New Marsy’s Law postcard in mailboxes

Looks like Marsy’s Law is hitting us twice in one week with postcards promoting their measure. See below for their latest.

(Guys, I know a local vendor who could be helping you. I’m just saying).


9 Replies to “New Marsy’s Law postcard in mailboxes”

  1. Anonymous

    I got the one with the creepy guy today. Had to throw it away so my kids didn’t see it. Thanks for almost creeping out my kids and giving them nightmares Mr. Glodt. Real cool.

    Oh…and I’m sure there are more that have even more criminals on them headed toward my mailbox. So I’ll be sure to call you at 2:00 a.m. when my daughter wakes me up with a bad dream.

  2. Anonymous

    You spend column inch after column inch denouncing out of state intruders and out of state money and wonder why out of state money won’t buy from you? #disconnect

  3. Mark N.

    The information on this card is false. The rights mentioned do exist in South Dakota. Look at SDCL 23A-28C-1.

  4. Anne Beal

    This is just weird. The laws already exist; why do we need a constitutional amendment?

    This does just seem to be a case of Jackley-bashing.

    Who is paying for this, the pot-growers?