Newly Elected State Rep. Drew Dennert featured at Aberdeen American News

Representative-elect Drew Dennert is featured in the Aberdeen American News this morning as he prepares for transitioning to serving as a state legislator:

On an average fall day, Dennert is mending fences, caring for cattle and checking that falling temperatures haven’t caused any leaks in the water tanks at the family farm north of Aberdeen, but soon his attention will be divided between home and the state Legislature.

Dennert is among the newly elected fresh faces who will be arriving in Pierre Jan. 10. At 21, he will also be the youngest on record according to the Legislative Research Council. Prior to Dennert, the youngest legislator was Aberdeen’s David Novstrup when he was elected as District 3 Representative 10 years ago. Novstrup was 23 when he was first elected in 2006.


The second oldest of five children, Drew was home-schooled starting in kindergarten. His mother said the idea to home-school her son wasn’t planned; instead it was sparked by a comment made by her son’s preschool teacher.

“His teacher said, ‘I hope they don’t squelch his creativity’,” Nancy said.

“From a young age, Drew was allowed to pursue his passions,” Nancy said.

She said her son enjoyed drawing maps and studying presidents. She’s also confident he’s got a good understanding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the role of government.

“I’m excited for Drew,” Nancy said.

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6 Replies to “Newly Elected State Rep. Drew Dennert featured at Aberdeen American News”

  1. Anonymous

    Young Drew getting elected highlights just how bad the SDDP is and what negative effect Heidelberger has had on the Brown County Dems.

    1. Anonymous

      I think Republicans have become a juggernaut in Aberdeen. Especially impressed to see the diversity of GOP there. Obviously Novstrup, kaiser and Dennert are strongly supported.

  2. chief

    Drew is an awesome young man, and should do his district and state proud. I suspect he knows the Constitution and Bill of Rights better than most legislators, and is light years ahead of the average citizen. And I doubt he’ll “take a walk” on a tough vote like his grandpa did on occasion.


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