New website by SD GOP

A new website created by the South Dakota Republican party, is a very useful tool and a great way to stay informed and connected with all that is happening in politics across our state. I recommend everyone take a look at this site by clicking on the picture or this link. Remember to bookmark it to your favorites bar.

SDTweets is a tweet aggregator: An unfilitered, raw stream of updates from SD lawmakers, political staffers, and members of the press. Tweets appear in real time and provide a snapshot of the news of the moment. Our aim is to become the go-to site for South Dakota politics.

This is the kind of inovation that will serve our party well and just one of the many great ideas to come from SD GOP Executive Director Tony Post.

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  1. anon

    I will say I am not at all a fan of Tim Rave as SDGOP chairman (I like him as a senator ok) and am sad that he is in the gig but Tony Post is growing on me. He is a likable guy.

    1. aNON

      We had a very successful team last election cycle. It really could not have gone much better. — Unlike the DemocRats, we promote success and not failure, so it’s hard to make the transition away from that team. But l wouldn’t count out Rave so quickly. I think this team has some great strategies and, once election 2012 rolls around, I think we have a good chance of repeating our recent successes.

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting site.

    Someday someone will have to explain to me how Tim Rave became SD GOP Chairman when he has about as much party activism experience as my dog.

  3. Who is on the committee?

    Can anyone explain why there are some Republican legislators left off and are not being retweeted by this site? Starting to think there is some truths in the concerns that the RINOs are doing their best to elbow out the actual Conservative Republicans from within the SDGOP.

  4. Who is on the committee?

    Well? Rave? Post? Hello? Where are all the other legislators tweets at? Good to see though that they have Schlek’s little business tweets being posted. Is his “job” consiodered the same thing as a “community organizer?”

    1. insomniac

      Schlekeway is one of the most honest legislators in the state. Glad to see he keeps his constituents informed.

  5. Stace Nelson

    I heard that I was one of those “missing” from the list. Thanks for the heads up. Chatted with Tony Post, the site is a work in progress and he is geared up to capture all the legislators’ twitter account info on Monday. He made it clear that there was no intent to leave anyone off.


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