New Marsy’s Law postcard in the mail yesterday

The latest Marsy’s Law postcard tells the tale of what happened to one woman who was the victim of a crime.


6 Replies to “New Marsy’s Law postcard in the mail yesterday”

  1. Anonymous

    What does Jackley say about this? I mean this is basically calling into question his tenure as AG and his work protecting SD as it’s top law enforcement officer and some of the ideas he has put into place like the Savin program:

    South Dakota SAVIN stands for Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification

    I personally think Jackley has done a very good job.

  2. Anonymous

    Ya, he’s done a good job alright, issuing press releases that is. Meth and opioids are present in record amounts and he is worried about who uses which bathroom. Clearly misplaced priorities.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m not worried about my kids using meth, but I am worried about somebody who doesn’t know what sex they feel like going into the bathroom with them.

  3. mhs

    Completely misleading card. The law’s privacy protections are nebulous at best. Primarily, the law places restrictions on parole, early releases and pardons. California passed it as a response to the state literally letting offenders out en masse to ease prison overcrowding. Last time I checked, nobody in South Dakota was in a hurry to make parole easier.

    Classic example of a solution in search of a problem.

  4. Anne Beal

    It’s stupid. Funded by a grieving brother in California who thinks running into his sister’s killer would have been a happy reunion if he had known ahead of time the perp had made bail.

    The only way advance knowledge of the perp’s release would have helped would be if he’d been packing heat and used it in the parking lot of the grocery store where the encounter occurred.

    Victims don’t need a constitutional amendment, they need guns. South Dakotans already have guns; California’s victims are being systematically disarmed. Marsy’s brother should devote his time and money to the NRA.

    Arguments that South Dakota is behind all the other states in protecting victims’ rights are specious: our victims can have guns. We are ahead of all the states which have disarmed their citizens and given them pieces of paper instead,

  5. Mark N.

    What a completely misleading card. The proposed amendment will do nothing to protect a rape victim’s privacy. State law already does that as best it can. They are simply using the victim’s story to gain sympathy. Amendment S needs to be defeated.