31 thoughts on “New Video – Just say No to the Income Tax (Unlike Billie Sutton)”

    1. The fact of the matter is if Medicare was expanded for all which Bernie supports, guess what – There would be far less medical bankruptcies is in this country. The US is the only country in the world where a family goes bankrupt because of medical bills.
      This is a good thing, but no, republicans would rather spend our tax money on wars.

  1. Sutton wants to expand Medicaid. Gotta pay for that somehow! I like how instead of getting rid of obamacare and working to lower the price of health insurance, he wants to just tax more, so we can get more people on govt assistance.

  2. This is my favorite ad of the political season! There’s no way I’m voting for someone who loves Bernie Sanders. Kristi is my pick, love her. Go Noem

  3. It’s not just Socialism but he wants to bring Marxism too and be a Dictator. It is almost too scary to watch!

    Throwing everything including kittens against the wall and see if anything sticks. Kristi must win! Poor kittens though.

  4. The tactics are sad and amazing at the same time. Last time I checked, the Legislature has to pass laws, and a tax increase requires a two-thirds vote. Highly unlikely that the GOP control (and super-majority at that) will change with this or any elections in the foreseeable future. This is a smear and a fear tactic that is pathetic.

    Bernie Sanders isn’t running in South Dakota, and has little chance at winning in ANY statewide office in the US, but for the crazy state of Vermont. Next thing we will hear about is how Sutton’s great-great-great grandparent sold horses to Sitting Bull before the Little Big Horn.

    How about a little reality and less mudslinging?

    1. Whether or not Sutton would be able to get an income tax passed without legislative approval, the point is that South Dakota does not need a governor with that mindset, period.

    1. Didn’t know that mindsets became laws. I hear that even Republican governors have had trouble getting pet projects through. The term Dead On Arrival have any relevance when the opposition party has a veto-proof majority? Try a bit of honesty.

      Even Dick Kneip couldn’t get an income tax passed, and he had much better numbers! By the way, SD does have an income tax. Ask any banker whether that is true.

  5. These ads are driving Democrats insane, but it doesn’t take much for that to happen. In today’s world, Democrats lose their mind if you say a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

    1. Perhaps. Yeah, and an increasing number of Republicans like me find them disingenuous, or at worst, blatantly dishonest. But after watching how the political machinery works in the primaries, what else should we expect but a scorched earth approach

    2. It’s best to stay away from: border security, illegal alien and anchor baby. Those words also trigger meltdowns.

  6. What did Kristi stand for, her accomplishments and vision? Oh that’s right. Not much but her campaign has to find anything to throw against Billie who leads her in the polls.

  7. Perhaps. Yeah, and an increasing number of Republicans like me find them disingenuous, or at worst, blatantly dishonest. But after watching how the political machinery works in the primaries, what else should we expect but a scorched earth approach

  8. So this is the big ad drop that exposes him in new ways? Sounds like the same old attacks again.

  9. Ok this is just getting sad. The income tax argument didnt work and the in laws thing didnt stick so hey lets say something about his grandpa and income!! Yeah! That will get them!
    Well the Hillary Clinton thing didnt work….but, but, but, Bernie!!
    At first it just looked like she was coming out swing but now it looks like she is just desperate.
    There is one Washington politician in this race and its not Billie. Its becoming even more clear by how they are running their campaigns.

      1. If you have a worthwhile response I would be glad to discuss the race. Saying someone is triggered seems to be the new reaponse of the truth hurts.

        1. Billie himself talks about his grandparents. He can, but Noem’s not allowed to? I see how it works for you. It’s about your feelings.

          He supported Clinton and Bernie, that’s the truth and it doesn’t hurt me, it hurts you. You’re the one disregarding his own words.

          1. He talks about his grandparents with fondness. Noem is attempting to smear Sutton’s grandfather and him. That is the difference. Sutton has never smeared Noem’s family. Its not about feelings, it’s about running a respectable campaign for South Dakota.
            I never once denied he supported the Democratc candidates the same way Noem supported Trump. Does Noem support everything Trump has stood for. I hope not but the facts say otherwise.
            Im saying it makes no sense to keep bringing Clinton up. She lost. It would be like Democrats bringing up Mitt Romney against Republicans.

    1. Nick, we will see what has worked in two weeks. I am betting you will be asking more questions than me.

      1. I have my theories already. If Noem loses its because she came across, as Trump would say, as a “nasty women” who ran a very partisan Washington style campaign that turned many people against her.
        If Sutton loses it’s because the very liberal wing of the Democrat Party playing out in national politics brought him down. I’m a registered Democrat who shakes my head at the left wing of the party much like I hope Republicans around here would shake their heads at Proud Boys and Charlottesville. I will vote for a pragmatic centrist over a partisan hack any day. This is why I vote for Daugaard and will be sad to see him go.

  10. What a bunch of hoopla over nothing. Typical Kristi Noem ad based on fears. Kristie lies when she says she doesn’t take any corporate out of state money.
    Kristies snickering and constant attacks came off as tiresome and as expected. You would thing South Dakotans are sick of all the negativity from Kristi.
    Sutton’s calm and collected and gentlemanly. Kristi is aggressive and always has to get the last jab.

    1. Subjective. No facts in your biased opinion.

      Kristi wasn’t calm and collected? Leftists always go so far that they continue right off the cliff.

      How about I say this…. Did you notice Sutton had a smirk on his face during the entire debate? You don’t agree and chances are high you think I’m attacking him.

      1. He did have a smirk on his face because he was probably thinking “man Kristie is really coming across as a DC politician and I sound like someone you would be talking to at a 4-H Achievement Day or at a Cafe in Tyndall.”

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