  9. Anonymous

    She did a good job fundraising so expectations were high but she hasn’t done a good job sharing her message.

  10. Anonymous

    Not sure why Krebs is marketing herself as a rubber stamp for the oval office. Considering SD reliance on agriculture exports and Trump’s trade policies the timing of this couldn’t be poorer.

    1. Matt

      I bet you would say the same thing about North Korea. And now we have direct negotiations. Trump has a bigger plan. It’s strange to us that we actually have a leader in the White House.

      1. Anonymous

        Trying to reenter TPP is exhibit A that there is not a bigger plan. How does crawling back into the CPTPP, the new TPP minus the intellectual property protections for US patents and content we had originally negotiated, leaves us in a better position than having just joined the TPP?

  11. Anonymous

    Why spend money on post cards? Too old school. I haven’t received one from any other candidate. She getting bad advice.

    1. Anonymous

      She is getting bad advice all over the place. Where is her campaign even at? I feel bad for her… almost.

  12. Anon

    Shantel’s campaign reminds me of Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign a few years ago. I was excited at the prospects until I dug deeper and realized there wasn’t much there.

    Fizzled campaigns.

  13. enquirer

    trump is the only trump candidate. he has not proven to have credible coattails. what he does do is show people how to master their own fate, if they have guts and ability to do so.