New York Times gossipy article trying to whip up palace intrigue in South Dakota.

The New York Times has an article which has been mirrored over on Yahoo news about Governor Kristi Noem’s high profile as a result of her successful actions managing the COVID crisis, as well as the spectacular 4th of July event at Mt. Rushmore with the President.

What’s the national media to do with a Republican Governor who seems to be doing everything right and has a heightened profile? Write a gossip column:

Her efforts have paid off, as evidenced by the news-driving celebration at Mount Rushmore. Yet Noem’s attempts to raise her profile have not been without complications. And they illustrate the risks in political maneuvering with a president who has little restraint when it comes to confidentiality, and a White House that shares his obsession about, and antenna for, palace intrigue.


It was her star turn at Mount Rushmore, though, that has gotten Republicans talking and been a boon to South Dakota tourism, the state’s second-largest industry.

Recognizing the president’s immense interest in the monument, Noem worked with his Interior Department to ensure there would be fireworks for the celebration, a long-standing priority for Trump. There had been no fireworks there for the previous decade because of environmental and fire-risk concerns.

In the weeks leading up to the event, Noem went on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News to make clear she was expecting to “have a large event” for the president and would not require social distancing or masks.

Then, as the president sat watching her remarks in a bunting-wrapped box just offstage, she praised America as a place where someone who was “just a farm kid” could become “the first female governor of South Dakota.”

Read the entire story here.

When did the New York Times become US Magazine?  There’s lots of unattributed gossip trying to make it seem like Governor Noem is jockeying for position, when it’s a lot of silly talk.  If Kristi wanted to be in Washington, she would have ran for Congress again. But she didn’t, no matter how many people are whispering.

The Governor is doing her job managing the state and doing what she can to promote South Dakota in this weird COVID time.   Due to our sparse population, we’re uniquely positioned for tourism and business. I can’t imagine any Governor not doing what they can to leverage any advantage we have to our state’s benefit.  Good for Kristi being recognized and raising our state’s profile. We’ll take that.

As for the hyperventilating media, maybe they should go stalk a Kardashian or something.

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  1. A left-wing rag if there ever was one. Completely biased towards the socialists, anti-Semitic, and with no credibility.

    Fit only for the bottom of the birdcage (but only if your bird can’t read-you wouldn’t want it to have to read that tripe).

    1. This is what I’d like to hear more of as I don’t know anyone who is upset or that has talked about this meeting:

      “Noem’s poll numbers have increased after a difficult first year in office. But to some of her aides, Lewandowski, a hard-charging New Englander, has been a disruptive presence in Pierre, South Dakota’s small state capital. He appeared as a guest speaker at one luncheon with cabinet officials and pressed the governor’s appointees to make a more aggressive case for her, irritating the state officials, according to a person briefed on the events.

      The governor is now on her third chief of staff because the last one, Joshua Shields, left in part because of the increased role of Lewandowski, according to South Dakota Republicans.”

  2. At least we now know why she was jetting off to DC so much. And also got confirmation that CL is a jerk who is running good people out of government for political gain.

  3. “The governor is now on her third chief of staff because the last one, Joshua Shields, left in part because of the increased role of Lewandowski, according to South Dakota Republicans.”

  4. Right now, there are literally thousands of businesses that will fail, thousands which someday take their place some of which will rise out of the ashes of the failed businesses, and thousands of future entrepreneurs needing a domicile for their business.

    At the same time, millions of Americans who annually plan their family vacation.

    Is there anyone who can imagine a better setting and broader audience to make the State of South Dakota top of mind than on the 4th of July, with the President, in the shadow of the Shrine of Democracy. And, because of that speech and 4th of July celebration, literally millions of people got a view of South Dakota which might influence where they choose to visit, live and start/relocate a business.

    But, I guess when you live where people are fleeing because of inept leadership, poor governance in time of a crisis, and excessive taxes, trading in petty envy is all you got.

    1. I just hope that those fleeing New York and California don’t bring their idiotic socialist ideas to South Dakota; I don’t want somebody peeing in their pool and then coming to my pool and taking a leak.

      1. They will be like the people who fled Europe for religious, political and economic freedom and formed the backbone of our founding principles.

        1. Those fleeing from Europe for religious reasons had scruples and principles; leftwing progressives do not.

        2. I vote this mindless post of the day. If you equate those who voted to turn New York and California into socialist states with those who came over to this land and established the United States of America, I don’t know how you make the “mental” stretch. New York and California no longer adhere to our founding principles, and New York and California values are not South Dakota values and not American values.

  5. Governor Noem gets Dakota War College and the entire Democrat/Socialist/Anti-American side gets MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc..

    I’ll stick with Dakota War College, thank you.

  6. History lesson: The people who fled Europe were fleeing the political environment of Europe because they didn’t like it. The people who like California and New York are going to stay. The people who leave and come here will be FLEEING those states because they don’t like it.

    I know you have been educated by crazy liberals but please don’t embarrass conservatives by saying such stupid crap like what was said by Anonymous @ 1:00 p.m., 4:17 p.m. and 4:55 p.m. And I pray this is only one moron and please, please read a history book. Being this uninformed makes you really vulnerable to becoming woke in the future.

    1. Well Troy I think he has a point. Look at what the left (fleeing the crap holes they have created) have done to places like Missoula, Bozeman, Jackson, Driggs, Swan Valley, Aspen, Vale, and the communities surrounding Seattle.

      1. They were liberal enclaves in the 1970’s as they marketed themselves as environmental nirvana’s for the idle liberal trust fund babies and Hollywood celebrities.

        The people fleeing these states are leaving the crap holes looking for economic freedom, like those who formed our nation.

    1. “You guys never disappoint with the most batshit news sites written by 14 year olds.”

      Which translate to the article was above your mental capacity to understand.

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