11 Replies to “New Pennington County Republican Ambassadors Officers Elected”

  1. crossgrain

    In Saudi Arabia, the person who created the abominable graphics for that piece would have their hands cut off.

    1. Middle Digit

      Vargo is the last thing the Republican establishment wants in the AGs office. He’s an honest man who will go after corruption. He also has enough guts to go after Rounds and Daugaard and especially his would-be predecessor – Jackley. So they probably won’t let him run as a Republican as their AG nominee needs to kiss the rings of the various members of the corrupt Republican establishment. And Vargo isn’t a ring-kisser.

      That really is a tragedy because Vargo could clean up South Dakota politics.

        1. Troy Jones

          pat, why are you stopping there? He used to use other names including one that inferred he was a Republican.

          1. Middle Digit

            I was a Republican until W and his crew of crooks and idiots screwed the pooch on America.

            I know a lot of good guys who voted Republican, gave money and effort. W flushed most of us out. Only the truly (insert word for idiot or fool or equal here) remained after that mess.

            Remember Troy I still think you have promise and will continue to visit and hope to turn you to the intelligent side some day soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Vargo needs to spend more time on prosecution and less on politics,, his office’s record is dismal at best.

    1. Middle Digit

      Wow, I did not know that. Maybe he’s trying to support poor arrests? I have known him for a long time and he has always seemed like a very strong guy. Very strong.