New Rounds Commercial: Shame on Rick Weiland

Mike Rounds is calling out Rick Weiland for not telling the truth in his latest ad – and you saw it here first!

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  1. Rounds supporter

    It’s an ok ad. B- blah.

    First off the Rounds campaign has done an incredibly poor job of getting the EB-5 facts out there to the base and the media. They have been taking hits on this for over a year now and while he will still win the election easily it is making people less outspoken in their support of Rounds.

    Lastly the ad didn’t highlight any specific success stories for EB-5 in SD which tells me the ad isn’t very effective. If it were to tell me where the success was it would carry more weight. (there are successes)

    The Rounds campaign, Daugaard’s office and the SD GOP have not handled this issue well at all and because they are so late to the game setting the record straight they are now competing with misinformation that people think is the truth or are uncertain of.

    I also think this ad would have been more influential if Mike Rounds was the person stating these facts and setting the record straight instead of a VO actor.

    1. Rounds supporter

      I know Rounds will win by a mile and that is why none of this seemed important to combat 6 months ago but I’m willing to bet the lack of taking this issue head on has cost the campaign serious enthusiasm points among volunteers and voters and will sadly be associated with his image for a long time.

      It’s a nagging issue that needed to be addressed because it wasn’t going to be put in the coat closet on it’s own.

      Weiland’s ad is a total lie but it’s the narrative that has been allowed to seep into this issues culture. More SD voters probably agree with Weiland’s version of the story than Rounds at this point. That is unfortunate.

  2. wazzzupp

    Man, I don’t think Rounds should have put this ad up. This will ratchet up the pressure for him to testify in front of GOAC. Lots of Republican friends getting very nervous about this issue. Letting Joop Bollen turn this into a private contract cost the state tens of millions of dollars in revenue and the fact that Rounds knew about it and sanctioned it is going to be really hard to explain away.

  3. Anonymous

    Will the SD Dem Party exist after November?

    The liberal, Weiland-led office is pushing out the moderate-conservative democrats. They dont give a rip about the damage they are doing.

    1. Anonymous

      simple math: the dems in SD don’t have to run anything or run FOR anything in this political era, they’re already getting most of what they usually want from the federal government and the cramdown mandates and attached strings to federal bills. that’s why they’re letting the gop knock themselves out in these recent elections. why bother? they have not gone away.

  4. Troy Jones


    You have Republican friends? And they are nervous about Rick? Tens of millions?

    You are funny. Today everyone is trying to honor Joan Rivers.

    1. Fleming

      Troy, any idea how much money the Rounds campaign is going to spend running this rebuttal ad? I’m guessing maybe $150k. Got a different number?

  5. Anonymous

    Love it that Rounds has to respond with obvious falsehoods–state didn’t lose money and citizenship not for sale. No one believes his slight of hands. This is similar to his statements about not being able to sleep at night while he took Obama’s money to implement Obamacare in the state and his statement that there never was a $127 million dollar shortfall. More Rounds B.S. that won’t wash with the public. Got to give Rick credit on this one. Rounds is responding in the first week of September!

    1. Anonymous

      I give Ricky credit for nothing. He is not going to win, and this is another notch on his belt of losses. Say what you want about Rounds, he is better than Weiland as Weiland is a Socialist.

  6. mhs

    Could’a been better. A little quick research could have changed the “used across the country” line to “FEDERAL statistics say it’s been used in X states to create Y jobs”

    And, it is selling visas. Get over it. The Feds created it that way, why say otherwise?

    1. Joel

      Visas are not “citizenship”. Rick is lying and intentionally deceiving voters. He is desperate and trying to spin the EB5 issue for his own political gain. Shame.

        1. Frustrated

          Big difference between permanent visa and the right to vote as a citizen. BIG DIFFERENCE.

          This is why the Rounds campaign needed to get out front on this from the beginning. It dumb that Weiland is able to tarnish Rounds’ record by saying he is selling citizenship when that is a flat out lie. Most voters now believe that EB-5 is selling citizenship because the media doesn’t fact check Weiland and Rounds’ campaign has done little to counter this misinformation.

          Rounds wins easy but his reputation will take some hits over the lack of taking on this issue right away with honest facts. Every South Dakotan should have known that EB5 is not citizenship a year ago.

          1. Fleming

            Yes, you have to pay into SS, Medicare, Income tax and all other taxes, but you can’t vote until you are naturalized. So, you’re basically a second class citizen. Are there any prohibitions to naturalization under the EB-5 program, “Frustrated?” Or is that just up to the person with the Permanent Visa?

            1. PNR

              “Permanent residency” is not citizenship. It does entail the responsibilities of citizens regarding taxes and so on, and it does grant the resident certain rights and privileges associated with citizenship short of actual voting. But they are not second-class citizens because they are not citizens at all. They may still be deported and in some cases have been.

              Permanent residency is typically required before one can apply for citizenship – usually the residency must be for some years, but the regulations vary.

              Since permanent residency visas for reasons other than employment (the EB- series of visas) are issued less readily, the more immediate granting of this residency status does provide a slightly accelerated path to naturalization.

              I fail to see how this is a problem, though.

              1. Fleming

                Didn’t say it was a problem. I’m just trying to get it straight. Let me ask the question another way:

                If I am a multimillionaire or billionaire from a foreign country with no special skill set other than my personal wealth, and I want to become an American citizen, one of the fastest ways I can do it is through the EB-5 program. True? Or False?

                1. Jammer

                  Last I heard it was to ride the top of a boxcar north thru Mexico and then cross into the US without any documentation where you will be met by Obama who will give you citizenship in return for you registering as a democrat. They will then ask you to fill out an absentee ballot request using an ACORN office as your residence.

                    1. Fleming

                      My question was serious. Your answer seems goofy. Sorry, but it does. I’m talking about legitimate, legal, fast-tracks to US citizenship. If you had $10 million dollars, wanted to invest it and also become a US Citizen, which would you consider first, an illegal, dangerous boxcar ride through Mexico or the perfectly legal EB-5 program?

                    2. Jammer

                      And just what would you call this lame liberal whine that people are getting sick and tired of hearing? And I realize that my answer was goofy. I strongly suggest that you contact YOUR president and tell him to CLOSE the borders if you also think his actions are goofy.
                      “p.s. “Frustrated,” you may not be able to vote, but can your corporation make political contributions? Is your corporation a “person” under Citizen’s United and thus have Constitutional rights?”

                2. Jammer

                  Oh yeah – the GOOFY way is much FASTER than the EB-5 program and that was your question, which was the FASTEST.

                  1. Fleming

                    Jammer, you do understand that by far the majority of undocumented workers in our country came into the country legally, right? i.e. via temporary visas? They just didn’t go back home when the visas expired. “Securing the border” (fences, police, etc) won’t do anything about that. Didn’t then, wouldn’t now. That’s why your answers are so goofy. Because it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                    I have friends who worked on the border, sending illegals back to Mexico on behalf of a labor union that was trying to secure better wages and working conditions for AMERICAN migrant workers. And at the time, they were the ONLY people trying keep those folks from coming here.

                    1. Jammer

                      Nobody knows for sure. There have been estimates all over the board on this issue. The most generally accepted number is that approximately 40% overstay their visas. My fifth grade math says that is not a majority and regardless, stopping all those who don’t have visas is a worthwhile effort. I don’t believe you can have a sovereign country unless you can protect your borders.

                  2. Fleming

                    Okay, so it’s either all over the board, or nobody knows, or 40% Nice clear estimate. And yes, we need secure borders, whatever that means. Agreed.

                    So. back to the real question:

                    If I am a multimillionaire or billionaire from a foreign country with no special skill set other than my personal wealth, and I want to become an American citizen, one of the fastest ways I can do it is through the EB-5 program. True? Or False?

                3. PNR

                  I would argue that being able to manage millions and billions (being a multi-millionaire or -billionaire) does indicate a certain special skill set and that is indeed the rationale behind the EB-5 program.

                  But, regardless, either this or the EB-1 or EB-2 programs would be the fastest, depending on the circumstances.

                    1. PNR

                      Even if not what we might call earned, one won’t be a millionaire very long if one doesn’t know how to manage the money.

                      The individual may not be required to manage the new operation, but wealthy investors do take their ownership stake in a company they plunk half a million into rather seriously or, as I say, they don’t stay millionaires long. They will act to protect their interests. If they can get their half million back with a profit, they will.

                      But I grant the program is making some assumptions in that regard – that those who have that kind of money tend to have some skills in managing it. This is not a given. But then, as per the EB-2 program, the mere possession of an advanced degree does not automatically make one a productive scholar, researcher, or technician. There is, however, a high rate of correlation between these, both in the EB-2 and EB-5 groups.

                1. Jammer

                  There are probably 5,000 EB-5 immigrants a year versus the 40 million plus that have come across the border illegally in some manner and most of them are on some type of welfare assistance. And get this, Fleming considers the EB-5 people our problem and the other 40 million is not a worry. Liberals are hard to understand.

                  1. Fleming

                    Jammer, can you please show me where I said “EB-5 people are our problem?” And likewise where I said 40 million undocumented immigrants were not? I don’t recall saying either of those things.

                    1. Jammer

                      You communicated your concern over the EB-5 people this entire thread and then when compared to illegals crossing the border you said:

                      “you do understand that by far the majority of undocumented workers in our country came into the country legally, right? i.e. via temporary visas? They just didn’t go back home when the visas expired. “Securing the border” (fences, police, etc) won’t do anything about that. Didn’t then, wouldn’t now. ”

                      To compound that you tried to misrepresent that the majority of the people in this country illegally were here because they overstayed their visa, which is not accurate.

                      No need to SPIN ( I mean explain) to me how you didn’t really say those things as I am going to be gone for awhile and this thread will be deeply buried by the time I check back in.

                    2. Bill Fleming

                      p.s. Jammer, just so you know, going forward, I will never be held responsible to explain words you put in my mouth, nor will you ever have my permission to do it.

                      You have a hard enough time expressing your own thoughts. You have neither the intellect nor the vocabulary to express mine.

          2. Fleming

            p.s. “Frustrated,” you may not be able to vote, but can your corporation make political contributions? Is your corporation a “person” under Citizen’s United and thus have Constitutional rights?

        2. Noah Perry

          Maybe Rounds could admit that it isn’t selling visas, just providing a an unnecessary incentive and would like to reform the program.

    2. Jammer

      Those who USE it are as guilty of being crony capitalists as those who CREATED it.

      As a conservative, I would be much more forgiving of a politician if they recognized that crony capitalism is not good for economy regardless of the “feel good” solution they advertise it as and renounce it as an error in judgment. To defend the EB-5 program by claiming it creates jobs is in my opinion a worse mistake at this point than actually having participated in this ill conceived program.

      As for the hypocritical democrats, they are disgusting. They are responsible for this piece of garbage as it was a Ted Kennedy invention and passed by the Senate and US House which were both controlled by democrats. And if the disgusting democrats were able to steal an election and actually had responsibility for this program in SD they would have been abusing it MUCH WORSE.

      1. Anonymous

        thanks for bringing up edward moore kennedy jammer. i can’t decide which is bigger, my admiration for jfk or my loathing of teddy.

  7. Veritas

    I hate when politicians use the phrase “Shame on…” It sounds weak, lacks conviction, and always reminds me of the tactics of Tom Daschle and Harry Reid.

  8. PNR

    The permanent residency visas are NOT for sale. Entrepreneurship is a particular skill set and somebody who is able to make enough money in other countries that he has between half a million and a million dollars to invest here is someone likely to have those skills. In that sense, it fits in well with the other permanent worker visas (EB-1 through EB-4).

    And it is an investment – in a corporation. The investor could lose his half million. Or he could make tens of millions. From the business. But the immigrant in this instance is not “buying” a visa. He is being granted a visa so he can manage his investment which, it is hoped, will generate employment for others (at least 10, according to the regs).

    Of course, because it’s a government program this gets all wrapped up in politics and trying to pick winners and losers in the market place, which is what crony capitalism is. It is not unique to one politician or party. It is through-and-through Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitols, not to mention the town halls and county seats across the country. I’m with Jammer – get rid of all these government programs to “support” and “encourage” and “create” jobs and businesses. Every business supported is done so by getting in the way of another business. Get government out of the way of all businesses (and that includes agribusiness).

      1. PNR

        If I sell something and you buy something, you give me money and I give you whatever it is you’re buying – land, food, services, etc.

        There are processing fees, but beyond that, nobody is giving the federal government $500,000 in exchange for a permanent worker visa. The feds are therefore not “selling” visas. They are issuing visas to those who invest that much money in a business venture, but the investor still has ownership over that business and thus the money. If he is correct, the business thrives, its value increases, and he makes money (which is taxed, of course). If he is incorrect, the business loses value and thus the investor loses money.

        But it is not a sales program in the least.

        1. Fleming

          Ok, point taken. The permanent visa is a perk, like when you get a toaster for opening a bank account. Better?

          1. PNR

            Sort of, but it still misses the point. When I open the bank account, that bank gives me the toaster. This is more like my dad giving me a toaster on the condition I open an account. My dad doesn’t directly benefit from opening the account and does not necessarily have access to it. It’s still my money, so I haven’t paid him (or anyone else) for the toaster.

              1. PNR

                Dad (fed gov’t) offers me a toaster (eb-5 visa) if I open an account (invest in a business).

                But I’m not buying the toaster from Dad, and the bank is not giving me a toaster in exchange for my deposit. Dad thinks I should use my money in a particular way and is offering me an incentive to do so, but it’s still my money.

      2. Anonymous

        Why was the Rounds campaign so slow in doing anything about the lies Weiland and Stace Nelson were spreading? People have been talking about this issue since Benda died and no one really understands it. The campaigns are not only supposed to worry about winning but defending a candidates reputation and they have done little to nothing to bolster Rounds’ reputation in regards to this issue. Weiland is a slime ball.

        1. Anonymous

          The biggest liar in this race is the pragmatic moderate who continues to lie about the EB5 corruption, while reinventing themselves by claiming to be a conservative.

          1. Anonymous

            I agree and he will not take responsibility for a state administered program such as EB-5. What a fiasco and this guy thinks he is entitled to go to Washington DC? No way!

  9. Juice

    In my little south central SD town, we have a few token democrats who partake in coffee and donuts. They’re farmers and in no way, shape or form buying into Weiland’s scorched earth campaign or his over the top liberal policies. They just don’t buy it.

    They’ll vote for Rounds or Heaven forbid, Pressler.

  10. Anonymous

    The fact that we are explaining what EB5 is 2 months before the election makes it obvious that no one knows anything about the program. Slick Rick should have been taken to the mat a long time ago. It’s probably wrong for Rounds to counter with this kind of ad because Weiland has just made eb5 the front and center issue. Rounds should have done that on his own terms a long time ago.

  11. Anonymous

    This is the only issue democrats knew they could throw a bunch of wild accusations at and get a few people worked up enough to pay attention. Other than politicians nobody from the voting public to the authorities are saying Rounds or Daugaard did anything wrong. Call it a scandal enough times and people start believing it. Rounds and Daugaard should have never responded with anything other than we’ve cooperated with an investigation regarding Mr. Benda and we’ve been cleared of any wrong doing. If you don’t like the eb-5 program, call Washington.
    It’s clear the accusations are getting to the Rounds campaign and Wadhams needs to take a chill pill.

  12. Anonymous

    Some time ago, when Zack Crago was a babe, 2 or 3 yrs old maybe, Slick Rick Whineland proceeded to nearly destroy his beloved democrat party. He, the ever loving big government liberal, chastised democrat opponents for their somewhat moderate (as in not Weiland-liberal) views. 1996 and 2002 I believe were the years.

    It’s damn funny watching this kid Crago follow Whineland like a puppy. Wait til mid November when the democrat party is nearly demolished once again. Follow Whineland, SD Democrats, to your failure and extinction as a political party.

      1. Anonymous

        I’ve been trying to remember the years! Rick was at war with moderate democrats. Now he’s trying to infiltrate the party completely. It started with Stephanie.

        “It’s damn funny watching this kid Crago follow Whineland like a puppy. Wait til mid November when the democrat party is nearly demolished once again. Follow Whineland, SD Democrats, to your failure and extinction as a political party.”

        1. Anonymous

          The Weiland candidacy has never been received well by a sizable chunk of the democrat party. This left movement isn’t helping the effort to ADD voters.