New SDWC Advertisers! Welcome Rushmore PAC & Americans for Prosperity SD

300x200-SD-Obama-google-adsHuge welcome today to our newest advertiser, Americans for Prosperity – South Dakota!

You’ll note that their current effort being advertised here is to communicate to President Obama that it’s time to pass the Keystone XL pipeline.

Please take a moment to click on their link, and find out what they have to say.rushmorepac_ad

And in case you hadn’t noticed it, we’re also joined in the advertising rolls by long-time SDWC friend Rushmore PAC.

Rushmore PAC has been going for the last 2-3 election cycles, and has done quite a bit in working to get Republicans elected to office at the state and federal level.

Give them a click, read what they have to say, and drop them a little coin if you want to continue their mission of getting Republicans elected to office.

They join US Senator John Thune and Congresswoman Kristi Noem in supporting South Dakota’s #1 political web site, and helping us to keep the lights on.

Have you thought about putting your message in front of state legislators and opinion leaders? is the place to do it.

Entering it’s 10th year of being on the Internet, has consistently delivered on insightful discussion and South Dakota political news delivered to state residents and a national audience from a South Dakota based website. For several years, we’ve also been recognized as one of the state’s top political blogs by the Washington Post. SDWC authors have been quoted by CSpan, NPR’s All Things Considered, the New York Times, and other nationally recognized publications. We strive to bring coverage from Pierre to Washington, and from the floor of the state GOP Convention to the floor of the national GOP Convention.

We consistently generate well over 1.5 million page views yearly and we’re engaged with South Dakota’s political and opinion leaders.

Are you thinking of advertising? We have a few select spots left through the 2016 election. Contact the webmaster today for more information on advertising.

6 Replies to “New SDWC Advertisers! Welcome Rushmore PAC & Americans for Prosperity SD”

  1. Anonymous

    Ledermans Rino PAC is not new and interesting how you try and lend it some false sense creditability by pairing it with a real PAC in Amercans for Prosperity

  2. anon.

    AFP in SD? Outstanding! I cannot wait until the Koch Bros. go to work on our legislature. Looks like the highway bill is in their sights.

  3. Anonymous

    Why does south dakota need the keystone pipeline? If AFP wants to advertise that, it should explain why it thinks we need it.


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