New Video: Governor Daugaard Endorses Kristi Noem for Governor

12 Replies to “New Video: Governor Daugaard Endorses Kristi Noem for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully his big approval rating and Thune’s can carry over to her. She saved the big guns to the last week. Smart.

  2. Anonymous

    We are a great state! Many thanks to Governor Daugaard for being one who has led us well through his two terms. It’s comforting to see him endorse and recognize that Kristi will do great things for SD.

  3. JKC

    Now Daugaard and Thune were the ones who wanted Trump to pull out of the race after the Access Hollywood tape was released, right?….. And before Trump was elected, Daugaard wanted to bring Obamacare to South Dakota, right? And Daugaard also vetoed the bathroom bill too, right?…… Okay, I was just checking…. Now what was that you were saying about Billie being too liberal?

    1. Anonymous

      You’re not even a Republican- you’re on the fringe with Hubble.

      Incase you haven’t figured it out yet- South Dakota relies heavily on federal subsidies. Many of which would be increased under the Affordable Care Act which in turn would improve healthcare across South Dakota. Show me if South Dakota can operate without the Federal subsidies it gets for healthcare and other sectors like transportation and infrastructure, ethanol and crop insurance, education, etc.

      Trump isn’t even a Republican. Hell I’ve been a Republican for 11 years which is more than double the time Trump has been one! How long was he registered as a Democrat? Too liberal and now extremely conservative-

      And yes- Daugaard was right to veto the bathroom bill. It was a bill looking for a problem. It’s a bill for small minded people to feel safe- for the snowflakes who need governments protection when there isn’t a problem.

      Do us a favor and don’t vote in the next few elections- the GOP and South Dakota will be better for it.


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