New scheduler coming to Governor's office

Word on the street is that Ryan Budmayer, the Gov’s scheduler, is on his way over to a new job in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Kelsey Webb of the Governor’s office will now take over the plum role as the Governor’s scheduler.

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  1. Not on the short list

    This looks like young Dusty Johnson is maneuvering “his” cadre of followers into key roles. While Kelsey missed out on the GOP ED job, he managed to wiggle her into being the gov’s key contact for the influential and wealthy who want in the door. Sounds like a good move for team Dusty in 2018.

    1. cornerstone

      I will be interested to see if Dusty runs for Congress in the future. He would have been the nominee if he’d have challenged SHS. I bet he’d have cleared 50% of the vote against her also…

      Noem vs Rounds is the big question all of these folks are waiting on. If she has the ego (and I think she does) we will have a senate primary.

      1. cornerstone

        It’s clear to everyone that Will Mortanson and Kelsy Web are Dusty’s two opperatives. He’ll keep them close and build up their standing in Pierre for a couple years and then when he has the oppurtunity to run they will come back over to him.

        He tried to get Will in the ED job with the SD GOP but the party would have revolted and then they tried to get Web into the SD GOP with the Political director gig and that also didn’t work out.

        I think Will is a decent fella. It will be interesting to see how they mature in the future.

    1. Anonymous

      She ran Dusty’s westriver operation during the campaign under Wilbo Mortinsen’s direction. After the campaign and Dusty left the PUC and went to the Governor’s office she and Mortinsen followed.

        1. Anonymous

          No. Will was Campaign Manager and Kelsey was West River Director.

          I’m pretty sure Will headed up the SD GOP get out the vote effort also in 2010.

  2. caheidelberger

    Say, “Bill Clay,” where’s the value you add to this information? Or do you just save the analysis and the connection to Dusty for sock puppet anonymi to make it look like other people are actually interested in your otherwise pointless office gossip? And can anyone show me that these job changes have anything to do with “maneuvering” by Johnson? Let’s get some meat on this post!

    1. grudznick

      That, my insane liberal friend who does not eat breakfast at Tally’s with my good friend Bill or I, is called “giving take.” You are correct that Mr. Clay provides no take in this instance. He just tosses a tarbaby out there to see what might stick, and hopes it’s a pretty butterfly and not a turdball tossing in the wind.

    1. Anonymous

      I can see why you don’t care Cory or any of your friends but since the GOP outnumbers Dems 82 to 23 in the legislature I’m pretty sure no one cares what you think or your Democratic friends. But if you were a Republican or someone who happens to know the innerworkings of most GOP offices in the capitol or in DC you would like to know what your friends are up to.

  3. Name

    I want to know if caheidelberger is a real person, because nobody in their right mind would try to make people believe they’re a sweater vest wearing french teacher in western South Dakota.

    1. Anonymous

      …and that is awesome. Even though I rarely agree with Cory, he is out there and speaking his mind. You have to respect that.

  4. Troy Jones

    Ryan is one of the bright stars. GOED is a great opportunity and he will do great in whatever position he wants.